Journal: OR Spectrum

Volume 33, Issue 4

843 -- 883Richard Lusby, Jesper Larsen, Matthias Ehrgott, David M. Ryan. Railway track allocation: models and methods
885 -- 914Ulrich Derigs, Jens Gottlieb, Jochen Kalkoff, Michael Piesche, Franz Rothlauf, Ulrich Vogel. Vehicle routing with compartments: applications, modelling and heuristics
915 -- 929Marco Caserta, Stefan Voß, Moshe Sniedovich. Applying the corridor method to a blocks relocation problem
931 -- 959Fabien Tricoire, Karl F. Doerner, Richard F. Hartl, Manuel Iori. Heuristic and exact algorithms for the multi-pile vehicle routing problem
961 -- 988Sin C. Ho, Dag Haugland. Local search heuristics for the probabilistic dial-a-ride problem
989 -- 1007Houssam Amrani, Alain Martel, Nicolas Zufferey, Polina Makeeva. A variable neighborhood search heuristic for the design of multicommodity production-distribution networks with alternative facility configurations

Volume 33, Issue 3

445 -- 449Karl F. Doerner, Walter J. Gutjahr, Luk Van Wassenhove. Special issue on optimization in disaster relief
451 -- 479J. Tinguaro Rodríguez, Begoña Vitoriano, Javier Montero, Vojislav Kecman. A disaster-severity assessment DSS comparative analysis
481 -- 498Carmen G. Rawls, Mark A. Turnquist. Pre-positioning planning for emergency response with service quality constraints
499 -- 523Dilek Günneç, F. Sibel Salman. Assessing the reliability and the expected performance of a network under disaster risk
525 -- 542Pablo A. Maya Duque, Kenneth Sörensen. A GRASP metaheuristic to improve accessibility after a disaster
543 -- 569Pamela C. Nolz, Frédéric Semet, Karl F. Doerner. Risk approaches for delivering disaster relief supplies
571 -- 593Alf Kimms, Klaus-Christian Maassen. Optimization and simulation of traffic flows in the case of evacuating urban areas
595 -- 627Olga L. Huibregtse, Serge P. Hoogendoorn, Andreas Hegyi, Michiel C. J. Bliemer. A method to optimize evacuation instructions
629 -- 654Douglas R. Bish. Planning for a bus-based evacuation
655 -- 672Linet Özdamar. Planning helicopter logistics in disaster relief
673 -- 698Jessica H. McCoy, Margaret L. Brandeau. Efficient stockpiling and shipping policies for humanitarian relief: UNHCR's inventory challenge
699 -- 720Carlos Cotta. Effective patient prioritization in mass casualty incidents using hyperheuristics and the pilot method
721 -- 749Beate Rottkemper, Kathrin Fischer, Alexander Blecken, Christoph Danne. Inventory relocation for overlapping disaster settings in humanitarian operations
751 -- 786Andrés Uribe-Sánchez, Alex Savachkin, Alfredo Santana, Diana Prieto-Santa, Tapas K. Das. A predictive decision-aid methodology for dynamic mitigation of influenza pandemics
787 -- 813Andrea Trautsamwieser, Manfred Gronalt, Patrick Hirsch. Securing home health care in times of natural disasters
815 -- 841Aurélie Charles, Matthieu Lauras. An enterprise modelling approach for better optimisation modelling: application to the humanitarian relief chain coordination problem

Volume 33, Issue 2

261 -- 264Michael T. Kirschenheiter, Dirk Simons, Jeroen Suijs. Special issue on accounting and auditing
265 -- 285Wuchun Chi. An overlooked effect of mandatory audit-firm rotation on investigation strategies
287 -- 307Jochen Bigus. Auditors' liability with overcompensation and reputation losses
309 -- 331Thorsten Döscher, Gunther Friedl. Corporate governance, stakeholder power, and executive compensation
333 -- 358Mirko S. Heinle, Christian Hofmann. Soft information and the stewardship value of accounting disclosure
359 -- 392Anja De Waegenaere, Jacco L. Wielhouwer. On the effects of the degree of discretion in reporting managerial performance
393 -- 418Sabine Böckem, Ulf Schiller. Supplier credits, limited liquidity, and timely demand information
419 -- 444Anja De Waegenaere, Jacco L. Wielhouwer. Dynamic tax depreciation strategies

Volume 33, Issue 1

1 -- 26Matthew J. Drake, Virginia W. Gerde, David M. Wasieleski. Socially responsible modeling: a stakeholder approach to the implementation of ethical modeling in operations research
27 -- 48Mariano Luque, Francisco Ruiz 0002, Kaisa Miettinen. Global formulation for interactive multiobjective optimization
49 -- 75Bassy Tam, Matthias Ehrgott, David M. Ryan, Golbon Zakeri. A comparison of stochastic programming and bi-objective optimisation approaches to robust airline crew scheduling
77 -- 97Erik M. M. Winands. Branching-type polling systems with large setups
99 -- 122Guido Voigt, Karl Inderfurth. Supply chain coordination and setup cost reduction in case of asymmetric information
123 -- 148Domenico Conforti, Francesca Guerriero, Rosita Guido, M. Veltri. An optimal decision-making approach for the management of radiotherapy patients
149 -- 172Konrad Engel, Antje Kiesel. Approximated matrix decomposition for IMRT planning with multileaf collimators
173 -- 206Walter J. Gutjahr. Optimal dynamic portfolio selection for projects under a competence development model
207 -- 233Ban Kawas, Aurélie Thiele. A log-robust optimization approach to portfolio management
235 -- 255Marcel Marekwica, Raimond Maurer. How unobservable bond positions in retirement accounts affect asset allocation
257 -- 260. Acknowledgement to Referees