Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 34, Issue 3

155 -- 172Jian-Jia Chen, Jun Wu, Chi-Sheng Shih. Approximation algorithms for scheduling real-time jobs with multiple feasible intervals
173 -- 194David W. Juedes, Frank Drews, Dazhang Gu, Lonnie R. Welch, Klaus H. Ecker, Silke Schomann. Approximation algorithm for periodic real-time tasks with workload-dependent running-time functions
195 -- 227Xianfeng Li, Abhik Roychoudhury, Tulika Mitra. Modeling out-of-order processors for WCET analysis

Volume 34, Issue 2

83 -- 99Victor C. S. Lee, Xiao Wu, Joseph Kee-Yin Ng. Scheduling real-time requests in on-demand data broadcast environments
101 -- 127Chen Zhang, David Cordes. Resource access control for dynamic priority distributed real-time systems
129 -- 152Wankang Zhao, William C. Kreahling, David B. Whalley, Christopher A. Healy, Frank Mueller. Improving WCET by applying worst-case path optimizations

Volume 34, Issue 1

5 -- 18Mei-Ling Chiang, Yun-Chen Li. LyraNET: A zero-copy TCP/IP protocol stack for embedded systems
19 -- 35Jaesoo Lee, Saehwa Kim, Jiyong Park, Seongsoo Hong. Q-SCA: Incorporating QoS support into software communications architecture for SDR waveform processing
37 -- 51Hsin-hung Lin, Chih-wen Hsueh. Applying pinwheel scheduling and compiler profiling for power-aware real-time scheduling
53 -- 79Higinio Mora Mora, Jerónimo Mora Pascual, Juan Manuel García Chamizo, Antonio Jimeno-Morenilla. Real-time arithmetic unit