Journal: Social Choice and Welfare

Volume 23, Issue 3

315 -- 332Wu-Hsiung Huang. Is proximity preservation rational in social choice theory?
333 -- 348Bernd Hayo, Matthias Wrede. Fiscal equalisation: Principles and an application to the European Union
349 -- 382Bernard Monjardet, Vololonirina Raderanirina. Lattices of choice functions and consensus problems
383 -- 413Trenton G. Smith. The McDonald's Equilibrium. Advertising, empty calories, and the endogenous determination of dietary preferences
415 -- 448Udo Ebert. Social welfare, inequality, and poverty when needs differ
449 -- 464Hans Gersbach. Why one person one vote?

Volume 23, Issue 2

161 -- 185Mohamed Drissi-Bakhkhat, Michel Truchon. Maximum likelihood approach to vote aggregation with variable probabilities
187 -- 206Jordi Massó, Alejandro Neme. A maximal domain of preferences for strategy-proof, efficient, and simple rules in the division problem
207 -- 227Matthias Hild. The instability of robust aggregation
229 -- 247Dolors Berga, Gustavo Bergantiños, Jordi Massó, Alejandro Neme. Stability and voting by committees with exit
249 -- 273Denis Bouyssou. Monotonicity of 'ranking by choosing': A progress report
275 -- 293Mark Fey. May's Theorem with an infinite population
295 -- 308Hans Gersbach. Dividing resources by flexible majority rules
309 -- 314Vincent Merlin. Book review

Volume 23, Issue 1

1 -- 20Dan S. Felsenthal, Moshé Machover. Analysis of QM rules in the draft constitution for Europe proposed by the European Convention, 2003
21 -- 57Bhaskar Dutta, Matthew O. Jackson, Michel Le Breton. Equilibrium agenda formation
59 -- 70HyungJun Kim. Population monotonic rules for fair allocation problems
71 -- 89Frank A. Cowell, Udo Ebert. Complaints and inequality
91 -- 102Christian Klamler. The Dodgson ranking and its relation to Kemeny's method and Slater's rule
103 -- 111Shao Chin Sung, Milan Vlach. Competitive envy-free division
113 -- 114Olivier Hudry. A note on "Banks winners in tournaments are difficult to recognize" by G. J. Woeginger
115 -- 125Itzhak Gilboa, Nicolas Vieille. Majority vote following a debate
127 -- 147François Maniquet. On the equivalence between welfarism and equality of opportunity
149 -- 156Dinko Dimitrov. The Paretian liberal with intuitionistic fuzzy preferences: A result
157 -- 160Anindya Bhattacharya. Book Review