Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 18, Issue 2/3

115 -- 128Peter P. Puschner, Alan Burns. Guest Editorial: A Review of Worst-Case Execution-Time Analysis
129 -- 156Christopher A. Healy, Mikael Sjödin, Viresh Rustagi, David B. Whalley, Robert van Engelen. Supporting Timing Analysis by Automatic Bounding of Loop Iterations
157 -- 179Henrik Theiling, Christian Ferdinand, Reinhard Wilhelm. Fast and Precise WCET Prediction by Separated Cache and Path Analyses
181 -- 215Johann Blieberger, Thomas Fahringer, Bernhard Scholz. Symbolic Cache Analysis for Real-Time Systems
217 -- 247Frank Müller. Timing Analysis for Instruction Caches
249 -- 274Antoine Colin, Isabelle Puaut. Worst Case Execution Time Analysis for a Processor with Branch Prediction
275 -- 288Frank P. Burns, Albert Koelmans, Alexandre Yakovlev. WCET Analysis of Superscalar Processors Using Simulation With Coloured Petri Nets

Volume 18, Issue 1

5 -- 6Pedro Albertos. Editorial
7 -- 23Jia Xu, David Lorge Parnas. Priority Scheduling Versus Pre-Run-Time Scheduling
25 -- 57Ulrich Schmid, Johann Klasek, Thomas Mandl 0002, Herbert Nachtnebel, Gerhard Cadek, Nikolaus Kerö. A Network Time Interface M-Module for Distributing GPS-Time over LANs
59 -- 68Wolfgang A. Halang, Roman Gumzej, Matjaz Colnaric, Marjan Druzovec. Measuring the Performance of Real-Time Systems
69 -- 70Horst Wedde. Critical Issues in Object-Oriented Real-Time Systems - A Guided Panel Discussion
71 -- 74Alan C. Shaw. A Case For Object-Oriented Real-Time Systems (OORTS)
75 -- 77Janusz Zalewski. Object Orientation vs. Real-Time Systems - Response to Alan C. Shaw s Contribution
79 -- 83Juan Antonio de la Puente. Real-Time Object-Oriented Design and Formal Methods
85 -- 87Horst Wedde. Can Formal Methods be Integrated into Real-Time Object-Oriented Design? Response to J. de la Puente s Contribution
89 -- 94Carlos Eduardo Pereira. Are Object-Oriented Concepts Useful to Real-Time Systems Development?
95 -- 99Jean-Philippe Babau. Object Oriented Design for Real-Time Systems-Response to C. E. Pereira s Contribution