Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 2, Issue 4

247 -- 254John A. Stankovic, Krithi Ramamritham. Editorial: What is Predictability for Real-Time Systems?
255 -- 299Ron Koymans. Specifying Real-Time Properties with Metric Temporal Logic
301 -- 324Sanjoy K. Baruah, Louis E. Rosier, Rodney R. Howell. Algorithms and Complexity Concerning the Preemptive Scheduling of Periodic, Real-Time Tasks on One Processor
325 -- 346Min-Ih Chen, Kwei-Jay Lin. Dynamic Priority Ceilings: A Concurrency Control Protocol for Real-Time
347 -- 364Horst Wedde, Ghasem S. Alijani, Dorota M. Huizinga, Gookhai Kang, Bo-Kyung Kim. MELODY: A Completely Decentralized Adaptive File System for Handling Real-Time Tasks in Unpredictable Environments
365 -- 382Wolfgang A. Halang, Alexander D. Stoyenko. Comparative Evaluation of High-Level Real-Time Programming Languages

Volume 2, Issue 3

163 -- 180Lory D. Molesky, Chia Shen, Goran Zlokapa. Predictable Synchronization Mechanisms for Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems
181 -- 194Houssine Chetto, Maryline Silly, T. Bouchentouf. Dynamic Scheduling of Real-Time Tasks under Precedence Constraints
195 -- 212Flaviu Cristian. Synchronous Atomic Broadcast for Redundant Broadcast Channels
213 -- 234Michael G. Rodd, Guo Feng Zhao, Ivan Izikowitz. RIMMS - An OSI-based Real-Time Messaging System

Volume 2, Issue 1-2

7 -- 24Richard E. Korf. Depth-Limited Search for Real-Time Problem Solving
25 -- 45Piero P. Bonissone, Peter C. Halverson. Time-Constrained Reasoning Under Uncertainty
47 -- 79Keith Decker, Victor R. Lesser, Robert Whitehair. Extending a Blackboard Architecture for Approximate Processing
81 -- 96Adele E. Howe, David M. Hart, Paul R. Cohen. Addressing Real-Time Constraints in the Design of Autonomous Agents
99 -- 125Barbara Hayes-Roth. Architectural Foundations for Real-Time Performance in Intelligent Agents
127 -- 148Jay S. Lark, Lee D. Erman, Stephanie Forrest, Kim P. Gostelow. Concepts, Methods, and Languages for Building Timely Intelligent Systems