Journal: Program

Volume 53, Issue 4

397 -- 421Guru Prasad Bhandari, Ratneshwer Gupta, Satyanshu K. Upadhyay. An approach for fault prediction in SOA-based systems using machine learning techniques
422 -- 441Sirje Virkus, Emmanouel Garoufallou. Data science from a library and information science perspective
442 -- 455Tao Zhou. Examining users' knowledge sharing behaviour in online health communities
456 -- 483Ming Li, Lisheng Chen, Yingcheng Xu. Extracting core questions in community question answering based on particle swarm optimization
484 -- 500Jinshan Ma. Generalised grey target decision method based on the Gini-Simpson index involving mixed attributes and uncertain numbers
501 -- 527Collins N. Udanor, Chinatu C. Anyanwu. Combating the challenges of social media hate speech in a polarized society
528 -- 545Ponmozhi Chezhiyan, Deepalakshmi P.. Joint-angle-based yoga posture recognition for prevention of falls among older people
546 -- 561Subhankar Das, Anand Nayyar, Inderpal Singh. An assessment of forerunners for customer loyalty in the selected financial sector by SEM approach toward their effect on business
562 -- 576Yen-Liang Chen, Cheng Hsiung Weng, Cheng-Kui Huang, Duo-Jia Shih. An innovative citation recommendation model for draft papers with varying degrees of information completeness

Volume 53, Issue 3

250 -- 268Marçal Mora Cantallops, Salvador Sánchez Alonso, Elena García Barriocanal. A systematic literature review on Wikidata
269 -- 285Jeonghwan Jeon, Yongyoon Suh. Multiple patent network analysis for identifying safety technology convergence
286 -- 303Hong Lv, Haiqun Ma. Performance assessment and major trends in open government data research based on Web of Science data
304 -- 317Weiwei Guo. Collaborative knowledge management for corporate ecological responsibility
318 -- 332N. Sandhya, Philip Samuel, Mariamma Chacko. Feature intersection for agent-based customer churn prediction
333 -- 372Marcio Pereira Basilio, Valdecy Pereira, Gabrielle Brum. Identification of operational demand in law enforcement agencies
373 -- 394Nora Madi, Rawan N. Al-Matham, Hend S. Al-Khalifa. Grammar checking and relation extraction in text: approaches, techniques and open challenges

Volume 53, Issue 2

142 -- 155Wonjoon Kim, Byungki Jin, Sanghyun Choo, Chang S. Nam, Myung Hwan Yun. Designing of smart chair for monitoring of sitting posture using convolutional neural networks
156 -- 170Wen-Shan Lin, Hong-Ren Chen, Tony Szu-Hsieh Lee, Joyce Yen Feng. Role of social anxiety on high engagement and addictive behavior in the context of social networking sites
171 -- 188Kwok Tai Chui, Wadee Alhalabi, Ryan Wen Liu. Head motion coefficient-based algorithm for distracted driving detection
189 -- 200Aisha Yaquob Alsobhi, Khaled Hamed Alyoubi. Adaptation algorithms for selecting personalised learning experience based on learning style and dyslexia type
201 -- 216Khurshid Ahmad, Zheng JianMing, Muhammad Rafi. An analysis of academic librarians competencies and skills for implementation of Big Data analytics in libraries
217 -- 229Xiaomei Wei, Yaliang Zhang, Yu Huang, Yaping Fang. Predicting drug-disease associations by network embedding and biomedical data integration
230 -- 248Li Cui, Haiyang Jiang, Hepu Deng, Tao Zhang. The influence of the diffusion of food safety information through social media on consumers' purchase intentions

Volume 53, Issue 1

2 -- 19Erion Çano, Maurizio Morisio. A data-driven neural network architecture for sentiment analysis
20 -- 32Tanvir Habib Sardar, Ahmed Rimaz Faizabadi. Parallelization and analysis of selected numerical algorithms using OpenMP and Pluto on symmetric multiprocessing machine
33 -- 57Mu-Chen Chen, Yu-Hsiang Hsiao, Kuo-Chien Chang, Ming-Ke Lin. Applying big data analytics to support Kansei engineering for hotel service development
58 -- 84Abdul Waheed Siyal, Donghong Ding, Saeed Siyal. M-banking barriers in Pakistan: a customer perspective of adoption and continuity intention
85 -- 107Célia Hirèche, Habiba Drias. Multidimensional appropriate clustering and DBSCAN for SAT solving
108 -- 122Julian Risch, Ralf Krestel. Domain-specific word embeddings for patent classification
123 -- 139Wen Zong, Jing Yang, Zheshi Bao. Social network fatigue affecting continuance intention of social networking services