Journal: Programming and Computer Software

Volume 26, Issue 6

306 -- 325Denis L. Uvarov. An Optimal Algorithm for Purging Regular Schemes
326 -- 334G. A. Tarnavskii, S. I. Shpak. Decomposition of Methods and Parallelization of Algorithms for Solving Aerodynamics and Physical Gas Dynamics Problems: Computer System Potok-3
335 -- 340N. M. Ershov. Construction of the Algorithm Graph by Autotracing Method
341 -- 345D. A. Volkov. A Concept of a Universal Server for the Client-Server Architecture
346 -- 351Ha Le. Mathematical Graphical Object Representation1

Volume 26, Issue 5

237 -- 248Rimma I. Podlovchenko, V. E. Khachatryan, Yu. G. Chashin. Complete system of equivalent transformations for two-tape automata with disjoint loops
249 -- 257Elena N. Bozhenkova, I. B. Virbitskaite. Analysis of equivalence relations of event structures with continuous time
258 -- 267Aleksei L. Gomozov, Larisa I. Stanevichene. On a generalization of regular expression
268 -- 274V. P. Ivannikov, N. S. Kovalenko, V. M. Metel'skii. On the minimal time required for execution of distributed concurrent processes in synchronous modes
275 -- 280Grigori L. Litvinov, Elena Maslova. Universal numerical algorithms and their software implementation
281 -- 288V. A. Kostenko, R. L. Smelyanskii, A. G. Trekin. Synthesizing structures of real-time computer systems using genetic algorithms
289 -- 291Alexandre V. Zamulin. Conference Report: Perspectives of Information Systems
292 -- 294Alexandre V. Zamulin. Andrei Ershov Fourth International Conference: Perspectives of Information Systems July 3-6, 2001, Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok

Volume 26, Issue 4

177 -- 185A. N. Bezdushnyi, Alexey B. Zhizhchenko, M. V. Kulagin, V. A. Serebryakov. Integrated information resource system of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a technology for developing digital libraries
186 -- 191Mikhail R. Kogalovsky, E. N. Efimova, T. A. Rybina, V. B. Brakhin. Formal methods for verification of websites macrostructure integrity
192 -- 198M. A. Osipov, O. L. Machul'sky, Leonid A. Kalinichenko. Mapping the XML data model into the object model of the SYNTHESIS language
199 -- 206Igor Kuralenok, Igor S. Nekrestyanov. Automatic document classification based on latent semantic analysis
207 -- 215Jesús Torres, Octavio Martín-Díaz, José A. Troyano, Miguel Toro. Implementing associations among classes in an environment of active databases
216 -- 236Alexey L. Lastovetsky, Alexey Kalinov, I. N. Ledovskikh, Dmitry Arapov, Mikhail Posypkin. A language and programming environment for high-performance parallel computing on heterogeneous networks

Volume 26, Issue 3

119 -- 122Mikhail R. Kogalovsky, B. A. Novikov. Digital libraries as a new class of information systems (from the editors of the special issue)
123 -- 133Leonid A. Kalinichenko, Nikolay A. Skvortsov, Dmitry O. Briukhov, D. V. Kravchenko, Inessa Chaban. Designing personalized digital libraries over websites with semistructured data
134 -- 139Ekaterina A. Gorshkova, Igor S. Nekrestyanov, B. A. Novikov, Ekaterina Pavlova. Consistency control for semistructured data
140 -- 155Mikhail R. Kogalovsky. Systematization of information resources collections in digital libraries
156 -- 162Alexander G. Marchuk, A. E. Osipov. On the identification of electronic documents and collections
163 -- 169Ekaterina V. Romanova, M. V. Romanov, Igor S. Nekrestyanov. Using intelligent internet robots for building topic-specific collections
170 -- 176Fedor A. Kolpakov, N. L. Podkolodnyi, Sergey V. Lavryushev, Dmitry A. Grigorovich, Mikhail P. Ponomarenko, Nikolay A. Kolchanov. Methods for integration of heterogeneous information resources in molecular biology in the digital library GeneExpress

Volume 26, Issue 2

53 -- 60Rimma I. Podlovchenko. On a general solution to the problem of equivalent transformations of program schemes (II)
61 -- 73Igor B. Burdonov, Alexander S. Kossatchev, Victor V. Kulyamin. Application of finite automatons for program testing
74 -- 83Vitaly A. Semenov, P. B. Krylov, Sergey V. Morozov, Oleg A. Tarlapan. An object-oriented architecture for applications of scientific visualization and mathematical modeling
84 -- 96Ekaterina Pavlova. Transaction control in real-time DBMSs
97 -- 99O. D. Golubitskii. Distance calculation on strings
100 -- 103Khakim D. Ikramov, N. V. Savel'eva. Invariant subspaces of matrix algebras and MAPLE procedures detecting their existence
104 -- 106A. V. Niukkanen. New algorithms in the theory of hypergeometric series and Burchnall-Chaundy expansions
107 -- 115Denis E. Khmelnov. q-difference equations
116 -- 117E. A. Zhogolev. The Research Workshop on Computer-Aided Programming in the Academic Year of 1998/99

Volume 26, Issue 1

1 -- 2. On the 60th birthday of Viktor Petrovich Ivannikov
3 -- 6Sergei A. Abramov, Alexander P. Kryukov, Vitaly Rostovtsev. The scientific research Seminar on Computer Algebra in 1998-1999
7 -- 16Ha Le. Communication-oriented representation of mathematical objects
17 -- 22Felix Ulmer. How to solve linear differential equations: An outline
23 -- 24Khakim D. Ikramov, N. V. Savel'eva. The inertia of matrices and quadratic forms, conditionally definite matrices, the separation of the roots of algebraic equations, and MAPLE procedures
25 -- 27Lev M. Berkovich. Exact linearization of nonlinear ordinary autonomous differential equations
28 -- 0S. I. Serdyukova. Solving large systems of polynomial equations using REDUCE
30 -- 0A. V. Lapunov, V. A. Mityunin. Change of generators in differential modules
31 -- 35A. V. Astrelin, Oleg Golubitsky, E. V. Pankratiév. Involutive bases of ideals in the ring of polynomials
36 -- 38T. A. Strukova. Some generalizations of the concept of Gröbner bases for differential ideals
39 -- 41Viatcheslav A. Ilyin, A. P. Kryukov, A. Ya. Rodionov, G. Shpiz. The use of group and algebraic properties of tensor expressions in an object-oriented CA system
42 -- 43O. S. Paramonova, A. V. Niukkanen. New algorithms for deriving reduction formulas for hypergeometric series of multiple variables
44 -- 52Rimma I. Podlovchenko. On a general solution to the problem of equivalent transformations of program schemes