Journal: Social Choice and Welfare

Volume 53, Issue 4

557 -- 573Takaaki Abe, Shuige Liu. Monotonic core allocation paths for assignment games
575 -- 585Hitoshi Matsushima. Implementation without expected utility: ex-post verifiability
587 -- 601Susumu Cato. The possibility of Paretian anonymous decision-making with an infinite population
603 -- 619Walter Bossert, Bhaskar Dutta. The measurement of welfare change
621 -- 639Yves Sprumont. Relative utilitarianism under uncertainty
641 -- 653Muhammad Mahajne, Oscar Volij. Condorcet winners and social acceptability
655 -- 675Wolfgang J. Luhan, Odile Poulsen, Michael W. M. Roos. Money or morality: fairness ideals in unstructured bargaining
677 -- 708Iñaki Permanyer. Measuring poverty in multidimensional contexts
709 -- 740Erel Segal-haLevi, Shmuel Nitzan. Fair cake-cutting among families

Volume 53, Issue 3

371 -- 373Hannu Nurmi, Maurice Salles. Professor Dan S. Felsenthal (1938-2019)
375 -- 397Frédéric Koessler, Eduardo Perez-Richet. Evidence reading mechanisms
399 -- 414Andreas Darmann, Christian Klamler. Using the Borda rule for ranking sets of objects
415 -- 442Zoi Terzopoulou, Ulle Endriss. Strategyproof judgment aggregation under partial information
443 -- 465Minbo Xu, Daniel Z. Li. Equilibrium competition, social welfare and corruption in procurement auctions
467 -- 495Parimal K. Bag, Peng Wang. Dominance of contributions monitoring in teams
497 -- 517Stéphane Gonzalez, Annick Laruelle, Philippe Solal. Dilemma with approval and disapproval votes
519 -- 553Adrian Chadi. Dissatisfied with life or with being interviewed? Happiness and the motivation to participate in a survey
555 -- 0Koji Yokote, Takumi Kongo, Yukihiko Funaki. Correction to: Relationally equal treatment of equals and affine combinations of values for TU games

Volume 53, Issue 2

175 -- 177Hans Peters, Peter Sudhölter. Professor Bezalel Peleg (1936-2019)
179 -- 196Victoria Powers. Power index rankings in bicameral legislatures and the US legislative system
197 -- 212Koji Yokote, Takumi Kongo, Yukihiko Funaki. Relationally equal treatment of equals and affine combinations of values for TU games
213 -- 259Haris Aziz 0001, Bettina Klaus. Random matching under priorities: stability and no envy concepts
261 -- 282Bernardo Moreno, María del Pino Ramos-Sosa, Ismael Rodriguez-Lara. Conformity and truthful voting under different voting rules
283 -- 298Frédéric Chantreuil, Sébastien Courtin, Kevin Fourrey, Isabelle Lebon. A note on the decomposability of inequality measures
299 -- 311Yasunori Okumura. What proportion of sincere voters guarantees efficiency?
313 -- 336Roy Cerqueti, Fabio Sabatini, Marco Ventura. Civic capital and support for the welfare state
337 -- 370Irem Bozbay. Truth-tracking judgment aggregation over interconnected issues

Volume 53, Issue 1

1 -- 19Thierry Marchant. Utilitarianism without individual utilities
21 -- 47Ben Lockwood, Erez Yerushalmi. How should payment services be taxed?
49 -- 62Abhinaba Lahiri, Ton Storcken. Strategy-proof location of public bads in an interval
63 -- 112Fabian Gouret, Stéphane Rossignol. Intensity valence
113 -- 134Naoki Yoshihara, Akira Yamada. Nash implementation in production economies with unequal skills: a characterization
135 -- 173Alberto Vesperoni, Anil Yildizparlak. Inequality and conflict outbreak