Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 5, Issue 4

285 -- 303Özalp Babaoglu, Keith Marzullo, Fred B. Schneider. A Formalization of Priority Inversion
305 -- 318Susan B. Davidson, Insup Lee, Victor Fay Wolfe. Deadlock Prevention in Concurrent Real-Time Systems
319 -- 343N. Zhang, Alan Burns, Mark Nicholson. Pipelined Processors and Worst Case Execution Times
345 -- 368George Wells. A Comparison of Four Microcomputer Operating Systems

Volume 5, Issue 2-3

135 -- 137Sandro Bologna. Guest Introduction: The IPTES Project
139 -- 152Petri Pulli, René Elmstrøm. IPTES: A Concurrent Engineering Approach for Real-Time Software Development
153 -- 171Gonzalo León, Juan C. Dueñas, Juan Antonio de la Puente, Nabil Zakhama, Alejandro Alonso. The IPTES Environment: Support for Incremental Heterogeneous and Distributed Prototyping
173 -- 195Petri Pulli, Marko Heikkinen, Raino Lintulampi. Graphical Animation as a Form of Prototyping Real-Time Software Systems
197 -- 211René Elmstrøm, Poul Bøgh Lassen, Michael Andersen. An Executable Subset of VDM-SL, in an SA/RT Framework
213 -- 234Juan Antonio de la Puente, Alejandro Alonso, Gonzalo León, Juan C. Dueñas. Distributed Execution of Specifications
235 -- 248Miguel Felder, Carlo Ghezzi, Mauro Pezzè. High-Level Timed Petri Nets as a Kernel for Executable Specifications
249 -- 271René Elmstrøm, Raino Lintulampi, Mauro Pezzè. Giving Semantics to SA/RT by Means of High-Level Times Petri Nets

Volume 5, Issue 1

9 -- 12John A. Stankovic. Introduction: Real-Time Language and Language-Level Timing Tools and Analysis
13 -- 30Vivek Nirkhe, William Pugh. A Partial Evaluator for the Maruti Hard Real-Time System
31 -- 62Chang Yun Park. Predicting Program Execution Times by Analyzing Static and Dynamic Program Paths
63 -- 87Victor Fay Wolfe, Susan B. Davidson, Insup Lee. RTC: Language Support for Real-Time Concurrency
89 -- 128Chih-Kan Wang, Aloysius K. Mok. Timing Analysis of MRL: A Real-Time Rule-Based System