Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 32, Issue 3

171 -- 173Moon Kim, Peter P. Puschner. Guest Editorial: Introduction to the Special Issue
175 -- 195Uwe Brinkschulte. Scalable Online Feasibility Tests for Admission Control in a Java Real-Time System
197 -- 211K. H. (Kane) Kim. A Non-Blocking Buffer Mechanism for Real-Time Event Message Communication
213 -- 233Wilfried Steiner, Michael Paulitsch, Hermann Kopetz. The TTA s Approach to Resilience after Transient Upsets
235 -- 252Jie Xu, Simon Pears. A Dynamic Shadow Approach to Fault-Tolerant Mobile Agents in an Autonomic Environment
253 -- 277Jan Gustafsson, Björn Lisper, Raimund Kirner, Peter P. Puschner. Code Analysis for Temporal Predictability
279 -- 305Dirk Stichling, Natascha Esau, Bernd Kleinjohann, Lisa Kleinjohann. Real-Time Camera Tracking for Mobile Devices: The VisiTrack System

Volume 32, Issue 1-2

5 -- 7John A. Stankovic, Wolfgang A. Halang, Kim-Fung Man, Tarek F. Abdelzaher, Giorgio C. Buttazzo, Krithi Ramamritham. Editorial
9 -- 20Sanjoy K. Baruah. The Non-preemptive Scheduling of Periodic Tasks upon Multiprocessors
21 -- 47Audrey Marchand, Maryline Silly-Chetto. Dynamic Real-time Scheduling of Firm Periodic Tasks with Hard and Soft Aperiodic Tasks
49 -- 71Theodore P. Baker. An Analysis of Fixed-Priority Schedulability on a Multiprocessor
73 -- 104Francesco Curatelli, Leonardo Mangeruca. A Method for Computing the Number of Iterations in Data Dependent Loops
105 -- 123Angelo Furfaro, Libero Nigro, Francesco Pupo. Modular Design of Real-Time Systems Using Hierarchical Communicating Real-time State Machines
125 -- 168Philip Holman, James H. Anderson. Group-Based Pfair Scheduling