Journal: Oper. Res. Lett.

Volume 38, Issue 6

493 -- 498Amir Beck, Aharon Ben-Tal, Nili Guttmann-Beck, Luba Tetruashvili. The CoMirror algorithm for solving nonsmooth constrained convex problems
499 -- 501John A. Morrison. Optimal trunk reservation for an overloaded link
502 -- 504Yusik Kim, Rhonda Righter, Ronald Wolff. Grid scheduling with NBU service times
505 -- 509M. Mahdi Tajbakhsh, Chi-Guhn Lee, Saeed Zolfaghari. On the supplier diversification under binomial yield
510 -- 515Mehmet Murat Fadiloglu, Önder Bulut. An embedded Markov chain approach to stock rationing
516 -- 521Tatsiana Levina, Yuri Levin, Jeff McGill, Mikhail Nediak, Vladimir Vovk. Weak aggregating algorithm for the distribution-free perishable inventory problem
522 -- 526Lauri Ahlroth, André Schumacher, Harri Haanpää. On the power of lookahead in online lot-sizing
527 -- 532Vivek S. Borkar, Mrinal K. Ghosh, G. Rangarajan. Application of nonlinear filtering to credit risk
533 -- 535Daisuke Hirata, Toshihiro Matsumura. On the uniqueness of Bertrand equilibrium
536 -- 538Jens Leth Hougaard, Mich Tvede. n-person non-convex bargaining: Efficient proportional solutions
539 -- 544Rachel R. Chen, Shuya Yin. The equivalence of uniform and Shapley value-based cost allocations in a specific game
545 -- 549Bernard Fortz, Michael Poss. Easy distributions for combinatorial optimization problems with probabilistic constraints
550 -- 555L. Jeff Hong, Barry L. Nelson, Jie Xu. Speeding up COMPASS for high-dimensional discrete optimization via simulation
556 -- 558Marco Di Summa. On a class of mixed-integer sets with a single integer variable
559 -- 563Daniel G. Espinoza, Ricardo Fukasawa, Marcos Goycoolea. Lifting, tilting and fractional programming revisited
564 -- 566Shengning Qiao, Shenggui Zhang. Vertex-disjoint chorded cycles in a graph
567 -- 570Deeparnab Chakrabarty, Jochen Könemann, David Pritchard. Integrality gap of the hypergraphic relaxation of Steiner trees: A short proof of a 1.55 upper bound
571 -- 576Ashish Goel, Mohammad Mahdian, Hamid Nazerzadeh, Amin Saberi. Advertisement allocation for generalized second-pricing schemes
577 -- 581Gerald Paul. Comparative performance of tabu search and simulated annealing heuristics for the quadratic assignment problem
582 -- 584Adriana Felicia Gabor, Gerhard J. Woeginger. How * not * to solve a Sudoku
585 -- 588René Sitters. Competitive analysis of preemptive single-machine scheduling
589 -- 591Federico Della Croce, Vincent T Kindt. Improving the preemptive bound for the single machine dynamic maximum lateness problem
592 -- 596Pim van t Hof, Gerhard F. Post, Dirk Briskorn. Constructing fair round robin tournaments with a minimum number of breaks

Volume 38, Issue 5

337 -- 340Laura Galli, Adam N. Letchford. Small bipartite subgraph polytopes
341 -- 345Claudia D Ambrosio, Antonio Frangioni, Leo Liberti, Andrea Lodi. On interval-subgradient and no-good cuts
346 -- 353Dominique Feillet, Michel Gendreau, Andrés L. Medaglia, Jose L. Walteros. A note on branch-and-cut-and-price
354 -- 357Riccardo Cambini, Francesca Salvi. Solving a class of low rank d.c. programs via a branch and bound approach: A computational experience
358 -- 360Sheng-Long Hu, Zheng-Hai Huang. Polynomial time solvability of non-symmetric semidefinite programming
361 -- 365Hayato Waki, Masakazu Muramatsu. A facial reduction algorithm for finding sparse SOS representations
366 -- 371Jordi Castro, Jordi Cuesta. Existence, uniqueness, and convergence of the regularized primal-dual central path
372 -- 377Shaohua Pan, Yu-Lin Chang, Jein-Shan Chen. Stationary point conditions for the FB merit function associated with symmetric cones
378 -- 382Wenqi Huang, Tao Ye. Greedy vacancy search algorithm for packing equal circles in a square
383 -- 385Johannes Hatzl, Andreas Karrenbauer. A combinatorial algorithm for the 1-median problem in R:::d::: with the Chebyshev norm
386 -- 389Zhen Wang, Donglei Du, Adriana Felicia Gabor, Dachuan Xu. An approximation algorithm for the k-level stochastic facility location problem
390 -- 395Monaldo Mastrolilli, Maurice Queyranne, Andreas S. Schulz, Ola Svensson, Nelson A. Uhan. Minimizing the sum of weighted completion times in a concurrent open shop
396 -- 398Stanley P. Y. Fung. Bounded delay packet scheduling in a bounded buffer
399 -- 404Fabrizio Grandoni, Gaia Nicosia, Gianpaolo Oriolo, Laura Sanità. Stable routing under the Spanning Tree Protocol
405 -- 407Jiafu Tang, Yuan Kong, Henry C. W. Lau, Andrew W. H. Ip. A note on Efficient feasibility testing for dial-a-ride problems
408 -- 413H. C. Hwang, Wikrom Jaruphongsa, Sila Çetinkaya, Chung-Yee Lee. Capacitated dynamic lot-sizing problem with delivery/production time windows
414 -- 419Zhili Zhou, Yongpei Guan. Stochastic lot-sizing problem with deterministic demands and Wagner-Whitin costs
420 -- 426Jesse C. Frey, Edward H. Kaplan. Queue inference from periodic reporting data
427 -- 431Utku Yildirim, John J. Hasenbein. Admission control and pricing in a queue with batch arrivals
432 -- 435Esa Hyytiä, Samuli Aalto, Aleksi Penttinen, Reijo Sulonen. A stochastic model for a vehicle in a dial-a-ride system
436 -- 440Harish Krishnan. A note on demand functions with uncertainty
441 -- 449Yanyi Xu, Arnab Bisi, Maqbool Dada. New structural properties of (s, S) policies for inventory models with lost sales
450 -- 453Shaoxiang Chen, Jianjun Xu. Note on the optimality of (s, S) policies for inventory systems with two demand classes
454 -- 461Engin Topan, Z. Pelin Bayindir, Tarkan Tan. An exact solution procedure for multi-item two-echelon spare parts inventory control problem with batch ordering in the central warehouse
462 -- 467Weifen Zhuang, Michael Z. F. Li. A new method of proving structural properties for certain class of stochastic dynamic control problems
468 -- 473Ji Hwan Cha, Eui Yong Lee. An extended stochastic failure model for a system subject to random shocks
474 -- 481Hoi Ying Wong, Jing Zhao. Valuing American options under the CEV model by Laplace-Carson transforms
482 -- 488Martin Eling, Luisa Tibiletti. Internal vs. external risk measures: How capital requirements differ in practice
489 -- 491Ming Liu, Jeremy Staum. Sensitivity analysis of the Eisenberg-Noe model of contagion
492 -- 0Walter Kern. Book review

Volume 38, Issue 4

241 -- 245Rafael A. Melo, Laurence A. Wolsey. Uncapacitated two-level lot-sizing
246 -- 251Lihua Sun, L. Jeff Hong. Asymptotic representations for importance-sampling estimators of value-at-risk and conditional value-at-risk
252 -- 255Lakdere Benkherouf, Suresh P. Sethi. Optimality of (s, S) policies for a stochastic inventory model with proportional and lump-sum shortage costs
256 -- 260Zhiyuan Chen, Yi Yang. Optimality of (s, S, p) policy in a general inventory-pricing model with uniform demands
261 -- 266Yun Zhou, Xiaobo Zhao. A two-demand-class inventory system with lost-sales and backorders
267 -- 272Saif Benjaafar, Jean-Philippe Gayon, Seda Tepe. Optimal control of a production-inventory system with customer impatience
273 -- 279Murat Kurt, Jeffrey P. Kharoufeh. Monotone optimal replacement policies for a Markovian deteriorating system in a controllable environment
280 -- 286Amr Farahat, Georgia Perakis. A nonnegative extension of the affine demand function and equilibrium analysis for multiproduct price competition
287 -- 291Jin Xu. Duopoly information sharing with differentiated products
292 -- 295Xu Na Miao, Xian Wei Zhou, Hua-Yi Wu. A cooperative differential game model based on transmission rate in wireless networks
296 -- 301Bo van der Rhee, Jack A. A. van der Veen, V. Venugopal, Vijayender Reddy Nalla. A new revenue sharing mechanism for coordinating multi-echelon supply chains
302 -- 306Lorenza Moreno, Marcus Poggi de Aragão, Eduardo Uchoa. Improved lower bounds for the Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem
307 -- 311Deshi Ye, Guochuan Zhang. On-line scheduling of multi-core processor tasks with virtualization
312 -- 317Carlo Filippi. An approximate algorithm for a high-multiplicity parallel machine scheduling problem
318 -- 319Stefan Steinerberger. A new lower bound for the geometric traveling salesman problem in terms of discrepancy
320 -- 321Christoph Helmberg, Susanna Reiss. A note on Fiedler vectors interpreted as graph realizations
322 -- 325Anupam Gupta, Viswanath Nagarajan, R. Ravi. An improved approximation algorithm for requirement cut
326 -- 327Eduardo Conde. A 2-approximation for minmax regret problems via a mid-point scenario optimal solution
328 -- 333Osman Y. Özaltin, Oleg A. Prokopyev, Andrew J. Schaefer. The bilevel knapsack problem with stochastic right-hand sides
334 -- 336Kevin K. H. Cheung, Kyle Harvey. Revisiting a simple algorithm for the planar multiterminal cut problem

Volume 38, Issue 3

153 -- 155Michele Conforti, Gérard Cornuéjols, Giacomo Zambelli. Equivalence between intersection cuts and the corner polyhedron
156 -- 160Viswanath Nagarajan, R. Ravi, Mohit Singh. Simpler analysis of LP extreme points for traveling salesman and survivable network design problems
161 -- 164Vineet Goyal, R. Ravi. A PTAS for the chance-constrained knapsack problem with random item sizes
165 -- 168Bruno H. Strulovici, Thomas A. Weber. Additive envelopes of continuous functions
169 -- 173Zhou Xu, Qi Wen. Approximation hardness of min-max tree covers
174 -- 178Jürgen Rietz, Cláudio Alves, José M. Valério de Carvalho. Theoretical investigations on maximal dual feasible functions
179 -- 184Valentina Cacchiani, Alberto Caprara, Paolo Toth. Non-cyclic train timetabling and comparability graphs
185 -- 187Judit Nagy-György. Online coloring graphs with high girth and high odd girth
188 -- 194V. Jeyakumar, Guoyin Li. Characterizing robust set containments and solutions of uncertain linear programs without qualifications
195 -- 200Qiong Tian, Hai Yang, Hai-Jun Huang. Novel travel cost functions based on morning peak commuting equilibrium
201 -- 206Xiaowei Xu, Yao Zhao. Price-only contracts with backup supply
207 -- 214Cem Iyigun, Adi Ben-Israel. A generalized Weiszfeld method for the multi-facility location problem
215 -- 217Doron Chen, Reuven Chen. A relaxation-based algorithm for solving the conditional p-center problem
218 -- 222Yuanyuan Liu. Augmented truncation approximations of discrete-time Markov chains
223 -- 226David F. Muñoz. On the validity of the batch quantile method for Markov chains
227 -- 230Thomas Eichner, Andreas Wagener. Beneficial changes in dependence structures and two-moment decision models
231 -- 235Jianjun Xu, Shaoxiang Chen, Bing Lin, Rohit Bhatnagar. Optimal production and rationing policies of a make-to-stock production system with batch demand and backordering
240 -- 0Frits C. R. Spieksma. Book review

Volume 38, Issue 2

77 -- 81Jevgenijs Ivanovs, Michel Mandjes. First passage of time-reversible spectrally negative Markov additive processes
82 -- 86Arunachalam Chockalingam, Kumar Muthuraman. Pricing American options when asset prices jump
87 -- 93Michi Nishihara. Hybrid or electric vehicles? A real options perspective
94 -- 96William Stanford. Pure strategy Nash equilibria and the probabilistic prospects of Stackelberg players
97 -- 103Chunyang Tong. Order postponement in a supply chain in the presence of exponential demand with gamma prior
104 -- 108C. Guerrero García, J. J. Saameño Rodríguez, José Muñoz-Pérez. On the ordered anti-Weber problem for any norm in R:::2:::
109 -- 114Sanjeeb Dash. On the complexity of cutting-plane proofs using split cuts
115 -- 120Daniel G. Espinoza. Computing with multi-row Gomory cuts
121 -- 122Andrei Horbach. A combinatorial property of the maximum round robin tournament problem
123 -- 126Byung-Cheon Choi, Joseph Y.-T. Leung, Michael L. Pinedo. Complexity of a scheduling problem with controllable processing times
127 -- 128Christos Koulamas. A faster algorithm for a due date assignment problem with tardy jobs
129 -- 132Tamás Kis, Dominique de Werra, Wieslaw Kubiak. A projective algorithm for preemptive open shop scheduling with two multiprocessor groups
133 -- 138Weiya Zhong, Zhi-Long Chen, Ming Chen. Integrated production and distribution scheduling with committed delivery dates
139 -- 142Jean-Pierre Crouzeix, Eladio Ocaña Anaya. Monotone and maximal monotone affine subspaces
143 -- 146Davide La Torre, Nicolae Popovici. Arcwise cone-quasiconvex multicriteria optimization
147 -- 151A. Asadi, G. Gu, C. Roos. Convergence of the homotopy path for a full-Newton step infeasible interior-point method

Volume 38, Issue 1

1 -- 6Ahmad Al Hanbali, Onno J. Boxma. Busy period analysis of the state dependent M/M/1/K queue
7 -- 10Yutaka Sakuma. Asymptotic behavior for MAP/PH/c queue with shortest queue discipline and jockeying
11 -- 16Jukka Lempa. A note on optimal stopping of diffusions with a two-sided optimal rule
17 -- 19Gustavo Bergantiños, Leticia Lorenzo, Silvia Lorenzo-Freire. A characterization of the proportional rule in multi-issue allocation situations
20 -- 26Xiaohu Li, Peng Zhao, Linxiong Li. Resilience and reliability analysis of P2P network systems
27 -- 32Jiejian Feng, Liming Liu, Yat-Wah Wan. Order-based backorders in multi-item inventory systems
33 -- 38Douglas S. Altner, Özlem Ergun, Nelson A. Uhan. The Maximum Flow Network Interdiction Problem: Valid inequalities, integrality gaps, and approximability
39 -- 46Claudia D Ambrosio, Andrea Lodi, Silvano Martello. Piecewise linear approximation of functions of two variables in MILP models
47 -- 50Gabriella Muratore, Ulrich M. Schwarz, Gerhard J. Woeginger. Parallel machine scheduling with nested job assignment restrictions
51 -- 56Stefan Creemers, Roel Leus, Marc Lambrecht. Scheduling Markovian PERT networks to maximize the net present value
57 -- 62Marcelo C. P. Santos, Lúcia Maria de A. Drummond, Eduardo Uchoa. A distributed dual ascent algorithm for the Hop-constrained Steiner Tree Problem
63 -- 68Sivakumar Rathinam, Raja Sengupta. 3/2-approximation algorithm for two variants of a 2-depot Hamiltonian path problem
69 -- 71Zhentao Li, Adrian Vetta. Bounds on the cleaning times of robot vacuums
72 -- 76Chongchao Huang, Song Wang. A power penalty approach to a Nonlinear Complementarity Problem