Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 22, Issue 3

183 -- 227Johann Blieberger. Data-Flow Frameworks for Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis
229 -- 249Eduardo Tovar, Francisco Vasques, Alan Burns. Communication Response Time in P-NET Networks: Worst-Case Analysis Considering the Actual Token Utilization
251 -- 280Sijing Zhang, Alan Burns, Ahmed Mehaoua, E. Stewart Lee, Hongji Yang. Testing the Schedulability of Synchronous Traffic for the Timed Token Medium Access Control Protocol

Volume 22, Issue 1-2

5 -- 7Gerhard Fohler, Giorgio C. Buttazzo. Introduction to the Special Issue on Flexible Scheduling
9 -- 48Prashant J. Shenoy, Harrick M. Vin. Cello: A Disk Scheduling Framework for Next Generation Operating Systems
49 -- 75Guillem Bernat, Alan Burns. Multiple Servers and Capacity Sharing for Implementing Flexible Scheduling
77 -- 118Scott A. Brandt, Gary J. Nutt. Flexible Soft Real-Time Processing in Middleware
119 -- 149Song Wang, Yu-Chung Wang, Kwei-Jay Lin. Integrating Priority with Share in the Priority-Based Weighted Fair Queuing Scheduler for Real-Time Networks
151 -- 173Andrés Terrasa, Ana García-Fornes, Vicente J. Botti. Flexible Real-Time Linux*: A Flexible Hard Real-Time Environment