Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 10, Issue 3

223 -- 244Charles André, Marie-Agnés Péraldi. Predictability of a RTX2000-based Implementation
245 -- 262Roberto Baldoni, Achour Mostéfaoui, Michel Raynal. Causal Delivery of Messages with Real-Time Data in Unreliable Networks
263 -- 291J. Delacroix. Towards a Stable Earliest Deadline Scheduling Algorithm
293 -- 312Ken Chen, Paul Mühlethaler. A Scheduling Algorithm for Tasks Described by Time Value Function

Volume 10, Issue 2

123 -- 142Saurav Chatterjee, Jay K. Strosnider. Quantitative Analysis of Hardware Support for Real-Time Operating Systems
143 -- 178James Armstrong, Leonor Barroca. Specification and Verification of Reactive System Behaviour: The Railroad Crossing Example
179 -- 210Marco Spuri, Giorgio C. Buttazzo. Scheduling Aperiodic Tasks in Dynamic Priority Systems

Volume 10, Issue 1

5 -- 22Ammar Attoui, Michel Schneider. A Formal Approach to the Specification and the Behavior Validation of Real-Time Systems Based on Rewriting Logic
23 -- 43Too-Seng Tia, Jane W.-S. Liu, Mallikarjun Shankar. Algorithms and Optimality of Scheduling Soft Aperiodic Requests in Fixed-Priority Preemptive Systems
45 -- 73Paulo Veríssimo. Causal Delivery Protocols in Real-time Systems: A Generic Model
75 -- 107Nicholas Malcolm, Sanjay Kamat, Wei Zhao. Real-Time Communication in FDDI Networks