Journal: Program

Volume 41, Issue 4

325 -- 337Manon Foster Evans, Siân Thomas. Implementation of an integrated information management system at the National Library of Wales: A case study
338 -- 352Fereshteh Afshari, Richard Jones. Developing an integrated institutional repository at Imperial College London
353 -- 364Candida Fenton. Finding the way: Improving access to the collections of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society
365 -- 385Ian G. Anderson. Pure dead brilliant?: Evaluating The Glasgow Story digitisation project
386 -- 399Panayiota Polydoratou. Use of digital repositories by chemistry researchers: results of a survey
400 -- 417Jan Pisanski, Maja Zumer. Functional requirements for bibliographic records: an investigation of two prototypes
418 -- 427Khalid Mahmood, Muhammad Ajmal Khan. ICT training for LIS professionals in Pakistan: a needs assessment
428 -- 429Hilde Van Kiel. Handbook of Electronic and Digital Acquisitions
429 -- 430Johnson Paul. Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery: Best Practices for Operating and Managing Interlibrary Loan Services in All Libraries
431 -- 433Patricia Moore. Measuring Library Performance: Principles and Techniques
433 -- 435Jane Secker. Blogging and RSS: A Librarian's Guide
435 -- 436Gina Cybulska. The Virtual Reference Handbook: Interview and Information Delivery Techniques for the Chat and E-mail Environments
437 -- 438Jon Knight. Wireless Networking: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians
438 -- 440Robin Yeates. Making Search Work: Implementing Web, Intranet and Enterprise Search
440 -- 442Jonathan Eaton. Open Source Database Driven Web Development: A Guide for Information Professionals
442 -- 443Phil Bradley. The Extreme Searcher's Internet Handbook (2nd ed.)

Volume 41, Issue 3

0 -- 0Lucy A. Tedd. Editorial
203 -- 216Jacqueline Belanger. Cataloguing e-books in UK higher education libraries: report of a survey
217 -- 226Alison Taylor. E-books from MyiLibrary at the University of Worcester: a case study
227 -- 238Derrick Fernandes. The Safari e-book route through the ICT jungle: experiences at Hillingdon Libraries
238 -- 251Valerie Wilkins. Managing e-books at the University of Derby: a case study
253 -- 261David Parkes. E-books from ebrary at Staffordshire University: a case study
262 -- 275Rachael Morgan. The online reading list project using Talis List at the University of Glamorgan
276 -- 290Liauw Toong Tjiek. Desa Informasi: a virtual village of "new" information resources and services in Indonesia
291 -- 309Kanta Kapoor, O. P. Goyal. Web-based OPACs in Indian academic libraries: a functional comparison
310 -- 311Lesley M. Richmond. Archiving Web Sites: A Practical Guide for Information Management Professionals
311 -- 312Ian G. Anderson. Preservation Management for Libraries, Archives and Museums
313 -- 315Jonathan Eaton. Collection Development Issues in the Online Environment
315 -- 317Jane Secker. Teaching Web Search Skills: Techniques and Strategies of Top Trainers

Volume 41, Issue 2

113 -- 123Joanna Barwick. Building an institutional repository at Loughborough University: some experiences
124 -- 133Celia Jenkins, Steve G. Probets, Charles Oppenheim, Bill Hubbard. RoMEO Studies 8: self-archiving: The logic behind the colour-coding used in the Copyright Knowledge Bank
134 -- 147Maitrayee Ghosh. ICT and AIDS literacy: a challenge for information professionals in India
148 -- 169Andrew Cox. The power and vulnerability of the "new professional": web management in UK universities
170 -- 179Fotis Lazarinis. Forming an instructional approach to teach web searching skills to non-English users
180 -- 182Jane Secker. Libraries and Google
182 -- 184Angela Abell. The New OPL Sourcebook: A Guide for Solo and Small Libraries (3rd ed.)
184 -- 186Geoffrey Yeo. Encoding across Frontiers: Proceedings of the European Conference on Encoded Archival Description and Context (EAD and EAC), Paris, France, 7-8 October 2004
186 -- 187Mel Collier. Managing Change: A How-to-Do-it Manual for Librarians (rev. ed.)
187 -- 189Robin Yeates. The Future of the Book in the Digital Age
189 -- 191Denis Heathcote. Ethical Decision Making for Digital Libraries
191 -- 193Johnson Paul. Digital Libraries and the Challenges of Digital Humanities
193 -- 0Diane K. Kovacs. Internet Guide to Medical Diets and Nutrition

Volume 41, Issue 1

0 -- 0Rebecca Marsh. Emerald at 40
5 -- 19Martin Myhill. Canute rules the waves?: Hope for e-library tools facing the challenge of the "Google generation"
20 -- 34Katia Medawar. The restructuring of the portal at the Institut Pasteur Library: a case study
35 -- 46Jiazhen Liu, Daoling Yang. Status of the preservation of digital resources in China: results of a survey
47 -- 58Ram Kumar Matoria, P. K. Upadhyay, Madaswamy Moni. Automation and networking of public libraries in India using the e-Granthalaya software from the National Informatics Centre
59 -- 70Mehri-e-Sedighi. Geospatial approach to regional mapping of research library holdings: Use of ArcInfo at IRANDOC
71 -- 80Mary L. Robinson, Judith Wusteman. Putting Google Scholar to the test: a preliminary study
81 -- 91Eun G. Park, Qing Zou, David McKnight. Electronic thesis initiative: pilot project of McGill University, Montreal
92 -- 94Robin Yeates. Wikis: Tools for Information Work and Collaboration
94 -- 96Vanda Broughton. Education for Library Cataloging: International Perspectives
96 -- 97David McMenemy. Computers in Libraries: An Introduction for Library Technicians
97 -- 98William Foster. Digital Libraries: Integrating Content and Systems
98 -- 101Jane Secker. The NextGen Librarian's Survival Guide
101 -- 103Lucy A. Tedd. Portals: People, Processes and Technology