Journal: PsychNology Journal

Volume 12, Issue 3

65 -- 70. Front Matters
71 -- 86Johannes De Boer, Dirk K. J. Heylen, Wouter B. Teeuw. Persuasive Ways to Change Entrance Use of Buildings
87 -- 105Antonio Lieto, Fabiana Vernero. Influencing the Others' Minds: An Experimental Evaluation of the Use and Efficacy of Fallacious-Reducible Arguments in Web and Mobile Technologies
107 -- 126Efthimios Bothos, Sebastian Prost, Johann Schrammel, Kathrin Röderer, Gregoris Mentzas. Watch your Emissions: Persuasive Strategies and Choice Architecture for Sustainable Decisions in Urban Mobility

Volume 12, Issue 1-2

1 -- 6. Front Matters and ToC
7 -- 28Rory McGloin, Kristine L. Nowak, James H. Watt. Avatars and Expectations: Influencing Perceptions of Trustworthiness in an Online Consumer Setting
29 -- 43Artemisa Rocha Dores, Fernando Barbosa, Luís Monteiro, Mafalda Reis, Carlos M. Coelho, Eduardo Ribeiro, Miguel Leitão, Irene Palmares Carvalho, Liliana de Sousa, Alexandre Castro-Caldas. Amygdala Activation in Response to 2D and 3D Emotion-Inducing Stimuli
45 -- 63Tonia Lanchantin, Aurélie Simoës-Perlant, Pierre Largy. Good spellers write more textism than bad spellers in instant messaging: The case of French