Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 54, Issue 4

797 -- 799Sébastien Faucou, Luís Miguel Pinho. Guest editorial: real-time networks and systems
800 -- 829Alessandro Biondi, Giorgio C. Buttazzo, Marko Bertogna. A design flow for supporting component-based software development in multiprocessor real-time systems
830 -- 860Morteza Mohaqeqi, Mitra Nasri, Yang Xu, Anton Cervin, Karl-Erik Årzén. Optimal harmonic period assignment: complexity results and approximation algorithms
861 -- 911Jingyue Cao, Pieter J. L. Cuijpers, Reinder J. Bril, Johan J. Lukkien. Independent WCRT analysis for individual priority classes in Ethernet AVB
912 -- 963Robert I. Davis, Sebastian Altmeyer, Jan Reineke. Response-time analysis for fixed-priority systems with a write-back cache

Volume 54, Issue 3

515 -- 536Alessandro Biondi, Youcheng Sun. On the ineffectiveness of 1/m-based interference bounds in the analysis of global EDF and FIFO scheduling
537 -- 561Andreu Carminati, Renan Augusto Starke, Rômulo Silva de Oliveira. On the use of static branch prediction to reduce the worst-case execution time of real-time applications
562 -- 604Junchul Choi, Hyunok Oh, Soonhoi Ha. A hybrid performance analysis technique for distributed real-time embedded systems
605 -- 606Liliana Cucu-Grosjean, Nathan Fisher. Guest editorial: special issue on real time and network systems
607 -- 661Robert I. Davis, Sebastian Altmeyer, Leandro Soares Indrusiak, Claire Maiza, Vincent Nélis, Jan Reineke. An extensible framework for multicore response time analysis
662 -- 699Guillaume Phavorin, Pascal Richard, Joël Goossens, Claire Maiza, Laurent George 0001, Thomas Chapeaux. Online and offline scheduling with cache-related preemption delays
700 -- 744Amine Naji, Sahar Abbaspour, Florian Brandner, Mathieu Jan. Analysis of preemption costs for the stack cache
745 -- 795Alexandre Esper, Geoffrey Nelissen, Vincent Nélis, Eduardo Tovar. An industrial view on the common academic understanding of mixed-criticality systems

Volume 54, Issue 2

247 -- 277Saravanan Ramanathan, Arvind Easwaran, Hyeonjoong Cho. Multi-rate fluid scheduling of mixed-criticality systems on multiprocessors
278 -- 306Hanifa Boucheneb, Kamel Barkaoui. Delay-dependent partial order reduction technique for real time systems
307 -- 388Benjamin Lesage, David Griffin, Sebastian Altmeyer, Liliana Cucu-Grosjean, Robert I. Davis. On the analysis of random replacement caches using static probabilistic timing methods for multi-path programs
389 -- 423Martin Schoeberl, Wolfgang Puffitsch, Stefan Hepp, Benedikt Huber, Daniel Prokesch. Patmos: a time-predictable microprocessor
424 -- 483Rahma Bouaziz 0002, Laurent Lemarchand, Frank Singhoff, Bechir Zalila, Mohamed Jmaiel. Multi-objective design exploration approach for Ravenscar real-time systems
484 -- 513Kyoung-Don Kang. Enhancing timeliness and saving power in real-time databases

Volume 54, Issue 1

1 -- 30Werner Grass, Thi Huyen Chau Nguyen. Improved response-time bounds in fixed priority scheduling with arbitrary deadlines
31 -- 0Werner Grass, Thi Huyen Chau Nguyen. Erratum to: Improved response-time bounds in fixed priority scheduling with arbitrary deadlines
32 -- 90Sedigheh Asyaban, Mehdi Kargahi. An exact schedulability test for fixed-priority preemptive mixed-criticality real-time systems
91 -- 131Chao Peng, Haibo Zeng. Response time analysis of digraph real-time tasks scheduled with static priority: generalization, approximation, and improvement
132 -- 165Mason Thammawichai, Eric C. Kerrigan. Energy-efficient real-time scheduling for two-type heterogeneous multiprocessors
166 -- 207Krishnendu Chatterjee, Andreas Pavlogiannis, Alexander Kößler, Ulrich Schmid 0001. Automated competitive analysis of real-time scheduling with graph games
208 -- 246Robert I. Davis, Abhilash Thekkilakattil, Oliver Gettings, Radu Dobrin, Sasikumar Punnekkat, Jian-Jia Chen. Exact speedup factors and sub-optimality for non-preemptive scheduling