Journal: PsychNology Journal

Volume 9, Issue 3

187 -- 192. Front Matters and Table of Contents
193 -- 222Matthew T. Jones, Matthew Lombard, Joan Jasak. (Tele)Presence and Simulation: Questions of Epistemology, Religion, Morality, and Mortality
223 -- 243Marco Carnesecchi, Antonio Rizzo, Andrea Alessandrini, Maurizio Caporali, Monica Milani. Designing iLook: An integrated, zoomable interface to support users? interaction with networked home appliances
245 -- 268Rolf Nordahl, Stefania Serafin, Luca Turchet, Niels C. Nilsson. A multimodal architecture for simulating natural interactive walking in virtual environments
269 -- 284Selene Uras, Massimo Deriu, Daniele Ardu, Gavino Paddeu. DADODICE: An interactive installation to support learning

Volume 9, Issue 2

73 -- 78. Front Matters and Table of Contents
79 -- 122Frank J. Stech, Kristin E. Heckman, Phil Hilliard, Janice R. Ballo. Scientometrics of Deception, Counter-deception, and Deception Detection in Cyber-space
123 -- 135Giulio Jacucci. Designing Integration of Sharing, Messaging, and Awareness for Mobile Users
137 -- 163Kai Hamburger, Markus Knauff. SQUARELAND: A virtual environment for investigating cognitive processes in human wayfinding
165 -- 185Cristiano Storni. Complexity in an uncertain and cosmopolitan world. Rethinking personal health technology in diabetes with the Tag-it-Yourself

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 6. Front Matters and Table of Contents
7 -- 28Hiroaki Kimura, Tatsuo Nakajima. Designing Persuasive Applications to Motivate Sustainable Behavior in Collectivist Cultures
29 -- 41Jörn Loviscach. The design space of personal energy conservation assistants
43 -- 54Jorge Luis Zapico, Mona Guath, Marko Turpeinen. 2 understanding
55 -- 72Daniel Kerrigan, Luciano Gamberini, Anna Spagnolli, Giulio Jacucci. Smart meters: A users' view