Journal: SIAM J. Numerical Analysis

Volume 52, Issue 6

2599 -- 2622Fanhai Zeng, Fawang Liu, Changpin Li, Kevin Burrage, Ian W. Turner, Vo Anh. A Crank-Nicolson ADI Spectral Method for a Two-Dimensional Riesz Space Fractional Nonlinear Reaction-Diffusion Equation
2623 -- 2646Buyang Li, Weiwei Sun. Linearized FE Approximations to a Nonlinear Gradient Flow
2647 -- 2675Huiyuan Li, Yuan Xu. Spectral Approximation on the Unit Ball
2676 -- 2702Josef Dick, Frances Y. Kuo, Quoc Thong Le Gia, Dirk Nuyens, Christoph Schwab. Higher Order QMC Petrov-Galerkin Discretization for Affine Parametric Operator Equations with Random Field Inputs
2703 -- 2721Norbert Heuer, Felipe Pinochet. Ultra-weak Formulation of a Hypersingular Integral Equation on Polygons and DPG Method with Optimal Test Functions
2722 -- 2742Frank Filbir, Stefan Kunis, Ruben Seyfried. Effective Discretization of Direct Reconstruction Schemes For Photoacoustic Imaging In Spherical Geometries
2743 -- 2769Douglas N. Arnold, Jeonghun J. Lee. Mixed Methods for Elastodynamics with Weak Symmetry
2770 -- 2791Pascal Noble, Jean-Paul Vila. Stability Theory for Difference Approximations of Euler-Korteweg Equations and Application to Thin Film Flows
2792 -- 2814L. Monasse, R. Monneau. Gradient Entropy Estimate and Convergence of a Semi-Explicit Scheme for Diagonal Hyperbolic Systems
2815 -- 2836Jean-François Chassagneux. Linear Multistep Schemes for BSDEs
2837 -- 2862Konstantinos Chrysafinos, Efthimios N. Karatzas. Error Estimates for Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Stepping Schemes for Robin Boundary Control Problems Constrained to Parabolic PDEs
2863 -- 2882M. Fasondini, S. W. Schoombie. Spurious Resonance in SemiDiscrete Methods for the Korteweg-de Vries Equation
2883 -- 2904Kenneth Duru, Gunilla Kreiss. Boundary Waves and Stability of the Perfectly Matched Layer for the Two Space Dimensional Elastic Wave Equation in Second Order Form
2905 -- 2930Chunxiong Zhen. Optimal Error Estimates for First-Order Gaussian Beam Approximations to the Schrödinger Equation
2931 -- 2956Björn Gmeiner, Christian Waluga, Barbara I. Wohlmuth. Local Mass-Corrections for Continuous Pressure Approximations of Incompressible Flow
2957 -- 2976Owe Axelsson, János Karátson, Balázs Kovács. Robust Preconditioning Estimates for Convection-Dominated Elliptic Problems via a Streamline Poincaré-Friedrichs Inequality
2977 -- 2999Clara Mertens, Raf Vandebril. Multiple Recurrences and the Associated Matrix Structures Stemming From Normal Matrices
3000 -- 3020Jilu Wang, Zhiyong Si, Weiwei Sun. A New Error Analysis of Characteristics-Mixed FEMs for Miscible Displacement in Porous Media
3021 -- 3055Jirí Hrivnák, Lenka Motlochová. Discrete Transforms and Orthogonal Polynomials of (Anti)Symmetric Multivariate Cosine Functions
3056 -- 3084Yanghong Huang, Adam M. Oberman. Numerical Methods for the Fractional Laplacian: A Finite Difference-Quadrature Approach
3085 -- 3105Jehanzeb Hameed Chaudhry, Eric C. Cyr, Kuo Liu, Thomas A. Manteuffel, Luke N. Olson, Lei Tang. Enhancing Least-Squares Finite Element Methods Through a Quantity-of-Interest
3106 -- 3127David F. Anderson, Desmond J. Higham, Yu Sun. Complexity of Multilevel Monte Carlo Tau-Leaping
3128 -- 3139Eskil Hansen, Tony Stillfjord. Convergence Analysis for Splitting of the Abstract Differential Riccati Equation
3140 -- 3164Romain Bompis, Emmanuel Gobet. Stochastic Approximation Finite Element Method: Analytical Formulas for Multidimensional Diffusion Process
3165 -- 3180Fleurianne Bertrand, Steffen Münzenmaier, Gerhard Starke. First-order System Least Squares on Curved Boundaries: Higher-order Raviart-Thomas Elements

Volume 52, Issue 5

2207 -- 2226Faker Ben Belgacem, Christine Bernardi, Frédéric Hecht, Stéphanie Salmon. Stabilized Finite Elements for a Reaction-Dispersion Saddle-Point Problem with NonConstant Coefficients
2227 -- 2249David I. Ketcheson, Lajos Lóczi, Matteo Parsani. Internal Error Propagation in Explicit Runge-Kutta Methods
2250 -- 2271Silke Glas, Karsten Urban. On Noncoercive Variational Inequalities
2272 -- 2294Bangti Jin, Raytcho D. Lazarov, Joseph E. Pasciak, Zhi Zhou. Error Analysis of a Finite Element Method for the Space-Fractional Parabolic Equation
2295 -- 2314Ralf Hiptmair, Carlos Jerez-Hanckes, Carolina Urzúa-Torres. Mesh-Independent Operator Preconditioning for Boundary Elements on Open Curves
2315 -- 2334Stefan Frei, Thomas Richter. A Locally Modified Parametric Finite Element Method for Interface Problems
2335 -- 2355Oliver Kolb. On the Full and Global Accuracy of a Compact Third Order WENO Scheme
2356 -- 2380Xiaobing Feng, Haijun Wu. An Absolutely Stable Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Indefinite Time-Harmonic Maxwell Equations with Large Wave Number
2381 -- 2399Yongxiang Liu, Xuejun Xu. A Robin-type Domain Decomposition Method with Red-Black Partition
2400 -- 2414A. Kimeswenger, Olaf Steinbach, G. Unger. Coupled Finite And Boundary Element Methods for Fluid-Solid Interaction Eigenvalue Problems
2415 -- 2439J. Deteix, A. Jendoubi, D. Yakoubi. A Coupled Prediction Scheme for Solving the Navier-Stokes and Convection-Diffusion Equations
2440 -- 2465John C. Butcher, Yousaf Habib, Adrian T. Hill, Terence J. T. Norton. The Control of Parasitism in G-symplectic Methods
2466 -- 2487Quentin Mérigot, Édouard Oudet. Handling Convexity-Like Constraints in Variational Problems
2488 -- 2511Weizhu Bao, Yongyong Cai, Xiaofei Zhao. A Uniformly Accurate Multiscale Time Integrator Pseudospectral Method for the Klein-Gordon Equation in the Nonrelativistic Limit Regime
2512 -- 2529K. Mustapha, B. Abdallah, K. M. Furati. A Discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin Method for Time-Fractional Diffusion Equations
2530 -- 2554Ying Jiang, Bo Wang, Yuesheng Xu. A Fast Fourier-Galerkin Method Solving a Boundary Integral Equation for the Biharmonic Equation
2555 -- 2573Waixiang Cao, Zhimin Zhang, Qingsong Zou. Superconvergence of Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Linear Hyperbolic Equations
2574 -- 2593Huadong Gao. Optimal Error Estimates of a Linearized Backward Euler FEM for the Landau-Lifshitz Equation
2594 -- 2597Mihály Kovács, Stig Larsson, Ali Mesforush. Erratum: Finite Element Approximation of the Cahn-Hilliard-Cook Equation

Volume 52, Issue 4

1497 -- 1524Caroline Japhet, Yvon Maday, Frédéric Nataf. Robin Schwarz Algorithm for the NICEM Method: The $\mathbf{P}_q$ Finite Element Case
1525 -- 1550Patrick Henning, Axel Målqvist, Daniel Peterseim. Two-Level Discretization Techniques for Ground State Computations of Bose-Einstein Condensates
1551 -- 1572Laurent Sorber, Marc Van Barel, Lieven De Lathauwer. Numerical Solution of Bivariate and Polyanalytic Polynomial Systems
1573 -- 1599Jean-Marie Mirebeau. Anisotropic Fast-Marching on Cartesian Grids Using Lattice Basis Reduction
1600 -- 1622Assyr Abdulle, Gilles Vilmart, Konstantinos C. Zygalakis. High Order Numerical Approximation of the Invariant Measure of Ergodic SDEs
1623 -- 1640Nan Li, Lihong Zhi. Verified Error Bounds for Isolated Singular Solutions of Polynomial Systems
1641 -- 1665Xiaochuan Tian, Qiang Du. Asymptotically Compatible Schemes and Applications to Robust Discretization of Nonlocal Models
1666 -- 1691Marianne Bessemoulin-Chatard, Claire Chainais-Hillairet, Marie Hélène Vignal. Study of a Finite Volume Scheme for the Drift-Diffusion System. Asymptotic Behavior in the Quasi-Neutral Limit
1692 -- 1708Lennard Kamenski, Weizhang Huang. How a Nonconvergent Recovered Hessian Works in Mesh Adaptation
1709 -- 1728Carsten Carstensen, Christian Merdon. Refined Fully Explicit a Posteriori Residual-Based Error Control
1729 -- 1752Santiago Badia, Ramon Codina, Hector Espinoza. Stability, Convergence, and Accuracy of Stabilized Finite Element Methods for the Wave Equation in Mixed Form
1753 -- 1769Tobias Köppl, Barbara I. Wohlmuth. Optimal A Priori Error Estimates for an Elliptic Problem with Dirac Right-Hand Side
1770 -- 1794Massimo Fornasier, Valeriya Naumova, Sergei V. Pereverzyev. Parameter Choice Strategies for Multipenalty Regularization
1795 -- 1821Anthony P. Austin, Peter Kravanja, Lloyd N. Trefethen. Numerical Algorithms Based on Analytic Function Values at Roots of Unity
1822 -- 1842Guido Kanschat, Natasha Sharma. 0 Interior Penalty Methods
1843 -- 1866S. Maset, M. Zennaro. Good Behavior with Respect to the Stiffness in the Numerical Integration of Retarded Functional Differential Equations
1867 -- 1886Iván Area, Dimitar K. Dimitrov, Eduardo Godoy, Vanessa G. Paschoa. Approximate Calculation of Sums I: Bounds for the Zeros of Gram Polynomials
1887 -- 1912Ben Adcock, Mark Richardson. New Exponential Variable Transform Methods for Functions with Endpoint Singularities
1913 -- 1927Tobin A. Driscoll, J. A. C. Weideman. Optimal Domain Splitting for Interpolation by Chebyshev Polynomials
1928 -- 1952Liqian Peng, Kamran Mohseni. An Online Manifold Learning Approach for Model Reduction of Dynamical Systems
1953 -- 1980Chang-Tao Sheng, Zhong-Qing Wang, Ben-yu Guo. A Multistep Legendre-Gauss Spectral Collocation Method for Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations
1981 -- 2004Martin J. Gander, Yingxiang Xu. Optimized Schwarz Methods for Circular Domain Decompositions with Overlap
2005 -- 2026Jianfeng Lu, Pingbing Ming. Stability Of A Force-Based Hybrid Method With Planar Sharp Interface
2027 -- 2047J. Zhou, X. Hu, L. Zhong, S. Shu, L. Chen. Two-Grid Methods for Maxwell Eigenvalue Problems
2048 -- 2072Juhi Jang, Fengyan Li, Jing-Mei Qiu, Tao Xiong. Analysis of Asymptotic Preserving DG-IMEX Schemes for Linear Kinetic Transport Equations in a Diffusive Scaling
2073 -- 2091Trygve K. Karper, Franziska Weber. A New Angular Momentum Method for Computing Wave Maps into Spheres
2092 -- 2120Maxim A. Olshanskii, Arnold Reusken. Error Analysis of a Space-Time Finite Element Method for Solving PDEs on Evolving Surfaces
2121 -- 2136D. Braess, T. Fraunholz, R. H. W. Hoppe. An Equilibrated A Posteriori Error Estimator for the Interior Penalty Discontinuous Galerkin Method
2137 -- 2162Klaus Deckelnick, Charles M. Elliott, Thomas Ranner. Unfitted Finite Element Methods Using Bulk Meshes for Surface Partial Differential Equations
2163 -- 2182Jean-Luc Guermond, Murtazo Nazarov, Bojan Popov, Yong Yang. A Second-Order Maximum Principle Preserving Lagrange Finite Element Technique for Nonlinear Scalar Conservation Equations
2183 -- 2204Derek Olson, Pavel B. Bochev, Mitchell Luskin, Alexander V. Shapeev. An Optimization-based Atomistic-to-Continuum Coupling Method
2205 -- 2206Congpei An, Xiaojun Chen 0001, Ian H. Sloan, Robert S. Womersley. Corrigendum: Regularized Least Squares Approximations on the Sphere Using Spherical Designs

Volume 52, Issue 3

1103 -- 1127Weizhu Bao, Yongyong Cai. Uniform and Optimal Error Estimates of an Exponential Wave Integrator Sine Pseudospectral Method for the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Wave Operator
1128 -- 1155Jan Baldeaux, Michael Gnewuch. Optimal Randomized Multilevel Algorithms for Infinite-Dimensional Integration on Function Spaces with ANOVA-Type Decomposition
1156 -- 1182Giorgos Arampatzis, Markos A. Katsoulakis, Petr Plechác. Parallelization, Processor Communication and Error Analysis in Lattice Kinetic Monte Carlo
1183 -- 1202Huadong Gao, Buyang Li, Weiwei Sun. Optimal Error Estimates of Linearized Crank-Nicolson Galerkin FEMs for the Time-Dependent Ginzburg-Landau Equations in Superconductivity
1203 -- 1221Thorsten Hohage, Frank Werner. Convergence Rates for Inverse Problems with Impulsive Noise
1222 -- 1242Anne Gelb, Guohui Song. A Frame Theoretic Approach to the Nonuniform Fast Fourier Transform
1243 -- 1268Ralf Kornhuber, Christoph Schwab, Maren-Wanda Wolf. Multilevel Monte Carlo Finite Element Methods for Stochastic Elliptic Variational Inequalities
1269 -- 1291Laurence Halpern, Florence Hubert. A Finite Volume Ventcell-Schwarz Algorithm for Advection-Diffusion Equations
1292 -- 1310Hong Wang, Danping Yang, Shengfeng Zhu. Inhomogeneous Dirichlet Boundary-Value Problems of Space-Fractional Diffusion Equations and their Finite Element Approximations
1311 -- 1334Stéphane Descombes, Max Duarte, Thierry Dumont, Frédérique Laurent, Violaine Louvet, Marc Massot. Analysis of Operator Splitting in the Nonasymptotic Regime for Nonlinear Reaction-Diffusion Equations. Application to the Dynamics of Premixed Flames
1335 -- 1353Carsten Carstensen, Leszek F. Demkowicz, Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan. A Posteriori Error Control for DPG Methods
1354 -- 1377Maxim A. Olshanskii, Arnold Reusken, Xianmin Xu. An Eulerian Space-Time Finite Element Method for Diffusion Problems on Evolving Surfaces
1378 -- 1397Robert I. McLachlan, Ari Stern. Modified Trigonometric Integrators
1398 -- 1417Noel Walkington. Combined DG-CG Time Stepping for Wave Equations
1418 -- 1438Minghua Chen, Weihua Deng. Fourth Order Accurate Scheme for the Space Fractional Diffusion Equations
1439 -- 1465Fábio Margotti, Andreas Rieder, António Leitão. A Kaczmarz Version of the REGINN-Landweber Iteration for Ill-Posed Problems in Banach Spaces
1466 -- 1496Barbora Benesová, Christof Melcher, Endre Süli. An Implicit Midpoint Spectral Approximation of Nonlocal Cahn-Hilliard Equations

Volume 52, Issue 2

581 -- 600Peter Benner, Tatjana Stykel. Numerical Solution of Projected Algebraic Riccati Equations
601 -- 625Michael Feischl, Thomas Führer, Dirk Praetorius. Adaptive FEM with Optimal Convergence Rates for a Certain Class of Nonsymmetric and Possibly Nonlinear Problems
626 -- 652Laurent Gosse. A Two-Dimensional Version of the Godunov Scheme for Scalar Balance Laws
653 -- 677Burak Aksoylu, Zuhal Unlu. Conditioning Analysis of Nonlocal Integral Operators in Fractional Sobolev Spaces
678 -- 707Keith J. Galvin, Leo G. Rebholz, Catalin Trenchea. Efficient, Unconditionally Stable, and Optimally Accurate FE Algorithms for Approximate Deconvolution Models
708 -- 716Sören Bartels. Quasi-optimal Error Estimates for Implicit Discretizations of Rate-Independent Evolutions
717 -- 734Oliver Ebner. Stochastic Aspects of Nonlinear Refinement Schemes
735 -- 756F. M. G. Magpantay, N. Kosovalic, J. Wu. An Age-Structured Population Model with State-Dependent Delay: Derivation and Numerical Integration
757 -- 778Lukas Einkemmer, Alexander Ostermann. Convergence Analysis of a Discontinuous Galerkin/Strang Splitting Approximation for the Vlasov-Poisson Equations
779 -- 807Patrick Ciarlet Jr., Haijun Wu, Jun Zou. Edge Element Methods for Maxwell's Equations with Strong Convergence for Gauss' Laws
808 -- 831Xu Yang, Jiwei Zhang. Computation of the Schrödinger Equation in the Semiclassical Regime on an Unbounded Domain
832 -- 851Miroslav S. Pranic, Lothar Reichel. Rational Gauss Quadrature
852 -- 876John R. Singler. New POD Error Expressions, Error Bounds, and Asymptotic Results for Reduced Order Models of Parabolic PDEs
877 -- 879Kai Diethelm. Error Bounds for the Numerical Integration of Functions with Limited Smoothness
880 -- 894Fleurianne Bertrand, Steffen Münzenmaier, Gerhard Starke. First-Order System Least Squares on Curved Boundaries: Lowest-Order Raviart-Thomas Elements
895 -- 914Janosch Rieger. Semi-Implicit Euler Schemes for Ordinary Differential Inclusions
915 -- 932Eric Chung, Bernardo Cockburn, Guosheng Fu. The Staggered DG Method is the Limit of a Hybridizable DG Method
933 -- 954Buyang Li, Huadong Gao, Weiwei Sun. Unconditionally Optimal Error Estimates of a Crank-Nicolson Galerkin Method for the Nonlinear Thermistor Equations
955 -- 974Hideki Murakawa. Error Estimates for Discrete-Time Approximations of Nonlinear Cross-Diffusion Systems
975 -- 992Yoshitaka Watanabe, Kaori Nagatou, Michael Plum, Mitsuhiro T. Nakao. Verified Computations of Eigenvalue Exclosures for Eigenvalue Problems in Hilbert Spaces
993 -- 1016Iain Smears, Endre Süli. Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Approximation of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations with Cordes Coefficients
1017 -- 1049Yingda Cheng, Irene M. Gamba, Fengyan Li, Philip J. Morrison. Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the Vlasov-Maxwell Equations
1050 -- 1075Dimitris Vartziotis, Benjamin Himpel. Efficient Mesh Optimization Using the Gradient Flow of the Mean Volume
1076 -- 1101Mohammad Al-Khaleel, Martin J. Gander, Albert E. Ruehli. Optimization of Transmission Conditions in Waveform Relaxation Techniques for RC Circuits

Volume 52, Issue 1

1 -- 22Jean-Philippe Lessard, Christian Reinhardt. Rigorous Numerics for Nonlinear Differential Equations Using Chebyshev Series
23 -- 44Songting Luo, Jianliang Qian, Robert Burridge. High-Order Factorization Based High-Order Hybrid Fast Sweeping Methods for Point-Source Eikonal Equations
45 -- 67E. Carlini, F. J. Silva. A Fully Discrete Semi-Lagrangian Scheme for a First Order Mean Field Game Problem
68 -- 82Hongjiong Tian, Quanhong Yu, Jiaoxun Kuang. Asymptotic Stability of Linear Neutral Delay Differential-Algebraic Equations and Runge-Kutta Methods
83 -- 102Fabian Brunner, Florin A. Radu, Peter Knabner. Analysis of an Upwind-Mixed Hybrid Finite Element Method for Transport Problems
103 -- 124J. Willems. Robust Multilevel Methods for General Symmetric Positive Definite Operators
125 -- 139Ben Adcock, Anders C. Hansen, Alexei Shadrin. A Stability Barrier for Reconstructions from Fourier Samples
140 -- 155Lukas Einkemmer, Alexander Ostermann. Convergence Analysis of Strang Splitting for Vlasov-Type Equations
156 -- 170Qiqi Wang. Convergence of the Least Squares Shadowing Method for Computing Derivative of Ergodic Averages
171 -- 193Herbert Egger, Ulrich Rüde, Barbara I. Wohlmuth. Energy-Corrected Finite Element Methods for Corner Singularities
194 -- 206Milan Hladík. New Operator and Method for Solving Real Preconditioned Interval Linear Equations
207 -- 219Yue Wang, Jiequan Li. Numerical Defects of the HLL Scheme and Dissipation Matrices for the Euler Equations
220 -- 235Matthew F. Causley, Andrew J. Christlieb. Higher Order A-Stable Schemes for the Wave Equation Using a Successive Convolution Approach
236 -- 257Adriano Festa, Maurizio Falcone. An Approximation Scheme for an Eikonal Equation with Discontinuous Coefficient
258 -- 281Panayot S. Vassilevski, Umberto Villa. A Mixed Formulation for the Brinkman Problem
282 -- 307Shuo Zhang, Jinchao Xu. Optimal Solvers for Fourth-Order PDEs Discretized on Unstructured Grids
308 -- 329Ivana Sebestová, Tomás Vejchodský. Two-Sided Bounds for Eigenvalues of Differential Operators with Applications to Friedrichs, Poincaré, Trace, and Similar Constants
330 -- 342Noel Walkington. 1 Tetrahedral Finite Element without Edge Degrees of Freedom
343 -- 362Roland Griesmaier, Martin Hanke, John Sylvester. Far Field Splitting for the Helmholtz Equation
363 -- 385Sören Bartels, Ricardo H. Nochetto, Abner J. Salgado. Discrete Total Variation Flows without Regularization
386 -- 404Paola F. Antonietti, L. Beirao da Veiga, D. Mora, Marco Verani. A Stream Virtual Element Formulation of the Stokes Problem on Polygonal Meshes
405 -- 423Qinwu Xu, Jan S. Hesthaven. Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Fractional Convection-Diffusion Equations
424 -- 442Robert I. A. Patterson, Wolfgang Wagner. Cell Size Error in Stochastic Particle Methods for Coagulation Equations with Advection
443 -- 467Miodrag M. Spalevic. Error Bounds and Estimates for Gauss-Turán Quadrature Formulae of Analytic Functions
468 -- 495Mihai Anitescu, Xiaoyan Zeng, Emil M. Constantinescu. A Low-Memory Approach for Best-State Estimation of Hidden Markov Models with Model Error
496 -- 514Yang Liu, Yoichiro Mori. p Convergence of the Immersed Boundary Method for Stationary Stokes Problems
515 -- 532Michael S. Floater, Andrew Gillette, N. Sukumar. Gradient Bounds for Wachspress Coordinates on Polytopes
533 -- 553Maxime Gazeau. Probability and Pathwise Order of Convergence of a Semidiscrete Scheme for the Stochastic Manakov Equation
554 -- 579Christophe Chalons, P. Engel, Ch. Rohde. A Conservative and Convergent Scheme for Undercompressive Shock Waves