Journal: OR Spectrum

Volume 30, Issue 4

635 -- 653Nadja Silberhorn, Yasemin Boztug, Lutz Hildebrandt. Estimation with the nested logit model: specifications and software particularities
655 -- 673Jens Wollenweber. A multi-stage facility location problem with staircase costs and splitting of commodities: model, heuristic approach and application
675 -- 695Kap Hwan Kim, Young-Man Park, Mi-Ju Jin. An optimal layout of container yards
697 -- 720Yongbin Han, Loo Hay Lee, Ek Peng Chew, Kok-Choon Tan. A yard storage strategy for minimizing traffic congestion in a marine container transshipment hub
721 -- 750Paul Corry, Erhan Kozan. Optimised loading patterns for intermodal trains
751 -- 772Felix Bomsdorf, Ulrich Derigs. A model, heuristic procedure and decision support system for solving the movie shoot scheduling problem
773 -- 785Meltem Denizel, F. Tevhide Altekin, Haldun Süral, Hartmut Stadtler. Equivalence of the LP relaxations of two strong formulations for the capacitated lot-sizing problem with setup times
787 -- 804Jose M. Framiñan, Rainer Leisten. A multi-objective iterated greedy search for flowshop scheduling with makespan and flowtime criteria

Volume 30, Issue 3

397 -- 399Chen-Fu Chien, Hans Otto Günther. OR in the electronics industry
401 -- 430Jei-Zheng Wu, Chen-Fu Chien. Modeling strategic semiconductor assembly outsourcing decisions based on empirical settings
431 -- 452Shu-Hsing Chung, Chun-Ying Huang, Amy H. I. Lee. Heuristic algorithms to solve the capacity allocation problem in photolithography area (CAPPA)
453 -- 0Nadine Abboud, Martin Grötschel, Thorsten Koch. Mathematical methods for physical layout of printed circuit boards: an overview
469 -- 491Osman Kulak, Ihsan Yilmaz, Hans Otto Günther. A GA-based solution approach for balancing printed circuit board assembly lines
493 -- 513Csaba Raduly-Baka, Timo Knuutila, Mika Johnsson, Olli S. Nevalainen. Selecting the nozzle assortment for a Gantry-type placement machine
515 -- 534Dong-Seok Sun, Tae-Eog Lee. A Branch-and-price algorithm for placement routing for a multi-head beam-type component placement tool
535 -- 549Sofie Coene, Nguyen Van Hop, Joris van de Klundert, Frits C. R. Spieksma. A note on a motion control problem for a placement machine
551 -- 578Stefan Bock. Using distributed search methods for balancing mixed-model assembly lines in the automotive industry
579 -- 609Armin Scholl, Nils Boysen, Malte Fliedner. The sequence-dependent assembly line balancing problem
611 -- 633Nils Boysen, Malte Fliedner, Armin Scholl. Sequencing mixed-model assembly lines to minimize part inventory cost

Volume 30, Issue 2

219 -- 221Hong Seo Ryoo, Matthias Ehrgott. Biomedical informatics and OR
223 -- 234Whasoo Bae, Choongrak Kim. A simple segmentation method for DNA microarray spots by kernel density estimation
235 -- 248Jae-Won Lee, Myoungshic Jhun, Jong-Young Kim, Jung Bok Lee. An optimal choice of window width for LOWESS normalization of microarray data
249 -- 268Kwangsoo Kim, Hong Seo Ryoo. A LAD-based method for selecting short oligo probes for genotyping applications
269 -- 288Doris A. Behrens, Marion S. Rauner, Jonathan P. Caulkins. Modelling the spread of hepatitis C via commercial tattoo parlours: implications for public health interventions
289 -- 309Gino J. Lim, Jaewon Choi, Radhe Mohan. Iterative solution methods for beam angle and fluence map optimization in intensity modulated radiation therapy planning
311 -- 329Matthias Ehrgott, Ines Winz. Interactive decision support in radiation therapy treatment planning
331 -- 354Ludwig Kuntz, Stefan Scholtes, Antonio Vera. DRG cost weight volatility and hospital performance
355 -- 374Jeroen M. van Oostrum, Mark van Houdenhoven, Johann L. Hurink, Erwin W. Hans, Gerhard Wullink, Geert Kazemier. A master surgical scheduling approach for cyclic scheduling in operating room departments
375 -- 395Rainer Kolisch, Sabine Sickinger. Providing radiology health care services to stochastic demand of different customer classes

Volume 30, Issue 1

1 -- 52Robert Stahlbock, Stefan Voß. Operations research at container terminals: a literature update
53 -- 75Gary Froyland, Thorsten Koch, Nicole Megow, Emily Duane, Howard Wren. Optimizing the landside operation of a container terminal
77 -- 112Nicole Wieberneit. Service network design for freight transportation: a review
113 -- 148Stefan Irnich. Resource extension functions: properties, inversion, and generalization to segments
149 -- 165Ulrich Derigs, Thomas Döhmer. Indirect search for the vehicle routing problem with pickup and delivery and time windows
167 -- 190Rhydian Lewis. A survey of metaheuristic-based techniques for University Timetabling problems
191 -- 213Raik Stolletz. Non-stationary delay analysis of runway systems
215 -- 217. Acknowledgement to Referees