Journal: Program

Volume 47, Issue 4

345 -- 369Fakkirappa Kattimani Shivaputrappa, R. Naik Ramesh. Evaluation of librarianship and ICT skills of library and information professionals working in the engineering college libraries in Karnataka, India: a survey
369 -- 383Mehdi Kahouei, Hassan Babamohamadi, Soheila Sadat Ghazavi Shariat Panahi, Jamileh Mahdi Zadeh. The impact of IT infrastructures on Iranian nurses' and students' health information-seeking strategies
384 -- 398Stephen Biaco Alayon, Elvi Santillan Nemiz, Daryl Lustracion Superio, Jesserylle Garvilles de la Peña, Luisa Gadot Pacino. The development of an institutional repository at the Aquaculture Department of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, Philippines
399 -- 423John Dalling, Pauline Rafferty. Open source, open minds?: An investigation into attitudes towards open source library management systems in UK higher education libraries
424 -- 436Catharine Bomhold. Educational use of smart phone technology: A survey of mobile phone application use by undergraduate university students
437 -- 449B. T. Sampath Kumar, G. T. Kumar. Search engines and their search strategies: the effective use by Indian academics
450 -- 452Alireza Isfandyari Moghaddam. Collection Development in the Digital Age
452 -- 454Mike Sharrocks. Building and Managing E-book Collections: A How-to-do-it Manual for Librarians

Volume 47, Issue 3

220 -- 238Alireza Isfandyari Moghaddam, Maryam Sedehi, Mozhdeh Dehghani, Leila Nemati-Anaraki, Elaheh Hasanzadeh-Dizaji. The status of information technology in Iranian hospital libraries: A comparative study of managers' attitude
239 -- 262A. N. Zainab, A. Abrizah, R. G. Raj. Adding value to scholarly journals through a citation indexing system
263 -- 281Leonardo Lezcano, Salvador Sánchez Alonso, Antonio J. Roa-Valverde. A survey on the exchange of linguistic resources: Publishing linguistic linked open data on the Web
282 -- 303Minglu Wang. Supporting the research process through expanded library data services
304 -- 319Maliheh Farrokhnia, Mitra Zarei. Integrated access to cultural heritage information pieces in Iran over Imam Reza's 4th Zarih (burial chamber) as a sample
320 -- 336Xiaomi An, Hepu Deng, Yiwen Wang, Lemen Chao. An integrated model for effective knowledge management in Chinese organizations
337 -- 338Martin Myhill. Evaluating and Measuring the Value, Use and Impact of Digital Collections
338 -- 339Jan Pisanski. Information Users and Usability in the Digital Age

Volume 47, Issue 2

120 -- 135Silvio Moreira, David S. Batista, Paula Carvalho, Francisco M. Couto, Mário J. Silva. Tracking politics with POWER
136 -- 154Bojan Macan, Gladys Vanesa Fernández, Jadranka Stojanovski. Open source solutions for libraries: ABCD vs Koha
155 -- 169Yu-Cheng Lee, Yi-Fang Hsieh, Yau-Bin Guo. Construct DTPB model by using DEMATEL: a study of a university library website
170 -- 187Sergio L. Toral Marín, Nik Bessis, María del Rocío Martínez Torres. External collaboration patterns of research institutions using shared publications in the Web of Science
188 -- 205Eunil Park, Ki Joon Kim. User acceptance of long-term evolution (LTE) services: An application of extended technology acceptance model
206 -- 207Jan Pisanski. User Studies for Digital Library Development
207 -- 209Robin Yeates. Cloud Computing for Libraries
209 -- 211Tanja Mercun. Digital Libraries and Information Access: Research Perspectives
211 -- 213Johnson D. Paul. Information Policies and Strategies

Volume 47, Issue 1

4 -- 14Fasa Rachael Aladeniyi, Joseph Kehinde Fasae. Use of cybercafé for internet access by the students of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Nigeria
15 -- 33Olubanke M. Bankole. The use of internet services and resources by scientists at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Nigeria
34 -- 59Hesamedin Hakimjavadi, Mohamad Noorman Masrek. Evaluation of interoperability protocols in repositories of electronic theses and dissertations
60 -- 91Stefan Dietze, Salvador Sánchez Alonso, Hannes Ebner, Hong Qing Yu, Daniela Giordano, Ivana Marenzi, Bernardo Pereira Nunes. Interlinking educational resources and the web of data: A survey of challenges and approaches
92 -- 112Fattane Zarrinkalam, Mohsen Kahani. SemCiR: A citation recommendation system based on a novel semantic distance measure