Journal: Programming and Computer Software

Volume 28, Issue 6

301 -- 313Rimma I. Podlovchenko. Equivalent Transformations in the Model of Programs with Commuting and Monotone Operators
314 -- 323V. A. Nepomniaschy, Igor S. Anureev, I. N. Mikhailov, Alexey V. Promsky. Towards Verification of C Programs. C-Light Language and Its Formal Semantics
324 -- 332A. V. Nikitin, L. I. Nikitina. Evolutionary Model of Optimization of Modular Associative Memory for Dataflow Machines Based on Genetic Algorithm
333 -- 341Alexey Kalinov, Alexey L. Lastovetsky, Ilya Ledovskih, Mikhail Posypkin. Refined Description of the C[] Language
342 -- 348Vladimir V. Mazalov, D. N. Zhuravlev. A Method of Cumulative Sums in the Problem of Detection of Traffic Changes in Computer Networks
349 -- 355A. P. Shibanov. A Software Implementation Technique for Simulation of Ethernet Local Area Networks
356 -- 359Leonid A. Kalinichenko, Mikhail R. Kogalovsky, Sergei D. Kuznetsov. Tenth Anniversary of ACM SIGMOD Moscow Chapter

Volume 28, Issue 5

243 -- 249Alexander Okhotin. Conjunctive Grammars and Systems of Language Equations
250 -- 260A. A. Shalyto, N. I. Tukkel. Translating Iterative Algorithms into Automaton Ones
261 -- 279N. I. V yukova, V. A. Galatenko, S. V. Samborskii, S. M. Shumakov. Effective Code Generation for Processor Architectures with Explicit Parallelism
280 -- 289Rafael Corchuelo, José Antonio Pérez, Antonio Ruiz Cortés. Multi-Party Coordination in the Context of MOWS
290 -- 292Yuri A. Blinkov. Computation of Janet Bases for Toric Ideals
293 -- 300S. V. Agoshkov, P. A. Dmitriev. Electronic Publication Maintenance Systems

Volume 28, Issue 4

185 -- 188Mikhail R. Kogalovsky. Digital Libraries: Ongoing Development (From the Editor of the Special Issue)
189 -- 196Maxim Grinev, Sergei D. Kuznetsov. UQL: A UML-based Query Language for Integrated Data
197 -- 206K. Yu. Lisovsky. XML Applications Development in Scheme
207 -- 225Igor Nekrestyanov, N. V. Panteleeva. Text Retrieval Systems for the Web
226 -- 242I. E. Kuralenok, I. S. Nekrestyanov. Evaluation of Text Retrieval Systems

Volume 28, Issue 3

117 -- 118. On the 70th Anniversary of the Birth of Eduard Zinov evich Lyubimskii
119 -- 126S. A. Nigiyan, S. A. Avetisyan. Semantics of Untyped Functional Programs
127 -- 147Jean-Claude Royer. An Operational Approach to the Semantics of Classes: Application to Type Checking
148 -- 161V. L. Arlazarov, A. S. Loginov, O. A. Slavin. Characteristics of Optical Text Recognition Programs
162 -- 173V. A. Kostenko. The Problem of Schedule Construction in the Joint Design of Hardware and Software
174 -- 184Igor A. Zhuklinets, Denis A. Khotimsky. Logical Time in Distributed Software Systems

Volume 28, Issue 2

57 -- 58. Igor Vasil evich Pottosin (February 21, 1933-December 15, 2001)
59 -- 61Sergei A. Abramov, A. P. Kryukov, V. A. Rostovtsev. The Scientific Research Seminar on Computer Algebra in 2000-2001
62 -- 65Vladimir P. Gerdt. On an Algorithmic Optimization in Computation of Involutive Bases
66 -- 69D. A. Yanovich. Parallelization of an Algorithm for Computation of Involutive Janet Bases
70 -- 75O. S. Paramonova, A. W. Niukkanen. Computer-Aided Analysis of Transformation Formulas for Appel and Horn Functions
76 -- 80Vladimir V. Kornyak. A Method of Splitting Cochain Complexes to Compute Cohomologies of Lie (Super)algebras
81 -- 83M. V. Kondratéva. Examples of Computation of Generators of a Differential Ideal by Its Characteristic Set
84 -- 87Yu. G. Palii. Correction of Numerical Integration as an Optimal Control Problem
88 -- 91V. V. Kislenkov. Approaches to Expedite Function Computation on Dense Grids
92 -- 101Anna A. Ryabenko. Formal Solutions of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations Containing m-Hypergeometric Series
102 -- 105D. E. Khmelnov. Basis Selection in Solving Linear Functional Equations
106 -- 116Rimma I. Podlovchenko. Equivalent Transformations of Program Schemes for Entangling Programs

Volume 28, Issue 1

1 -- 8V. A. Nepomniaschy. Verification of Finite Iterations over Tuples of Data Structures
9 -- 14G. Shukovich. Application of Genetic Algorithms and Systems of Generating Graphs for Creation of Modular Neural Networks
15 -- 19E. G. Sukhov. Recursive Cell Rotation Method
20 -- 27V. A. Galatenko, K. A. Kostyukhin. Debugging and Monitoring Distributed Heterogeneous Systems
28 -- 40Arutyun Avetisyan, Serguei Gaissaryan, Oleg Samovarov. Possibilities of Optimal Execution of Parallel Programs Containing Simple and Iterated Loops on Heterogeneous Parallel Computational Systems with Distributed Memory
41 -- 52V. V. Khodorovskii. On Normalization of Relations in Relational Databases
53 -- 56Alexandre V. Zamulin. Information on the International Conference Perspectives of System Informatics