Journal: Program

Volume 40, Issue 4

0 -- 0. 2006 Awards for Excellence
0 -- 0Lucy A. Tedd. Editorial
311 -- 314Lynne J. Brindley. Joint funding councils' libraries review group (the "Follett") report: The contribution of the information technology sub-committee
315 -- 324Derek Law. Remembering history: The work of the Information Services Sub-Committee of the Joint Information Systems Committee in the UK
325 -- 333Graham Jefcoate. Gabriel: Gateway to Europe's national libraries
334 -- 345Mel Collier. Strategic change in higher education libraries with the advent of the digital library during the fourth decade of Program
346 -- 360S. I. Humbert, E. A. Tilley. Redesigning a web site in-house to improve information literacy: experiences of a small library
361 -- 371Juha Hakala. The seven levels of identification: An overview of the current state of identifying objects within digital libraries
372 -- 388Chern Li Liew. Online cultural heritage exhibitions: a survey of strategic issues
389 -- 390Clarissa Hunt. Internet Reference Support for Distance Learners
391 -- 392Jane Secker. Digital Copyright
392 -- 393Martin Myhill. Virtual Slavica: Digital Libraries, Digital Archives
394 -- 395Maureen Pennock, Manjula Patel, Emma Tonkin. Digital Applications for Cultural and Heritage Institutions
395 -- 397Rodney Brunt. Metadata: A Cataloger's Primer
397 -- 400Margaret Jay. The Virtual Reference Desk: Creating a Reference Future
400 -- 401S. Michael Malinconico. Negotiating Licences for Digital Resources
401 -- 404Jan van Impe. The Reference Collection: From the Shelf to the Web

Volume 40, Issue 3

0 -- 0. Libraries Beyond their Institutions
0 -- 0. Understanding and Communicating Social Informatics: A Framework for Studying and Teaching the Human Contexts of Information and Communication Technologies
0 -- 0Lucy A. Tedd. Editorial
0 -- 0. Internet Guide to Anti-aging and Longevity
211 -- 218Martin F. Porter. An algorithm for suffix stripping
219 -- 223Peter Willett. The Porter stemming algorithm: then and now
224 -- 231Pauline Simpson, Jessie M. N. Hey. Repositories for research: Southampton's evolving role in the knowledge cycle
232 -- 243Helen Hockx-Yu. Digital preservation in the context of institutional repositories
244 -- 255B. Sutradhar. Design and development of an institutional repository at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
256 -- 267Jingfeng Xia. Personal name identification in the practice of digital repositories
268 -- 276Jonathan Bell, Stuart Lewis. Using OAI-PMH and METS for exporting metadata and digital objects between repositories
277 -- 285F. Jayakanth, K. Maly, M. Zubair, L. Aswath. A dynamic approach to make CDS/ISIS databases interoperable over the internet using the OAI protocol
286 -- 295Andrew Buxton. Options for putting CDS/ISIS databases on the internet
296 -- 298David Sanford Horner. An Introduction to Library and Information Work (3rd ed.)
298 -- 299Hilde Van Kiel. E-Journals: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Building, Managing, and Supporting Electronic Journal Collections (How-To-Do-It Manuals for Librarians, No. 134)
299 -- 300Jean Steward. The Academic Library (2nd ed.)
300 -- 302Lucy A. Tedd. The Institutional Repository

Volume 40, Issue 2

0 -- 0Lucy A. Tedd. Editorial
115 -- 117Maurice B. Line. Automation of acquisition records and routine in the University Library, Newcastle upon Tyne
118 -- 122Maurice B. Line. Forty years of library automation: a personal reflection
123 -- 136Susan Kumi, John Morrow. Improving self service the six sigma way at Newcastle University Library
137 -- 156Robin Yeates, Damon Guy. Collaborative working for large digitisation projects
157 -- 167A. A. Oduwole, A. O. Sowole. Utilisation and impact of The Essential Electronic Agricultural Database (TEEAL) on library services in a Nigerian university of agriculture
168 -- 177Caroline Brown. Digitisation projects at the University of Dundee Archive Services
178 -- 189Claire Creaser, Yvonne Hamblin, J. Eric Davies. An assessment of potential efficiency gains through online content use
190 -- 191Johnson Paul. Yahoo! to the Max
192 -- 194Rheinallt Llwyd. The Digital Age and Local Studies
194 -- 196Jane Secker. Developing the New Learning Environment: The Changing Role of the Academic Librarian
196 -- 197Adrienne Muir. Managing Electronic Records
197 -- 198John Akeroyd. Electronic Journal Management Systems: Experiences from the Field
199 -- 200Martin Myhill. E-Metrics for Library and Information Professionals: How to Use Data for Managing and Evaluating Electronic Resource Collections
200 -- 201David D. Carbonara. Technology Literacy Applications in Learning Environments

Volume 40, Issue 1

0 -- 0. Setting up a Library and Information Service from Scratch
0 -- 0. Introducing Information Management: An Information Research Reader
0 -- 0. Design and Usability of Digital Libraries: Case Studies in the Asia Pacific
0 -- 0Lucy A. Tedd. Editorial
7 -- 10Richard T. Kimber. Reprint of the first issue of Program in 1966
11 -- 26Lucy A. Tedd. Program: a record of the first 40 years of electronic library and information systems
27 -- 47Felix N. Ubogu, Arthur Kekana, Charl Roberts. Library subject portals: An investigation of possibilities for the University of the Witwatersrand Library
48 -- 62K. T. Anuradha, H. S. Usha. Use of e-books in an academic and research environment: A case study from the Indian Institute of Science
63 -- 73Emil Hudomalj, Avgust Jauk. Authentication and authorisation infrastructure for the mobility of users of academic libraries: An overview of developments
74 -- 88Zahiruddin Khurshid, Hamed Mostafa Kadry. Data migration from DOBIS/LIBIS to Horizon: experiences from the KFUPM Library in Saudi Arabia
89 -- 97Alan Hopkinson, Rajesh Chandrakar. Introducing RFID at Middlesex University Learning Resources
98 -- 99Martin Myhill. Managing Academic Support Services in Universities: The Convergence Experience
99 -- 100William Foster. Digital Libraries: Principles and Practice in a Global Environment
100 -- 102Robin Yeates. Cataloguing and Organizing Digital Resources: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians
102 -- 103Martin Myhill. Collection Management and Strategic Access to Digital Resources: The New Challenge for Research Libraries
103 -- 105Robin Yeates. Delivering Digital Services: A Handbook for Public Libraries and Learning Centres
105 -- 106Phil Bradley. The Library and Information Professional's Internet Companion