Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 35, Issue 3

181 -- 208Roman Gumzej, Shourong Lu. Modeling distributed real-time applications with specification PEARL
209 -- 238Mehdi Amirijoo, Jörgen Hansson, Sang Hyuk Son, Svante Gunnarsson. Experimental evaluation of linear time-invariant models for feedback performance control in real-time systems
239 -- 272Robert I. Davis, Alan Burns, Reinder J. Bril, Johan J. Lukkien. Controller Area Network (CAN) schedulability analysis: Refuted, revisited and revised

Volume 35, Issue 2

109 -- 134Patricia Balbastre, Ismael Ripoll, Alfons Crespo. Analysis of window-constrained execution time systems
135 -- 151Lars Lundberg, Håkan Lennerstad. Guaranteeing Response Times for Aperiodic Tasks in Global Multiprocessor Scheduling
153 -- 179Franco Cicirelli, Angelo Furfaro, Libero Nigro. Distributed simulation of modular time Petri nets: An approach and a case study exploiting temporal uncertainty

Volume 35, Issue 1

1 -- 31Hermann Härtig, Steffen Zschaler, Martin Pohlack, Ronald Aigner, Steffen Göbel, Christoph Pohl, Simone Röttger. Enforceable component-based realtime contracts
33 -- 58Song Han, Edward Chan, Reynold Cheng, Kam-yiu Lam. A statistics-based sensor selection scheme for continuous probabilistic queries in sensor networks
59 -- 89Ángel Cuenca, Julián Salt, Pedro Albertos. Implementation of algebraic controllers for non-conventional sampled-data systems
91 -- 108Marcin Szpyrka. Analysis of VME-Bus communication protocol - RTCP-net approach