Journal: Programming and Computer Software

Volume 42, Issue 6

333 -- 340D. D. Zhdanov, A. A. Aleinikov, A. D. Zhdanov, N. B. Deryabin. Construction of a model of a continuous light source specified by a fixed set of rays
341 -- 346M. V. Pestun, Vladimir A. Galaktionov. Algorithms for the construction and recognition of navigational route descriptions for cartographic computer systems
347 -- 355K. V. Ryabinin, S. I. Chuprina. A unified approach to adapt scientific visualization systems to third-party solvers
356 -- 360Olga V. Senyukova, A. Yu. Zubov. Full anatomical labeling of magnetic resonance images of human brain by registration with multiple atlases
361 -- 366Evgeny Shalnov, A. D. Gringauz, Anton Konushin. Estimation of the people position in the world coordinate system for video surveillance
367 -- 374Kristina S. Zipa, Alexey V. Ignatenko. Algorithms for the analysis and visualization of high dynamic range images based on human perception
375 -- 381Vladislav A. Zolotov, Konstantin S. Petrishchev, Vitaly A. Semenov. Methods of spatial indexing of dynamic scenes based on regular octrees
382 -- 387Vladimir A. Frolov, Vladimir A. Galaktionov. Low overhead path regeneration

Volume 42, Issue 5

257 -- 278Mikhail U. Mandrykin, Alexey V. Khoroshilov. Region analysis for deductive verification of C programs
279 -- 291M. I. Varlamov, D. Yu. Turdakov. A survey of methods for the extraction of information from Web resources
292 -- 306Leonid W. Dworzanski, Irina A. Lomazova. Automatic construction of systems of distributed components from nested Petri nets models
307 -- 315Nguyen Tran Quoc Vinh. Synchronous incremental update of materialized views for PostgreSQL
316 -- 323A. I. Getman, V. P. Ivannikov, Yu. V. Markin, Vartan A. Padaryan, A. Yu. Tikhonov. Data representation model for in-depth analysis of network traffic
324 -- 332Mikhail U. Mandrykin, Alexey V. Khoroshilov. Towards deductive verification of C programs with shared data

Volume 42, Issue 4

187 -- 197I. B. Virbitskaite, V. A. Borovlev, Louchka Popova-Zeugmann. "Truly concurrent" and nondeterministic semantics of discrete-time Petri nets
198 -- 205Petr N. Devyanin, Victor V. Kulyamin, Alexander K. Petrenko, Alexey V. Khoroshilov, Ilya V. Shchepetkov. Comparison of specification decomposition methods in Event-B
206 -- 215Natalya Olegovna Garanina, Elena A. Sidorova, Igor S. Anureev. Conflict resolution in multi-agent systems with typed relations for ontology population
216 -- 224Dmitry Luciv, Dmitrij Koznov, Hamid Abdul Basit, Andrey N. Terekhov. On fuzzy repetitions detection in documentation reuse
225 -- 238Vitaly O. Mordan, Vadim S. Mutilin. Checking several requirements at once by CEGAR
239 -- 256Nikolay V. Shilov, S. O. Shilova, A. Yu. Bernshtein. Program schemata technique for propositional program logics: A 30-year history

Volume 42, Issue 3

121 -- 128S. S. Adjemov, N. V. Klenov, M. V. Tereshonok, D. S. Chirov. The use of artificial neural networks for classification of signal sources in cognitive radio systems
129 -- 141Alexander P. Kryukov, Andrey P. Demichev, Stanislav P. Polyakov. Web platforms for scientific research
142 -- 154P. A. Lebedev. Evaluation of expression templates in C++14
155 -- 160Vasiliy Osipov. Automatic synthesis of action programs for intelligent robots
161 -- 166Radek Silhavy, Zdenka Prokopova, Petr Silhavy. Algorithmic optimization method for effort estimation
167 -- 173Tatiana E. Shulga, E. A. Ivanov, Maria D. Slastihina, Nataliia S. Vagarina. Developing a software system for automata-based code generation
174 -- 186V. Yu. Efimov, K. A. Batuzov, Vartan A. Padaryan, Arutyun Avetisyan. Features of the deterministic replay in the case of a minimum device set

Volume 42, Issue 2

55 -- 64Sergei A. Abramov, Anna A. Ryabenko, Denis E. Khmelnov. Procedures for searching local solutions of linear differential systems with infinite power series in the role of coefficients
65 -- 76A. B. Batkhin. Parameterization of the discriminant set of a polynomial
77 -- 83Dmitry S. Kulyabov. Using two types of computer algebra systems to solve maxwell optics problems
84 -- 89A. A. Panferov. Partitions of the set of selected unknowns in linear differential-algebraic systems
90 -- 98Alexander N. Prokopenya. Approximation of a quantum algorithm for order finding
99 -- 106A. A. Kytmanov, A. V. Shchuplev, T. V. Zykova. Algorithm for construction of volume forms on toric varieties starting from a convex integer polytope
107 -- 111S. V. Paramonov. On checking existence of infinitely differentiable solutions of partial differential equations with boundary conditions
112 -- 119Ekaterina Shemyakova. An algorithm for constructing Darboux transformations of type I for third-order hyperbolic operators of two variables

Volume 42, Issue 1

1 -- 4Rimma I. Podlovchenko. Studies in the theory of algebraic models of programs with procedures
5 -- 16Valeri P. Il'in, I. N. Skopin. About performance and intellectuality of supercomputer modeling
17 -- 26Leonid B. Sokolinsky, Anastasia V. Shamakina. Methods of resource management in problem-oriented computing environment
27 -- 33Sevak Sargsyan, Shamil F. Kurmangaleev, A. A. Belevantsev, Arutyun Avetisyan. Scalable and accurate detection of code clones
34 -- 40O. A. Chetverina. Alternatives of profile-guided code optimizations for one-stage compilation
41 -- 48V. P. Kozyrev. Estimation of the execution time in real-time systems
49 -- 53A. A. Belevantsev, E. A. Veselevich, V. P. Ivannikov. Analysis of entities in C and C++ programs and relations between them for program understanding