Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 14, Issue 3

217 -- 218Jan Wikander, Bertil Svensson. Editorial
219 -- 250Martin Törngren. Fundamentals of Implementing Real-Time Control Applications in Distributed Computer Systems
251 -- 267Paolo Ancilotti, Giorgio C. Buttazzo, Marco Di Natale, Marco Spuri. Design and Programming Tools for Time Critical Applications
269 -- 291Hans-Jürgen Herpel, Manfred Glesner. Rapid Prototyping of Real-Time Information Processing Units for Mechatronic Systems
293 -- 310Matjaz Colnaric, Domen Verber, Roman Gumzej, Wolfgang A. Halang. Implementation of Hard Real-Time Embedded Control Systems
311 -- 323H. Thielemans, L. Demeestere, Hendrik Van Brussel. HEDRA: Heterogeneous Distributed Real-Time Architecture
325 -- 343Klas Nilsson, Anders Blomdell, Olof Laurin. Open Embedded Control

Volume 14, Issue 2

107 -- 134Jair Jehuda, Amos Israeli. Automated Meta-Control for Adaptable Real-Time Software
135 -- 170Sharma Chakravarthy, Dong-Kweon Hong, Theodore Johnson. Real-Time Transaction Scheduling: A Framework for Synthesizing Static and Dynamic Factors
171 -- 181Yoshifumi Manabe, Shigemi Aoyagi. A Feasibility Decision Algorithm for Rate Monotonic and Deadline Monotonic Scheduling
183 -- 202Paul Mukherjee, Victoria Stavridou. Decomposition in Real-Time Safety-Critical Systems

Volume 14, Issue 1

5 -- 6Dieter K. Hammer, Heonshik Shin, Lonnie R. Welch. Editorial
7 -- 20David J. McConnell, Bruce Lewis, Lisa Gray. Reengineering a Single Threaded Embedded Missile Application onto a Parallel Processing Platform Using MetaH
21 -- 44Philip M. Irey IV, Robert D. Harrison, David T. Marlow. Techniques for LAN Performance Analysis in a Real-Time Environment
45 -- 60Tatsuo Nakajima, Hideyuki Tokuda. User-level Real-Time Network System on Microkernel-based Operating Systems
61 -- 93Colin J. Fidge. Real-Time Schedulability Tests for Preemptive Multitasking