Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 52, Issue 6

731 -- 760Peter Altenbernd, Jan Gustafsson, Björn Lisper, Friedhelm Stappert. Early execution time-estimation through automatically generated timing models
761 -- 807Zheng Pei Wu, Rodolfo Pellizzoni, Danlu Guo. A composable worst case latency analysis for multi-rank DRAM devices under open row policy
808 -- 832Joël Goossens, Emmanuel Grolleau, Liliana Cucu-Grosjean. Periodicity of real-time schedules for dependent periodic tasks on identical multiprocessor platforms
833 -- 838Jian-Jia Chen. Federated scheduling admits no constant speedup factors for constrained-deadline DAG task systems

Volume 52, Issue 5

563 -- 565Rolf Ernst. Special issue of the Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS)
566 -- 597Ernesto Massa, George Lima, Paul Regnier, Greg Levin, Scott A. Brandt. Quasi-partitioned scheduling: optimality and adaptation in multiprocessor real-time systems
598 -- 643Sebastian Altmeyer, Roeland Douma, Will Lunniss, Robert I. Davis. On the effectiveness of cache partitioning in hard real-time systems
644 -- 674Sibin Mohan, Man-Ki Yoon, Rodolfo Pellizzoni, Rakesh B. Bobba. Integrating security constraints into fixed priority real-time schedulers
675 -- 729Yonghui Li, Benny Akesson, Kees G. W. Goossens. Architecture and analysis of a dynamically-scheduled real-time memory controller

Volume 52, Issue 4

397 -- 398Marco Caccamo, Marko Bertogna. Guest editorial: special issue on multicore systems
399 -- 449Georgia Giannopoulou, Nikolay Stoimenov, Pengcheng Huang, Lothar Thiele, Benoît Dupont de Dinechin. Mixed-criticality scheduling on cluster-based manycores with shared communication and storage resources
450 -- 485Muhammad Ali Awan, Patrick Meumeu Yomsi, Geoffrey Nelissen, Stefan M. Petters. Energy-aware task mapping onto heterogeneous platforms using DVFS and sleep states
486 -- 561Paolo Valente. Using a lag-balance property to tighten tardiness bounds for global EDF

Volume 52, Issue 3

239 -- 271Jinchao Chen, Chenglie Du, Fei Xie, Zhenkun Yang. Schedulability analysis of non-preemptive strictly periodic tasks in multi-core real-time systems
272 -- 322Dakshina Dasari, Vincent Nélis, Benny Akesson. A framework for memory contention analysis in multi-core platforms
323 -- 355Youcheng Sun, Giuseppe Lipari. A pre-order relation for exact schedulability test of sporadic tasks on multiprocessor Global Fixed-Priority scheduling
356 -- 395Hyoseung Kim, Dionisio de Niz, Björn Andersson, Mark H. Klein, Onur Mutlu, Ragunathan Rajkumar. Bounding and reducing memory interference in COTS-based multi-core systems

Volume 52, Issue 2

123 -- 124Joël Goossens, Claire Maiza. Guest Editorial - RTNS 2014
125 -- 160Yasmina Abdeddaïm, Younès Chandarli, Robert I. Davis, Damien Masson. Response time analysis for fixed priority real-time systems with energy-harvesting
161 -- 200Silviu S. Craciunas, Ramon Serna Oliver. Combined task- and network-level scheduling for distributed time-triggered systems
201 -- 238Will Lunniss, Sebastian Altmeyer, Giuseppe Lipari, Robert I. Davis. Cache related pre-emption delays in hierarchical scheduling

Volume 52, Issue 1

1 -- 37Pontus Ekberg, Wang Yi 0001. Schedulability analysis of a graph-based task model for mixed-criticality systems
38 -- 87Michael Zolda, Raimund Kirner. Calculating WCET estimates from timed traces
88 -- 112Daniel Thiele, Johannes Schlatow, Philip Axer, Rolf Ernst. Formal timing analysis of CAN-to-Ethernet gateway strategies in automotive networks
113 -- 122Robert I. Davis, Marko Bertogna, Vincenzo Bonifaci. On the compatibility of exact schedulability tests for global fixed priority pre-emptive scheduling with Audsley's optimal priority assignment algorithm