Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 17, Issue 2-3

127 -- 129Reinhard Wilhelm. Timing Analysis and Validation for Real-Time Systems - Guest Editor s Introduction
131 -- 181Christian Ferdinand, Reinhard Wilhelm. Efficient and Precise Cache Behavior Prediction for Real-Time Systems
183 -- 207Thomas Lundqvist, Per Stenström. An Integrated Path and Timing Analysis Method based on Cycle-Level Symbolic Execution
209 -- 233Randall T. White, Frank Mueller, Christopher A. Healy, David B. Whalley, Marion G. Harmon. Timing Analysis for Data and Wrap-Around Fill Caches
235 -- 256Daniel Kästner, Stephan Thesing. Cache Aware Pre-Runtime Scheduling
257 -- 282Sheayun Lee, Sang Lyul Min, Chong-Sang Kim, Chang-Gun Lee, Minsuk Lee. Cache-Conscious Limited Preemptive Scheduling

Volume 17, Issue 1

5 -- 22Sanjoy K. Baruah, Deji Chen, Sergey Gorinsky, Aloysius K. Mok. Generalized Multiframe Tasks
23 -- 39Shlomi Dolev, Alexander Keizelman. Non-Preemptive Real-Time Scheduling of Multimedia Tasks
41 -- 64Namyun Kim, Minsoo Ryu, Seongsoo Hong, Heonshik Shin. Experimental Assessment of the Period Calibration Method: A Case Study
65 -- 86Antonio Pessoa Magalhães, João Gabriel Silva. Stabilizing Pre-Run-Time Schedules With the Help of Grace Time
87 -- 111Maryline Silly. The EDL Server for Scheduling Periodic and Soft Aperiodic Tasks with Resource Constraints