Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 39, Issue 1-3

1 -- 3Giuseppe Lipari. Guest Editorial
5 -- 30Enrico Bini, Marco Di Natale, Giorgio C. Buttazzo. Sensitivity analysis for fixed-priority real-time systems
31 -- 72Razvan Racu, Arne Hamann, Rolf Ernst. Sensitivity analysis of complex embedded real-time systems
73 -- 95Shengquan Wang, Riccardo Bettati. Reactive speed control in temperature-constrained real-time systems
97 -- 122Sanjoy K. Baruah, Nathan Fisher. Non-migratory feasibility and migratory schedulability analysis of multiprocessor real-time systems
123 -- 167Aaron Block, James H. Anderson, UmaMaheswari C. Devi. Task reweighting under global scheduling on multiprocessors
169 -- 204Anis Koubaa, Mário Alves, Eduardo Tovar, André Cunha. An implicit GTS allocation mechanism in IEEE 802.15.4 for time-sensitive wireless sensor networks: theory and practice
205 -- 235Traian Pop, Paul Pop, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng, Alexandru Andrei. Timing analysis of the FlexRay communication protocol
237 -- 282Nishanth Shankaran, Xenofon D. Koutsoukos, Douglas C. Schmidt, Yuan Xue, Chenyang Lu. Hierarchical control of multiple resources in distributed real-time and embedded systems