Journal: Oper. Res. Lett.

Volume 33, Issue 6

551 -- 559Werner R. W. Scheinhardt, Nicky D. van Foreest, Michel Mandjes. Continuous feedback fluid queues
560 -- 566Dimitra Pinotsi, Michael A. Zazanis. Synchronized queues with deterministic arrivals
567 -- 571Esa Hyytiä, Jorma T. Virtamo. Random waypoint model in ::::n::::-dimensional space
572 -- 580Ananth V. Iyer, Vinayak Deshpande, Zhengping Wu. Contingency management under asymmetric information
581 -- 586Rogemar S. Mamon, Marianito R. Rodrigo. Explicit solutions to European options in a regime-switching economy
587 -- 596Berit Johannes. On the complexity of scheduling unit-time jobs with OR-precedence constraints
597 -- 602Christoph Ambühl, Monaldo Mastrolilli. On-line scheduling to minimize max flow time: an optimal preemptive algorithm
603 -- 608Frits C. R. Spieksma, Gerhard J. Woeginger. The no-wait flow-shop paradox
609 -- 614Zhenbo Wang, Wenxun Xing, Fengshan Bai. No-wait flexible flowshop scheduling with no-idle machines
615 -- 624Samir Elhedhli. Exact solution of a class of nonlinear knapsack problems
625 -- 628Adam N. Letchford, Nicholas A. Pearson. A fast algorithm for minimum weight odd circuits and cuts in planar graphs
629 -- 633Michael Laszlo, Sumitra Mukherjee. Another greedy heuristic for the constrained forest problem
634 -- 640Hassene Aissi, Cristina Bazgan, Daniel Vanderpooten. Complexity of the min-max and min-max regret assignment problems
641 -- 651Justo Puerto, Antonio M. Rodríguez-Chía. On the exponential cardinality of FDS for the ordered ::::p::::-median problem
652 -- 653Ruud H. Koning. Book review
653 -- 654Bo Chen. Book review

Volume 33, Issue 5

441 -- 449Andreas Märkert, Rüdiger Schultz. On deviation measures in stochastic integer programming
450 -- 458S. Ilker Birbil, Shu-Cherng Fang, J. B. G. Frenk, Shuzhong Zhang. Recursive approximation of the high dimensional max function
459 -- 466Amit M. Bhosle. Improved algorithms for replacement paths problems in restricted graphs
467 -- 474David Gamarnik, Moshe Lewenstein, Maxim Sviridenko. An improved upper bound for the TSP in cubic 3-edge-connected graphs
475 -- 480Zvi Drezner. Compounded genetic algorithms for the quadratic assignment problem
481 -- 485Eduardo Conde. On the complexity of the continuous unbounded knapsack problem with uncertain coefficients
486 -- 496Wilco van den Heuvel, Albert P. M. Wagelmans. A comparison of methods for lot-sizing in a rolling horizon environment
497 -- 501Gur Mosheiov, Daniel Oron, Yaacov Ritov. Minimizing flow-time on a single machine with integer batch sizes
502 -- 510Bert Zwart, Sem C. Borst, Krzysztof Debicki. Reduced-load equivalence for Gaussian processes
511 -- 518Bert Zwart. Heavy-traffic asymptotics for the single-server queue with random order of service
519 -- 524Samuli Aalto, Urtzi Ayesta, Eeva Nyberg-Oksanen. M/G/1/MLPS compared to M/G/1/PS
525 -- 530Arunava Banerjee, Anand Paul. Average fill rate and horizon length
531 -- 534Xiaohu Li. A note on expected rent in auction theory
535 -- 543Lothar Breuer, Attahiru Sule Alfa. An EM algorithm for platoon arrival processes in discrete time
544 -- 550Bert Zwart. A new generation of applied probability textbooks

Volume 33, Issue 4

331 -- 340Mustafa Ç. Pinar, Reha H. Tütüncü. Robust profit opportunities in risky financial portfolios
341 -- 348Liwan H. Liyanage, J. George Shanthikumar. A practical inventory control policy using operational statistics
349 -- 362Guillermo Gallego, Özalp Özer. A new algorithm and a new heuristic for serial supply systems
363 -- 372Ward Whitt. Two fluid approximations for multi-server queues with abandonments
373 -- 381Benny Van Houdt, Attahiru Sule Alfa. Response time in a tandem queue with blocking, Markovian arrivals and phase-type services
382 -- 384Dániel Marx. A short proof of the NP-completeness of minimum sum interval coloring
385 -- 388David Avis, Caterina De Simone, Bruce A. Reed. On the fractional chromatic index of a graph and its complement
389 -- 394Masataka Nakamura. Characterizations of polygreedoids and poly-antimatroids by greedy algorithms
395 -- 402Pawel Winter, Martin Zachariasen. Two-connected Steiner networks: structural properties
403 -- 410Andreas Baltz, Anand Srivastav. Approximation algorithms for the Euclidean bipartite TSP
411 -- 420Raymond K. Cheung, Darren D. Hang, Ning Shi. A labeling method for dynamic driver-task assignment with uncertain task durations
421 -- 430S. M. R. Iravani, C. P. Teo. Asymptotically optimal schedules for single-server flow shop problems with setup costs and times
431 -- 436Adam Kasperski. Minimizing maximal regret in the single machine sequencing problem with maximum lateness criterion
437 -- 440László Lovász. Review of the book by Alexander Schrijver: Combinatorial Optimization: Polyhedra and Efficiency

Volume 33, Issue 3

221 -- 230Mihály Bárász, Johanna Becker, András Frank. An algorithm for source location in directed graphs
231 -- 234David Pearson. A polynomial-time algorithm for the change-making problem
235 -- 241Ryuhei Miyashiro, Tomomi Matsui. A polynomial-time algorithm to find an equitable home-away assignment
242 -- 248Refael Hassin, Jérôme Monnot. The maximum saving partition problem
249 -- 254Satyaveer Singh Chauhan, Anton V. Eremeev, Anna A. Romanova, Vladimir V. Servakh, Gerhard J. Woeginger. Approximation of the supply scheduling problem
255 -- 262Jean-Louis Bouquard, Jean-Charles Billaut, Mikhail A. Kubzin, Vitaly A. Strusevich. Two-machine flow shop scheduling problems with no-wait jobs
263 -- 266Igor Averbakh, Oded Berman, Ilya Chernykh. The ::::m::::-machine flowshop problem with unit-time operations and intree precedence constraints
267 -- 273Nikhil Bansal. Minimizing flow time on a constant number of machines with preemption
274 -- 284Ada Che, Chengbin Chu. A polynomial algorithm for no-wait cyclic hoist scheduling in an extended electroplating line
285 -- 288Flip Klijn, Marco Slikker. Distribution center consolidation games
289 -- 294Xiaolong Zhang. Delayed demand information and dampened bullwhip effect
295 -- 300Tsuyoshi Katayama. Level-crossing approach to a time-limited service system with two types of vacations
301 -- 304Seyed M. R. Iravani, Bora Kolfal. When does the ::::cµ:::: rule apply to finite-population queueing systems?
305 -- 311Alpár Jüttner. Optimization with additional variables and constraints
312 -- 318Oleg A. Prokopyev, Hong-Xuan Huang, Panos M. Pardalos. On complexity of unconstrained hyperbolic 0-1 programming problems
319 -- 330Garud Iyengar, Wanmo Kang. Inverse conic programming with applications

Volume 33, Issue 2

111 -- 114Alex R. Berg, Tibor Jordán. Sparse certificates and removable cycles in ::::l::::-mixed ::::p::::-connected graphs
115 -- 120Ernst Althaus, Stefan Funke, Sariel Har-Peled, Jochen Könemann, Edgar A. Ramos, Martin Skutella. Approximating ::::k::::-hop minimum-spanning trees
121 -- 126Guochuan Zhang. A 3-approximation algorithm for two-dimensional bin packing
127 -- 133Evgeny V. Shchepin, Nodari Vakhania. An optimal rounding gives a better approximation for scheduling unrelated machines
134 -- 142Ramesh Bollapragada, Jeffrey D. Camm, Uday S. Rao, Junying Wu. A two-phase greedy algorithm to locate and allocate hubs for fixed-wireless broadband access
143 -- 150Aziz Moukrim, Alain Quilliot. Optimal preemptive scheduling on a fixed number of identical parallel machines
151 -- 156Roel Leus, Willy Herroelen. The complexity of machine scheduling for stability with a single disrupted job
157 -- 164Shuguang Li, Guojun Li, Xiaoli Wang, Qiming Liu. Minimizing makespan on a single batching machine with release times and non-identical job sizes
165 -- 170Paolo Serafini. Linear programming with variable matrix entries
171 -- 175Horand I. Gassmann, András Prékopa. On stages and consistency checks in stochastic programming
176 -- 182Mark Lewis, Bahram Alidaee, Gary A. Kochenberger. Using ::::xQx:::: to model and solve the uncapacitated task allocation problem
183 -- 186Hansjörg Albrecher. A note on the asymptotic behaviour of bottleneck problems
187 -- 194Hong Chen, Yat-Wah Wan. Capacity competition of make-to-order firms
195 -- 200Nikhil Bansal. On the average sojourn time under M/M/1/SRPT
201 -- 209Yutaka Baba. Analysis of a GI/M/1 queue with multiple working vacations
210 -- 215Gerhard J. Woeginger. Combinatorial approximation algorithms: a comparative review
216 -- 217A. Volgenant. In: Bernhard Korte and Jens Vygen, Editors, Combinatorial Optimization Theory and Algorithms, second ed., Algorithms and Combinatorics, vol 21, Springer, Berlin (2002) ISBN 3-540-43154-3 543pp
217 -- 219Vitaly A. Strusevich. Hans Kellerer, Ulrich Pferschy and David Pisinger, ::::Knapsack Problems::::, Springer, Berlin (2004) ISBN 3-540-40286-1 546pp., EUR 99, 95
219 -- 220Nesim Erkip. In: Stanley B. Gershwin, Yves Dallery, Chrissoleon T. Papadopoulos and J. MacGregor Smith, Editors, ::::Analysis and Modeling of Manufacturing Systems, International Series in OperationsResearch and Management Science::::, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Bost

Volume 33, Issue 1

1 -- 8Christian Malchin, Hans Daduna. An invariance property of sojourn times in cyclic networks
9 -- 16Wendell G. Gilland. Analysis of optimal and nearly optimal sequencing policies for a closed queueing network
17 -- 25Tava Lennon Olsen, Robert D. van der Mei. Polling systems with periodic server routing in heavy traffic: renewal arrivals
26 -- 34Vladimir V. Anisimov. Asymptotic analysis of stochastic block replacement policies for multicomponent systems in a Markov environment
35 -- 41László Lipták, Levent Tunçel. Lift-and-project ranks and antiblocker duality
42 -- 54Tobias Achterberg, Thorsten Koch, Alexander Martin. Branching rules revisited
55 -- 61Warren P. Adams, Richard J. Forrester. A simple recipe for concise mixed 0-1 linearizations
62 -- 70Subhash C. Sarin, Hanif D. Sherali, Ajay Bhootra. New tighter polynomial length formulations for the asymmetric traveling salesman problem with and without precedence constraints
71 -- 76Refael Hassin, Shlomi Rubinstein. On the complexity of the ::::k::::-customer vehicle routing problem
77 -- 80Yupei Xiong, Bruce L. Golden, Edward A. Wasil. Worst-case behavior of the MVCA heuristic for the minimum labeling spanning tree problem
81 -- 89Erhan Erkut, Armann Ingolfsson. Transport risk models for hazardous materials: revisited
90 -- 96Peng-Sheng You. Optimal replenishment policy for product with season pattern demand
97 -- 104Irwin E. Schochetman, Robert L. Smith. Existence of efficient solutions in infinite horizon optimization under continuous and discrete controls
105 -- 110Tamás Kis. Project scheduling: a review of recent books