Journal: Social Choice and Welfare

Volume 44, Issue 4

703 -- 717Paul Makdissi, Myra Yazbeck. On the measurement of plutonomy
719 -- 744Stergios Athanassoglou. Multidimensional welfare rankings under weight imprecision: a social choice perspective
745 -- 763Anirudha Balasubramanian. On weighted utilitarianism and an application
765 -- 779Norman L. Kleinberg. A note on the Sobolev consistency of linear symmetric values
781 -- 805Mikel Álvarez-Mozos, O. Tejada. The Banzhaf value in the presence of externalities
807 -- 831Erik Ansink, Hans-Peter Weikard. Composition properties in the river claims problem
833 -- 859Madhav S. Aney. Inefficiency in the shadow of unobservable reservation payoffs
861 -- 887Bettina Klose, Dan Kovenock. Extremism drives out moderation
889 -- 909Francesco De Sinopoli, Giovanna Iannantuoni, Carlos Pimienta. On stable outcomes of approval, plurality, and negative plurality games
911 -- 925Paul H. Edelman. Voting power apportionments
927 -- 951Rainer Schwabe. Super Tuesday: campaign finance and the dynamics of sequential elections

Volume 44, Issue 3

457 -- 471Mohammad Reza Mirhosseini. Primaries with strategic voters: trading off electability and ideology
473 -- 492Galina Zudenkova. Political cronyism
493 -- 517Edith Elkind, Jérôme Lang, Abdallah Saffidine. Condorcet winning sets
519 -- 532François Maniquet, Philippe Mongin. Approval voting and Arrow's impossibility theorem
533 -- 548Ning Neil Yu. A quest for fundamental theorems of social choice
549 -- 565Tanguy Isaac, Paolo G. Piacquadio. Equity and efficiency in an overlapping generation model
567 -- 616Florent Bresson, Jean-Yves Duclos. Intertemporal poverty comparisons
617 -- 638Agustín G. Bonifacio. Bribe-proof reallocation with single-peaked preferences
639 -- 661Christopher J. Tyson. Satisficing behavior with a secondary criterion
663 -- 672Fan-Chin Kung. Sorting out single-crossing preferences on networks
673 -- 701Paolo Li Donni, Juan Gabriel Rodríguez, Pedro Rosa Dias. Empirical definition of social types in the analysis of inequality of opportunity: a latent classes approach

Volume 44, Issue 2

217 -- 230Rolf Aaberge, Magne Mogstad. Inequality in current and lifetime income
231 -- 255Yoram Amiel, Michele Bernasconi, Frank A. Cowell, Valentino Dardanoni. Do we value mobility?
257 -- 282Nicolas Gravel, Benoît Tarroux. Robust normative comparisons of socially risky situations
283 -- 300Siwei Chen. Systematic favorability in claims problems with indivisibilities
301 -- 318Andreas Tutic. Revealed norm obedience
319 -- 348Thomas Eichner, Daniel Weinreich. Welfare stigma and risk taking in the welfare state
349 -- 367Serguei Kaniovski, Sreejith Das. Measuring voting power in games with correlated votes using Bahadur's parametrisation
369 -- 388Juan Carlos Candeal. Social evaluation functionals: a gateway to continuity in social choice
389 -- 422Mridu Prabal Goswami. Non fixed-price trading rules in single-crossing classical exchange economies
423 -- 432Battal Dogan, Semih Koray. Maskin-monotonic scoring rules
433 -- 455Thierry Marchant, Debasis Mishra. Mechanism design with two alternatives in quasi-linear environments

Volume 44, Issue 1

1 -- 12Paolo Serafini. Certificates of optimality for minimum norm biproportional apportionments
13 -- 29Sidartha Gordon. Unanimity in attribute-based preference domains
31 -- 50Clemens Puppe, Attila Tasnádi. Axiomatic districting
51 -- 69László Csató. A graph interpretation of the least squares ranking method
71 -- 85Astrid Dannenberg. Leading by example versus leading by words in voluntary contribution experiments
87 -- 108Benoît Tarroux. Comparing two-dimensional distributions: a questionnaire-experimental approach
109 -- 132Simona Cicognani, Anna D'Ambrosio, Werner Güth, Simone Pfuderer, Matteo Ploner. Community projects: an experimental analysis of a fair implementation process
133 -- 149Shin Sato. Bounded response and the equivalence of nonmanipulability and independence of irrelevant alternatives
151 -- 178Alfred Endres, Tim Friehe, Bianca Rundshagen. "It's All in the Mix!"- Internalizing externalities with R&D subsidies and environmental liability
179 -- 208Walter Bossert, Marc Fleurbaey. An Interview with Kotaro Suzumura
209 -- 216Maurice Salles. Democracy, the theory of voting, and mathematics: a review of Andrank Tangian's 'Mathematical theory of democracy'