Journal: Oper. Res. Lett.

Volume 22, Issue 4-5

111 -- 118Fabián A. Chudak, Michel X. Goemans, Dorit S. Hochbaum, David P. Williamson. A primal-dual interpretation of two 2-approximation algorithms for the feedback vertex set problem in undirected graphs
119 -- 127Bettina Klinz, Gerhard J. Woeginger. One, two, three, many, or: complexity aspects of dynamic network flows with dedicated arcs
129 -- 135Michel Balinski, Niousha Shahidi. A simple approach to the product rate variation problem ::::via:::: axiomatics
137 -- 143Satoru Iwata, Tomomi Matsui, S. Thomas McCormick. A fast bipartite network flow algorithm for selective assembly
145 -- 150Jos F. Sturm, Shuzhong Zhang. On the long-step path-following method for semidefinite programming
151 -- 157Jack Brimberg, Reuven Chen, Doron Chen. Accelerating convergence in the Fermat-Weber location problem
159 -- 170Jonathan Barzilai. On the decomposition of value functions
171 -- 177Steven S. Seiden. Randomized online interval scheduling
179 -- 182Matthieu van der Heijden, Ton G. de Kok. Estimating stock levels in periodic review inventory systems

Volume 22, Issue 2-3

55 -- 62Pierre Hansen, Nenad Mladenovic, Éric D. Taillard. Heuristic solution of the multisource Weber problem as a p-median problem
63 -- 68Avital Lann, Gur Mosheiov, Yosef Rinott. Asymptotic optimality in probability of a heuristic schedule for open shops with job overlaps
69 -- 73Fred J. Rispoli. The monotonic diameter of traveling salesman polytopes
75 -- 81Guo-Hui Lin, En-Yu Yao, Yong He. Parallel machine scheduling to maximize the minimum load with nonsimultaneous machine available times
83 -- 95Michael Jünger, Stefan Thienel. Introduction to ABACUS - a branch-and-cut system
97 -- 103Ubaldo M. García-Palomares. A superlinearly convergent projection algorithm for solving the convex inequality problem
105 -- 110Andrew Lim. The berth planning problem

Volume 22, Issue 1

1 -- 12Anuj Mehrotra, Michael A. Trick. Cliques and clustering: A combinatorial approach
13 -- 17Vladimir G. Deineko, Gerhard J. Woeginger. A solvable case of the quadratic assignment problem
19 -- 25Kamlesh Mathur. An integer-programming-based heuristic for the balanced loading problem
27 -- 32Gordon E. Willmot. On a class of approximations for ruin and waiting time probabilities
33 -- 39J. David Fuller, Frederic H. Murphy. On the convergence of the decoupling algorithm for multiperiod equilibrium models
41 -- 47DaeSoo Kim, Won J. Lee. Optimal coordination strategies for production and marketing decisions
49 -- 54Geir Dahl. Polytopes related to the l::infinity::-distance between vectors