Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 24, Issue 3

267 -- 302José M. Álvarez, Manuel Díaz, Luis Llopis, Ernesto Pimentel, José M. Troya. Integrating Schedulability Analysis and Design Techniques in SD
303 -- 317Yann-Hang Lee, C. Mani Krishna. Voltage-Clock Scaling for Low Energy Consumption in Fixed-Priority Real-Time Systems
319 -- 359Andy J. Wellings, Peter P. Puschner. Evaluating the Expressive Power of the Real-Time Specification for Java

Volume 24, Issue 2

135 -- 151Alan Burns. How to Verify a Safe Real-Time System: The Application of Model Checking and Timed Automata to the Production Cell Case Study
153 -- 169Ramesh Chandra, Xue Liu, Lui Sha. On the Scheduling of Flexible and Reliable Real-Time Control Systems
171 -- 202Byung Kyu Choi, Dong Xuan, Riccardo Bettati, Wei Zhao, Chengzhi Li. Utilization-Based Admission Control for Scalable Real-Time Communication
203 -- 238Christof Fetzer, Flaviu Cristian. Fail-Awareness: An Approach to Construct Fail-Safe Systems
239 -- 258Joël Goossens. Scheduling of Offset Free Systems

Volume 24, Issue 1

5 -- 28José María López, Manuel García, José Luis Díaz, Daniel F. García. Utilization Bounds for Multiprocessor Rate-Monotonic Scheduling
29 -- 54Kristina Lundqvist, Lars Asplund. A Ravenscar-Compliant Run-time Kernel for Safety-Critical Systems
55 -- 91P. D. V. van der Stok, A. H. T. Janssen-Raemaekers. Real-Time Atomic Multicast Algorithms Implemented on a Shared Memory Multiprocessor
93 -- 128Sanjoy K. Baruah. Dynamic- and Static-priority Scheduling of Recurring Real-time Tasks