Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 27, Issue 3

215 -- 236Patricia Balbastre, Ismael Ripoll, Josep Vidal, Alfons Crespo. A Task Model to Reduce Control Delays
237 -- 269Hong-Ren Chen, Yeh-Hao Chin. Scheduling Value-Based Nested Transactions in Distributed Real-Time Database Systems
271 -- 295Sijing Zhang, Alan Burns, Jing Chen, E. Stewart Lee. Hard Real-Time Communication with the Timed Token Protocol: Current State and Challenging Problems

Volume 27, Issue 2

123 -- 167Luca Abeni, Giorgio C. Buttazzo. Resource Reservation in Dynamic Real-Time Systems
169 -- 189Jami Montgomery. A Model for Updating Real-Time Applications
191 -- 207Grace Tsai, Shuhua Wang. Using Program Transformations to Provide Safety Properties for Real-Time Systems

Volume 27, Issue 1

5 -- 6Da Ruan. Guest Editorial: Special Issue for Applications of Intelligent Real-Time Systems for Nuclear Engineering
7 -- 26Andrei V. Gribok, Aleksey M. Urmanov, J. Wesley Hines. Uncertainty Analysis of Memory Based Sensor Validation Techniques
27 -- 47Jun Ding, Andrei V. Gribok, J. Wesley Hines, Brandon Rasmussen. Redundant Sensor Calibration Monitoring Using Independent Component Analysis and Principal Component Analysis
49 -- 70Roberto N. de Mesquita, Daniel K. S. Ting, Eduardo L. L. Cabral, Belle R. Upadhyaya. Classification of Steam Generator Tube Defects for Real-Time Applications Using Eddy Current Test Data and Self-Organizing Maps
71 -- 83Roberto Schirru, Cláudio M. N. A. Pereira. A Real-Time Artificially Intelligent Monitoring System for Nuclear Power Plants Operators Support
85 -- 96Davide Roverso, Da Ruan. Enhancing Cross-Correlation Analysis with Artificial Neural Networks for Nuclear Power Plant Feedwater Flow Measurement
97 -- 113I. Pázsit. Diagnostics and Surveillance Methods in Nuclear Systems for Real-Time Applications