Journal: PsychNology Journal

Volume 6, Issue 3

221 -- 223Augusto Celentano, Piero Mussio, Fabio Pittarello. Preface
225 -- 246Alistair Sutcliffe. A Design Framework for Mapping Social Relationships
247 -- 267Andrea Marcante, Loredana Parasiliti Provenza. Social Interaction through Map-based Wikis
269 -- 289Sosuke Miura, Pamela Ravasi, Masanori Sugimoto. Nurturing Learners Communities by Creating and Sharing Maps
291 -- 320Maria Chiara Caschera, Fernando Ferri, Patrizia Grifoni. SIM: A dynamic multidimensional visualization method for social networks
321 -- 345Thomas Hoff, Andreas Hauser. Applying a Cognitive Engineering Approach to Interface Design of Energy Management Systems

Volume 6, Issue 2

113 -- 116Rod McCall, Giulio Jacucci, Wolfgang Broll. Preface
119 -- 130Andrew J. Park, Thomas W. Calvert, Patricia L. Brantingham, Paul J. Brantingham. The Use of Virtual and Mixed Reality Environments for Urban Behavioural Studies
131 -- 156Minna Isomursu. Tags and the City
157 -- 172Rod McCall, Anne-Kathrin Braun. Experiences of Evaluating Presence in Augmented Realities
173 -- 188Aadjan van der Helm, Walter A. Aprile, David V. Keyson. Experience Design for Interactive Products: Designing Technology Augmented Urban Playgrounds for Girls
189 -- 201Maria Grazia Di Bono, Marco Zorzi. Decoding Cognitive States from fMRI Data Using Support Vector Regression
203 -- 216Carlos M. Coelho, Carlos F. Silva, Jorge A. Santos, Jennifer Tichon, Guy Wallis. Contrasting the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Virtual Reality and Real Environments in the Treatment of Acrophobia

Volume 6, Issue 1

5 -- 6David Benyon, Anna Spagnolli. Preface
7 -- 25Daniela Villani, Giuseppe Riva. Presence and Relaxation: A Preliminary Controlled Study
27 -- 59Fabiola Scarpetta. Practices to Display Social Presence: A Study in a Shared Mediated Environment
61 -- 82Luís A. Castro, Víctor M. González. Being Part of the Life of One s Hometown: Strategies to Support Community Connectedness
83 -- 98Assimina M. Kontogeorgiou, Joan Bellou, Tassos A. Mikropoulos. Being Inside the Quantum Atom
99 -- 108Francesco Piccione, Konstantinos Priftis, Paolo Tonin, Denis Vidale, Roberto Furlan, Marianna Cavinato, Antonio Merico, Lamberto Piron. Task and Stimulation Paradigm Effects in a P300 Brain Computer Interface Exploitable in a Virtual Environment: A Pilot Study