Journal: Oper. Res. Lett.

Volume 18, Issue 5

207 -- 211Mauro Dell'Amico, Silvano Martello. Open shop, satellite communication and a theorem by Egerváry (1931)
213 -- 221Christopher J. Donohue, John R. Birge. An upper bound on the expected value of a non-increasing convex function with convex marginal return functions
223 -- 232Wei-Ping Liu, Jeffrey B. Sidney, André van Vliet. Ordinal algorithms for parallel machine scheduling
233 -- 236Abraham P. Punnen, Yash P. Aneja. On k-sum optimization
237 -- 245D. A. Stanford, M. Hlynka. Observing general service queues before joining
247 -- 255M. L. Chaudhry, U. C. Gupta, James G. C. Templeton. On the relations among the distributions at different epochs for discrete-time GI/Geom/1 queues

Volume 18, Issue 4

157 -- 165Irvin J. Lustig, Edward Rothberg. Gigaflops in linear programming
167 -- 170J. M. J. Schutten. List scheduling revisited
171 -- 176S. N. Kabadi, Y. P. Aneia. ε-Approximation minimization of convex functions in fixed dimension
177 -- 184Agha Iqbal Ali, Shirley Shmerling. Incorporating facet-inducing inequalities into graphical-construct-based Lagrangian relaxation methodologies
185 -- 191Eric J. Friedman, Adam Scott Landsberg. Long-run dynamics of queues: Stability and chaos
193 -- 199Sunan Han, Dawei Hong, Joseph Y.-T. Leung. Probabilistic analysis of a bin covering algorithm
201 -- 204G. L. Xue, J. Ben Rosen, Panos M. Pardalos. A polynomial time dual algorithm for the Euclidean multifacility location problem
205 -- 0Martine Labbé, Edward F. Schmeichel, S. Louis Hakimi. Errata and comments on "Approximation algorithms for the capacitated plant allocation problem": [Oper. Res. Lett 15 (1994) 115-126]

Volume 18, Issue 3

107 -- 111Peter W. Glynn, Ward Whitt. Heavy-traffic extreme-value limits for queues
113 -- 119Joseph Abate, Gagan L. Choudhury, Ward Whitt. Calculating the M/G/1 busy-period density and LIFO waiting-time distribution by direct numerical transform inversion
121 -- 126Ad Ridder. Weak stochastic ordering for multidimensional Markov chains
127 -- 131Bo Chen, André van Vliet, Gerhard J. Woeginger. An optimal algorithm for preemptive on-line scheduling
133 -- 138Heng-Yi Chao, Mary P. Harper, Russell W. Quong. A tight lower bound for optimal bin packing
139 -- 145Carlos J. Luz. An upper bound on the independence number of a graph computable in polynomial-time
147 -- 151C. A. Knox Lovell, Jesús T. Pastor. Units invariant and translation invariant DEA models
153 -- 156Maiko Shigeno, Satoru Iwata. A dual approximation approach to weighted matroid intersection

Volume 18, Issue 2

53 -- 58Michael D. Grigoriadis, Leonid G. Khachiyan. A sublinear-time randomized approximation algorithm for matrix games
59 -- 64Gerard Sierksma, Ruud H. Teunter, Gert A. Tijssen. Faces of diameter two on the Hamiltonian cycle polytype
65 -- 74Adrian E. Conway, Julian Keilson. Analysis of a two-stage finite buffer flow controlled queueing model by a compensation method
75 -- 79Xiuli Chao. A queueing network model with catastrophes and product form solution
81 -- 91Wei Li, Jinhua Cao. Stochastic scheduling on a single machine subject to multiple breakdowns according to different probabilities
93 -- 97Hans L. Bodlaender, Michael R. Fellows. W[2]-hardness of precedence constrained K-processor scheduling
99 -- 106Hoang Tuy. Canonical DC programming problem: Outer approximation methods revisited

Volume 18, Issue 1

1 -- 5Carlo Mannino, Antonio Sassano. Solving hard set covering problems
7 -- 13Ariel Cohen, Walter A. Burkhard. A proof of the optimality of the MIN paging algorithm using linear programming duality
15 -- 24Michael C. Fu, Jian-Qiang Hu. On the relationship of capacitated production/inventory models to manufacturing flow control models
25 -- 30Emanuel Melachrinoudis, J. MacGregor Smith. 2
31 -- 40Attahiru Sule Alfa. A discrete MAP/PH/1 queue with vacations and exhaustive time-limited service
41 -- 47Wei Li, James M. Tien. On a direct estimator for average production intervals
49 -- 52Erhan Erkut. On the credibility of the conditional risk model for routing hazardous materials