Journal: Publications

Volume 1, Issue 3

87 -- 98Lutz Bornmann. Research Misconduct - Definitions, Manifestations and Extent
99 -- 112Jingfeng Xia. Mandates and the Contributions of Open Genomic Data
113 -- 139Jingfeng Xia. The Open Access Divide
140 -- 145Bhavin Patel, Anahita Dua, Tom Koenigsberger, Sapan S. Desai. Combating Fraud in Medical Research: Research Validation Standards Utilized by the Journal of Surgical Radiology

Volume 1, Issue 2

49 -- 55Michael L. Wilson, Vakhtang Tchantchaleishvili. The Importance of Free and Open Source Software and Open Standards in Modern Scientific Publishing
56 -- 77Isabel Bernal. Open Access and the Changing Landscape of Research Impact Indicators: New Roles for Repositories
78 -- 86Lutz Bornmann, Werner Marx, Andreas Barth. The Normalization of Citation Counts Based on Classification Systems

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 4John J. Regazzi. Publications: A Journal Marking a Changing Time
5 -- 15Bo-Christer Björk. Open Access - Are the Barriers to Change Receding?
16 -- 26David Solomon. Types of Open Access Publishers in Scopus
27 -- 48Donald Taylor, Heather Morrison, Brian Owen, Kumiko Vézina, Andrew Waller. Open Access Publishing in Canada: Current and Future Library and University Press Supports