Journal: Program

Volume 54, Issue 5

585 -- 601N. Venkata Sailaja, L. Padmasree, Nimmala Mangathayaru. Incremental learning for text categorization using rough set boundary based optimized Support Vector Neural Network
603 -- 623Jie Zhu 0004, Jing Yang, Shaoning Di, Jiazhu Zheng, Leying Zhang. A novel dual-domain clustering algorithm for inhomogeneous spatial point event
625 -- 642Muhammad Athar Nadeem, Zhiying Liu, Abdul Hameed Pitafi, Amna Younis, Yi Xu. Investigating the repurchase intention of Bitcoin: empirical evidence from China
643 -- 663Sirje Virkus, Emmanouel Garoufallou. Data science and its relationship to library and information science: a content analysis
665 -- 683Ibrahim Said Ahmad, Azuraliza Abu Bakar, Mohd Ridzwan Yaakub, Mohammad Darwich. Sequel movie revenue prediction model based on sentiment analysis
685 -- 701Fuad Ali Mohammed Al-Yarimi, Nabil Mohammed Ali Munassar, Fahd N. Al-Wesabi. Electrocardiogram stream level correlated patterns as features to classify heartbeats for arrhythmia prediction
703 -- 717Adamu Garba, Shah Khalid, Irfan Ullah 0001, Shah Khusro, Diyawu Mumin. Embedding based learning for collection selection in federated search

Volume 54, Issue 4

409 -- 435Paolo Manghi, Claudio Atzori, Michele De Bonis, Alessia Bardi. Entity deduplication in big data graphs for scholarly communication
437 -- 459Ming Li, Ying Li, Yingcheng Xu, Li Wang 0022. Explanatory Q&A recommendation algorithm in community question answering
461 -- 480Nasrin Shomali, Bahman Arasteh. Mutation reduction in software mutation testing using firefly optimization algorithm
481 -- 502Chen Hao, Chen Hai-tao. Gift giving via social network services: the case of a WeChat mini-program used in China
503 -- 527Charanjeet Madan, Naresh Kumar. Enhancement of low voltage ride-through ability of the photovoltaic array aided by the MPPT algorithm connected with wind turbine
529 -- 549Arshey M., K. S. Angel Viji. An optimization-based deep belief network for the detection of phishing e-mails
551 -- 582Jolly Puri, Meenu Verma. Integrated data envelopment analysis and multicriteria decision-making ranking approach based on peer-evaluations and subjective preferences: case study in banking sector

Volume 54, Issue 3

257 -- 258Vijaya Praveen Dhyani, Binu D. Guest editorial
259 -- 273Zirui Jia, Zengli Wang. A regression-based algorithm for frequent itemsets mining
275 -- 296Najmeh Sadat Jaddi, Salwani Abdullah. Global search in single-solution-based metaheuristics
297 -- 322Rajasekhar B, M. Kamaraju, Sumalatha V. A novel speech emotion recognition model using mean update of particle swarm and whale optimization-based deep belief network
323 -- 342Deepesh Sharma, Naresh Kumar Yadav. LFOPI controller: a fractional order PI controller based load frequency control in two area multi-source interconnected power system
343 -- 364Nandakishor Sirdeshpande, Vishwanath Udupi. Characterization of path loss model for wireless communication channel modelling
365 -- 382Praveen Kumar Gopagoni, Mohan Rao S. K. Distributed elephant herding optimization for grid-based privacy association rule mining
383 -- 405Balachandra Kumaraswamy, P. G. Poonacha. Recognizing ragas of Carnatic genre using advanced intelligence: a classification system for Indian music

Volume 54, Issue 2

121 -- 132Aryana Collins Jackson, Seán Lacey. The discrete Fourier transformation for seasonality and anomaly detection of an application to rare data
133 -- 150Sumeer Gul, Sabha Ali, Aabid Hussain. Retrieval performance of Google, Yahoo and Bing for navigational queries in the field of "life science and biomedicine"
151 -- 168Jinwook Choi, Yongmoo Suh, Namchul Jung. Predicting corporate credit rating based on qualitative information of MD&A transformed using document vectorization techniques
169 -- 191Hossein Dehdarirad, Javad Ghazimirsaeid, Ammar Jalalimanesh. Scholarly publication venue recommender systems
193 -- 214Kushal Ajaybhai Anjaria. Computational implementation and formalism of FAIR data stewardship principles
215 -- 234M. N. Doja, Ishleen Kaur, Tanvir Ahmad. Age-specific survival in prostate cancer using machine learning
235 -- 255Byungdae An, Yongmoo Suh. Identifying financial statement fraud with decision rules obtained from Modified Random Forest

Volume 54, Issue 1

1 -- 15Joachim Schöpfel, Otmane Azeroual, Gunter Saake. Implementation and user acceptance of research information systems
16 -- 33Yu-wei Chang, Ping-Yu Hsu 0001, Shih-Hsiang Huang, Jiahe Chen. Determinants of switching intention to cloud computing in large enterprises
34 -- 63Xiaoming Zhang, Mingming Meng, Xiaoling Sun, Yu Bai. FactQA: question answering over domain knowledge graph based on two-level query expansion
64 -- 65Vijaya Praveen Dhyani. Knowledge and data mining for recent and advanced applications using emerging technologies
66 -- 84Eppili Jaya, Battula Tirumala Krishna. Fuzzy-based MTD
85 -- 102Razeef Mohd, Muheet Ahmed Butt, Majid Zaman Baba. Gwlm-NARX
103 -- 120Ramakrishna Guttula, Venkateswara Rao Nandanavanam. Patch antenna design optimization using opposition based grey wolf optimizer and map-reduce framework