Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 3, Issue 4

351 -- 354Alan Burns, Andy J. Wellings. Criticality and Utility in the Next Generation
355 -- 376Ralf Guido Herrtwich. Time Capsules: An Abstraction for Access to Continuous-Media Data
377 -- 405Narain H. Gehani, Krithi Ramamritham. Real-Time Concurrent C: A Language for Programming Dynamic Real-Time Systems
407 -- 428Viktor Cingel, Norbert Fristacky. A Temporal Logic-Based Model of Event-Driven Nets

Volume 3, Issue 3

227 -- 246Jack P. C. Verhoosel, Erik J. Luit, Dieter K. Hammer, E. Jansen. A Static Scheduling Algorithm for Distributed Real-Time Systems
247 -- 273Ken Chen. A Study on the timeliness Property in Real-Time Systems
275 -- 305Michelle C. McElvany, P. David Stotts. Guaranteed Task Deadlines for Fault-Tolerant Workloads with Conditional Branches
307 -- 336Shenze Chen, John A. Stankovic, James F. Kurose, Donald F. Towsley. Performance Evaluation of Two New Disk Scheduling algorithms for Real-Time Systems

Volume 3, Issue 2

113 -- 114Giovanni Cantone. Guest Introduction: Some Italian Research on Real-Time Systems
115 -- 147K. Arvind, Krithi Ramamritham, John A. Stankovic. A Local Area Network Architecture for Communication in Distributed Real-Time Systems
149 -- 163Marco Bottazzi, Claudio Salati. A Hierarchical Approach to Systems with Heterogeneous Real-Time Requirements
165 -- 189Sandro Morasca, Mauro Pezzè, Marco Trubian. Timed High-Level Nets
191 -- 215Edoardo Corsetti, Angelo Montanari, Elena Ratto. Dealing with Different Time Granularities in Formal Specifications of Real-Time Systems

Volume 3, Issue 1

5 -- 17Richard A. Volz, Liu Sha, Dwight Wilcox. Maintaining Global Time in Futurebus+
19 -- 44Alan Burns, Andy J. Wellings. Priority Inheritance and Message Passing Communication: A Formal Treatment
45 -- 66Ralf Agne. global Cyclic Scheduling: A Method to Guarantee the Timing Behavior of Distributed Real-Time Systems
67 -- 99Theodore P. Baker. Stack-based Scheduling of Realtime Processes