Journal: PsychNology Journal

Volume 8, Issue 1

11 -- 31Rabindra Ratan, BĂ©atrice S. Hasler. Exploring Self-Presence in Collaborative Virtual Teams
33 -- 65Mark A. Hamilton, Kristine L. Nowak. Advancing a Model of Avatar Evaluation and Selection
67 -- 84Paul Skalski, Robert Whitbred. Image versus Sound: A Comparison of Formal Feature Effects on Presence and Video Game Enjoyment
85 -- 114Karl Horvath, Matthew Lombard. Social and Spatial Presence: An Application to Optimize Human-Computer Interaction
115 -- 139Robert Whitbred, Paul Skalski, Cheryl Campanella Bracken, Evan Lieberman. When Richer is Poorer: Understanding the Influence of Channel Richness and Presence on the Introduction of a Mission Statement