Journal: Program

Volume 45, Issue 4

365 -- 375Khalid Mahmood, John V. Richardson Jr.. Adoption of Web 2.0 in US academic libraries: a survey of ARL library websites
376 -- 396Aleksandar Kovacevic, Dragan Ivanovic, Branko Milosavljevic, Zora Konjovic, Dusan Surla. Automatic extraction of metadata from scientific publications for CRIS systems
397 -- 414Hei-Chia Wang, Ya-Lin Chou, Jiunn-Liang Guo. A core journal decision model based on weighted page rank
415 -- 438Margam Madhusudhan, Shalini Aggarwal. Web-based online public access catalogues of IIT libraries in India: an evaluative study
439 -- 451Marios Poulos, Nikolaos Korfiatis, George Bokos. Towards text copyright detection using metadata in web applications
452 -- 469Shri Ram, John Paul Anbu K., Sanjay Kataria. Responding to user's expectation in the library: innovative Web 2.0 applications at JUIT Library: A case study
470 -- 471Gina Nason. Taking Charge of Your Career: A Guide for Library and Information Professionals
471 -- 474Alison Harling. E-books in Libraries: A Practical Guide
475 -- 476Robin Yeates. Implementing Technology Solutions in Libraries: Techniques, Tools and Tips from the Trenches

Volume 45, Issue 3

0 -- 0Lucy A. Tedd. Note on the change of Editor
259 -- 278Kay Cahill. Going social at Vancouver Public Library: what the virtual branch did next
279 -- 293Polona Vilar, Maja Zumer. Information searching behaviour of young Slovenian researchers
294 -- 307Ming-der Wu, Shih-chuan Chen. Graduate students' usage of and attitudes towards e-books: experiences from Taiwan
308 -- 322Venkataramana Peyala. Impact of using information technology in central university libraries in India: Results of a survey
323 -- 332Egbert De Smet. Special features of the advanced loans module of the ABCD integrated library system
333 -- 345Lucy A. Tedd. People's Collection Wales: Online access to the heritage of Wales from museums, archives and libraries
346 -- 355Faranak Mohsenzadeh, Alireza Isfandyari Moghaddam. Perceptions of library staff regarding challenges of developing digital libraries: The case of an Iranian university
356 -- 357Jan Pisanski. Being an Information Innovator
357 -- 358Martin Myhill. New Approaches to E-reserve: Linking, Sharing and Streaming
358 -- 359Martin Myhill. RFID for Libraries: A Practical Guide
360 -- 0Susie Andretta. Information Literacy in the Digital Age: An Evidence-based Approach

Volume 45, Issue 2

0 -- 0Lucy A. Tedd. Editorial
135 -- 148Nagesh L. Londhe, Sanjay K. Desale, Suresh K. Patil. Development of a digital library of manuscripts: A case study at the University of Pune, India
149 -- 172Dhirendra Sharma, Hemant Sharma, Vikram Singh. Growth and diffusion of e-journal usage in universities of the western Himalayan region of India
173 -- 184Tapas Kumar Ghosh, K. C. Panda. Automated serials control at the Indian Institutes of Technology: an overview
185 -- 198M. Krishnamurthy, T. D. Kemparaju. Institutional repositories in Indian universities and research institutes: A study
199 -- 212Sudip Ranjan Hatua, Devika P. Madalli. AERIS: an integrated domain information system for aerospace science and technology
213 -- 230Dinesh K. Gupta. Use pattern of print and electronic journals at the Kurukshetra University, India
231 -- 239K. T. Anuradha, R. Sivakaminathan, P. Arun Kumar. Open-source tools for enhancing full-text searching of OPACs: Use of Koha, Greenstone and Fedora
240 -- 242Jane Secker. Technology Training in Libraries: The Tech Set 6
242 -- 243Maja Zumer. Introductory Concepts in Information Science (2nd ed.)
244 -- 246Robin Yeates. Digital Curation: A How-to-do-it Manual
246 -- 247Catherine Xu. Business Planning for Digital Libraries
247 -- 248Linda Peh. Why Blog? Motivations for Blogging
248 -- 250Ann Folkman. The Accidental Library Marketer
250 -- 251Ann Folkman. Bite-sized Marketing: Realistic Solutions for the Overworked Librarian

Volume 45, Issue 1

0 -- 0Rebecca Marsh. A new company descriptor takes us into a new era
6 -- 28Michael McDonnell, Ali Shiri. Social search: A taxonomy of, and a user-centred approach to, social web search
29 -- 49Sheila Corrall, Jonathan Keates. The subject librarian and the virtual learning environment: A study of UK universities
50 -- 66Dimitris N. Kanellopoulos. Quality of service in networks supporting cultural multimedia applications
67 -- 77Liyi Zhang, Pinghao Ye, Qihua Liu. A survey of the use of electronic resources at seven universities in Wuhan, China
78 -- 97Guoying Liu. The application of intelligent agents in libraries: a survey
98 -- 106Nagaraja Aragudige, Shine A. Joseph, Hyla H. Polen, Kevin A. Clauson. Disappearing act: Persistence and attrition of uniform resource locators (URLs) in an open access medical journal
107 -- 120Emmanuel E. Baro, Benake-ebide C. Endouware, Janet O. Ubogu. Information literacy among medical students in the College of Health Sciences in Niger Delta University, Nigeria
121 -- 122A. M. Cox. Digital Library Economics: An Academic Perspective
122 -- 123Maja Zumer. Next-Gen Library Catalogs
123 -- 124Sarah Crofts. Wikis for Libraries
124 -- 126Vivian Grainge. The Extreme Searcher's Internet Handbook: A Guide for the Serious Searcher (3rd ed.)
126 -- 128Colin Higgins. Envisioning Future Academic Library Services: Initiatives, Ideas and Challenges