Journal: Program

Volume 39, Issue 4

293 -- 296Ian G. Anderson, Lucy A. Tedd. Digital Histories
297 -- 311Robert Shoemaker. Digital London: Creating a searchable web of interlinked sources on eighteenth century London
312 -- 323Sian Everitt. Opportunistic collaboration: Unlocking the archives of the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design
324 -- 336Andy White. The development of digital resources by library and information professionals and historians: Two case studies from Northern Ireland
337 -- 344Roger C. Schonfeld. JSTOR: a case study in the recent history of scholarly communications
345 -- 352Christopher Saunders. Digital imaging South Africa (DISA): a case study
353 -- 365Glen Segell. Unlocking the Royal Geographical Society Archives: The experiences of a Fellow of the Society as a teacher and as a researcher
366 -- 380Jaqueline Spence. Small organisations and cultural institutions - a digital future?
381 -- 382Ian Ledsham. Essential Classification
382 -- 384Rodney Brunt. Essential Dewey
385 -- 386Stella Maris Pendleton. Pathways to Nursing: A Guide to Library and Online Research in Nursing and Allied Health
386 -- 387Martin Myhill. Managing Digital Resources in Libraries
387 -- 388John Bovey. The Content Management Handbook
389 -- 391Mel Collier. Supporting E-learning: A Guide for Library and Information Managers
391 -- 393Jonathan Eaton. International Yearbook of Library and Information Management 2004-2005: scholarly publishing in an electronic era
393 -- 395Lucy A. Tedd. Emerging Issues in the Electronic Environment: Challenges for Librarians and Researchers in the Sciences
395 -- 396Jane Secker. Managing Digital Rights: A Practitioner's Guide
397 -- 399Mary A. Burke. Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST) Volume 39
399 -- 400James McCloskey. A Guide to Docutek, Inc's ERes Software: A Way to Manage Electronic Reserves
400 -- 401Virginia Baldwin. Online Ecological and Environmental Data
400 -- 0Patrick B. Mahoney. The Eleventh Off-campus Library Services Conference Proceedings
401 -- 0Peter M. D. Gray. The Functional Approach to Data Management: Modelling, Analysing and Integrating Heterogeneous Data

Volume 39, Issue 3

185 -- 197Susan Copeland, Andrew Penman, Richard Milne. Electronic theses: the turning point
198 -- 212Richard Jones, Theo Andrew. Open access, open source and e-theses: the development of the Edinburgh Research Archive
213 -- 226Jan Pisanski, Maja Zumer. National library web sites in Europe: an analysis
227 -- 247George Macgregor, Fraser Nicolaides. Towards improved performance and interoperability in distributed and physical union catalogues
248 -- 256Reason Baathuli Nfila, Motumi Nini Dintwe, K. N. Rao. Experience of systems migration at the University of Botswana Library: a case study
257 -- 268Esharenana E. Adomi. Internet development and connectivity in Nigeria
269 -- 278F. Jayakanth, Kurt Maly, Mohammad Zubair, L. Aswath. Approaches to make CDS/ISIS databases interoperable with OAI-compliant digital libraries
279 -- 281Barbara Allan. Developing Academic Library Staff for Future Success
281 -- 283Chris Armstrong. Information Literacy: A Practitioner's Guide
284 -- 285Caroline Gale. The Skeptical Business Searcher: The Information Advisor's Guide to Evaluating Web Data, Sites, and Sources
285 -- 288Jane Secker. Qualitative Research for the Information Professional: A Practical Handbook, 2nd ed

Volume 39, Issue 2

100 -- 111Simon J. Bevan. Electronic thesis development at Cranfield University
112 -- 121Tim Wales. Library subject guides: a content management case study at the Open University, UK
122 -- 138Stephen M. Mutula. Peculiarities of the digital divide in sub-Saharan Africa
139 -- 146Georgios Skretas. Factors affecting the full use of library and information management systems by library personnel
147 -- 159Andrew Brown, Neil Smyth. Serials Solutions and LinkFinderPlus at the University of Wales Swansea
160 -- 166Ram Kumar Matoria, P. K. Upadhyay. Migration of data from one library management system to another: a case study in India
167 -- 169Henry S. Rzepa. Chemistry Resources in the Electronic Age
169 -- 170Sue Batley. Knowledge Organisation and Classification in International Information Retrieval
170 -- 171William Foster. Know it All, Find it Fast: An A-Z Source Guide for the Enquiry Desk (2nd ed.)
171 -- 173Gobinda G. Chowdhury. Metadata for Information Management and Retrieval
173 -- 175Johnson Paul. The Information Society: A Study of Continuity and Change (4th ed.)
175 -- 177Luke Tredinnick. Libraries without Walls 5: The Distributed Delivery of Library and Information Services
177 -- 178Lucy A. Tedd. The Extreme Searcher's Internet Handbook: A Guide for Serious Searchers
179 -- 180Susie Andretta. Teaching Information Skills Theory and Practice

Volume 39, Issue 1

4 -- 24Chern Li Liew. Online cultural heritage exhibitions: a survey of information retrieval features
25 -- 38Margaret Jay, Sheila Webber. Impact of the internet on delivery of reference services in English public libraries
39 -- 49Jane Secker. DELIVERing library resources to the virtual learning environment
50 -- 65Leith Haarhoff. Books from the past: an e-books project at Culturenet Cymru
62 -- 72Naicheng Chang. Data manipulation in an XML-based digital image library
73 -- 74Stephen van Dulken. Patent and Trademark Information: Uses and Perspectives
74 -- 76Rodney Brunt. Education for Cataloging and the Organization of Information: Pitfalls and the Pendulum
76 -- 77Peter Lea. Virtual Reference Services: Issues and Trends
78 -- 80Lucy A. Tedd. Digital Dilemmas and Solutions
80 -- 81Dahlia Shamsuddin. The Advanced Internet Searcher's Handbook (3rd ed.)
82 -- 84Jonathan Eaton. Building an Electronic Resource Collection: A Practical Guide (2nd edition)
84 -- 87Stephanie Silvester. Digital Images and Art Libraries in the Twenty-First Century
87 -- 89Jon P. Knight. Managing your Internet and Intranet services: the Information Professional's Guide to Strategy (2nd ed.)
89 -- 90Jon P. Knight. Using Open Source Systems for Digital Libraries
91 -- 92Linda F. Dorrington. Biology Resources in the Electronic Age