Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 6, Issue 3

243 -- 262M. G. Rodd, S. F. Al-Rowaihi. Temporal Modeling of Real-Time Communication Protocols Based on a Process/Channel Approach
263 -- 288J. Holt, M. G. Rodd. An Architecture for Real-Time Distributed Artificial Intelligent Systems
289 -- 316Stefan Poledna. Replica Determinism in Distributed Real-Time Systems: A Brief Survey
317 -- 347Alan Garvey, Victor R. Lesser. A Survey of Research in Deliberative Real-Time Artificial Intelligence

Volume 6, Issue 2

133 -- 151Ken Tindell, Alan Burns, Andy J. Wellings. An Extendible Approach for Analyzing Fixed Priority Hard Real-Time Tasks
153 -- 172Krzysztof Sacha. Real-Time Software Specification and Validation with Transnet
173 -- 205Jozef Hooman. Compositional Verification of a Distributed Real-Time Arbitration Protocol
207 -- 235Nima Homayoun, Parameswaran Ramanathan. Dynamic Priority Scheduling of Periodic and Aperiodic Tasks in Hard Real-time Systems

Volume 6, Issue 1

7 -- 35Xiaoping Yuan, Manas Saksena, Ashok K. Agrawala. A Decomposition Approach to Non-Preemptive Real-Time Scheduling
37 -- 53Jacek Blazewicz, Klaus H. Ecker. Mutliprocessor Task Scheduling with Resource Requirements
55 -- 72Shenze Chen, Donald F. Towsley. Scheduling Customers in a Non-Removal Real-time System with an Application to Disk Scheduling
73 -- 114Alan Burns, Andy J. Wellings. HRT-HOOD: A Structured Design Method for Hard Real-Time Systems