Journal: SIAM J. Numerical Analysis

Volume 59, Issue 6

2801 -- 2822Yuji Nakatsukasa, Lloyd N. Trefethen. Reciprocal-Log Approximation and Planar PDE Solvers
2823 -- 2842Changqing Ye, Junzhi Cui. Convergence of Dziuk's Fully Discrete Linearly Implicit Scheme for Curve Shortening Flow
2843 -- 2865Angxiu Ni. Approximating Linear Response by Nonintrusive Shadowing Algorithms
2866 -- 2899Jianbo Cui, Jialin Hong, Liying Sun. Strong Convergence of Full Discretization for Stochastic Cahn-Hilliard Equation Driven by Additive Noise
2900 -- 2925Gang Bao, Peijun Li, Xiaokai Yuan. An Adaptive Finite Element DtN Method for the Elastic Wave Scattering Problem in Three Dimensions
2926 -- 2954Fukeng Huang, Jie Shen 0001. Stability and Error Analysis of a Class of High-Order IMEX Schemes for Navier-Stokes Equations with Periodic Boundary Conditions
2955 -- 2988Debora D. Medeiros, Hirofumi Notsu, Cassio M. Oishi. Second-Order Finite Difference Approximations of the Upper-Convected Time Derivative
2989 -- 3031Upanshu Sharma, Wei Zhang 0065. NonReversible Sampling Schemes on Submanifolds
3032 -- 3051Mazen Ali, Anthony Nouy. Approximation of Smoothness Classes by Deep Rectifier Networks
3052 -- 3076Xinlong Feng, Xueling Huang, Kun Wang. Error Estimate of Unconditionally Stable and Decoupled Linear Positivity-Preserving FEM for the Chemotaxis-Stokes Equations
3077 -- 3097Juan Casado-Díaz, Carlos Conca, Donato Vásquez-Varas. p-Laplacian Energy of a Two-Phase Material
3098 -- 3101D. C. Antonopoulos, Vassilios A. Dougalis, D. E. Mitsotakis. Corrigendum: Error Estimates for Galerkin Approximations of the Serre Equations

Volume 59, Issue 5

2321 -- 2345Xiaokai Huo, Hailiang Liu, Athanasios E. Tzavaras, Shuaikun Wang. An Energy Stable and Positivity-Preserving Scheme for the Maxwell-Stefan Diffusion System
2346 -- 2367Mohammad Al Azah, Simon N. Chandler-Wilde. Computation of the Complex Error Function Using Modified Trapezoidal Rules
2368 -- 2392Erik Burman, Guillaume Delay, Alexandre Ern. A Hybridized High-Order Method for Unique Continuation Subject to the Helmholtz Equation
2393 -- 2429Daniel Potts, Michael Schmischke. Approximation of High-Dimensional Periodic Functions with Fourier-Based Methods
2430 -- 2448Bo Gong, Jiguang Sun, Xinming Wu. Finite Element Approximation of the Modified Maxwell's Stekloff Eigenvalues
2449 -- 2472Georgios Akrivis, Minghua Chen, Fan Yu, Zhi Zhou 0002. The Energy Technique for the Six-Step BDF Method
2473 -- 2499Brian Fitzpatrick, Enzo De Sena, Toon van Waterschoot. On the Convergence of the Multipole Expansion Method
2500 -- 2535Qiya Hu. Convergence of the Hiptmair-Xu Preconditioner for Maxwell's Equations with Jump Coefficients (i): Extensions of the Regular Decomposition
2536 -- 2570Jianliang Qian, Chao Song. Fast Multiscale Gaussian Beam Method for Three-Dimensional Elastic Wave Equations in Bounded Domains
2571 -- 2607Lars Diening, Johannes Storn, Tabea Tscherpel. 2-Projection
2608 -- 2638Yi Yu, Maksymilian Dryja, Marcus Sarkis. From Additive Average Schwarz Methods to Nonoverlapping Spectral Additive Schwarz Methods
2639 -- 2668Siting Liu, Matthew Jacobs, Wuchen Li, Levon Nurbekyan, Stanley J. Osher. Computational Methods for First-Order Nonlocal Mean Field Games with Applications
2669 -- 2697Sofia Eriksson, Siyang Wang. Summation-by-Parts Approximations of the Second Derivative: Pseudoinverse and Revisitation of a High Order Accurate Operator
2698 -- 2721Klaus Deckelnick, Robert Nürnberg. Error Analysis for a Finite Difference Scheme for Axisymmetric Mean Curvature Flow of Genus-0 Surfaces
2722 -- 2745Bin Dong, Zuowei Shen, Jianbin Yang. Approximation from Noisy Data
2746 -- 2774Naveed Ahmed 0004, Gabriel R. Barrenechea, Erik Burman, Johnny Guzmán, Alexander Linke, Christian Merdon. A Pressure-Robust Discretization of Oseen's Equation Using Stabilization in the Vorticity Equation
2775 -- 2799Weizhu Bao, Quan Zhao. A Structure-Preserving Parametric Finite Element Method for Surface Diffusion

Volume 59, Issue 4

1857 -- 1874Dylan Abrahamsen, Bengt Fornberg. On the Infinite Order Limit of Hermite-based Finite Difference Schemes
1875 -- 1895Weiwei Sun. Analysis of Lowest-Order Characteristics-Mixed FEMs for Incompressible Miscible Flow in Porous Media
1896 -- 1917Daniel Hoff, Holger Wendland. A Meshfree Method for a PDE-Constrained Optimization Problem
1918 -- 1947Juan Pablo Borthagaray, Dmitriy Leykekhman, Ricardo H. Nochetto. Local Energy Estimates for the Fractional Laplacian
1948 -- 1975Fabian Wagner, Jonas Latz, Iason Papaioannou, Elisabeth Ullmann. Error Analysis for Probabilities of Rare Events with Approximate Models
1976 -- 2003Lehel Banjai, Gabriel J. Lord, Jeta Molla. Strong Convergence of a Verlet Integrator for the Semilinear Stochastic Wave Equation
2004 -- 2039Éliane Bécache, Maryna Kachanovska. Stability and Convergence Analysis of Time-Domain Perfectly Matched Layers for the Wave Equation in Waveguides
2040 -- 2053Samir Karaa. Positivity of Discrete Time-Fractional Operators with Applications to Phase-Field Equations
2054 -- 2074Martin Halla. Analysis of Radial Complex Scaling Methods: Scalar Resonance Problems
2075 -- 2105Bin Wang, Xiaofei Zhao. Error Estimates of Some Splitting Schemes for Charged-Particle Dynamics under Strong Magnetic Field
2106 -- 2137Jiaxin Zhou, Wangtao Lu. Numerical Analysis of Resonances by a Slab of Subwavelength Slits by Fourier-Matching Method
2138 -- 2162Felix Scholz, Bert Jüttler. Using High-Order Transport Theorems for Implicitly Defined Moving Curves to Perform Quadrature on Planar Domains
2163 -- 2196Birgul Koc, Samuele Rubino, Michael Schneier, John R. Singler, Traian Iliescu. On Optimal Pointwise in Time Error Bounds and Difference Quotients for the Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
2197 -- 2217Chuchu Chen. A Symplectic Discontinuous Galerkin Full Discretization for Stochastic Maxwell Equations
2218 -- 2236Dominic Breit, Martina Hofmanová, Sébastien Loisel. Space-Time Approximation of Stochastic p-Laplace-Type Systems
2237 -- 2253Joscha Gedicke, Sjoerd Geevers, Ilaria Perugia, Joachim Schöberl. A Polynomial-Degree-Robust A Posteriori Error Estimator for Nédélec Discretizations of Magnetostatic Problems
2254 -- 2285Zhiyan Ding, Lukas Einkemmer, Qin Li 0007. Dynamical Low-Rank Integrator for the Linear Boltzmann Equation: Error Analysis in the Diffusion Limit
2286 -- 2309Ansgar Jüngel, Antoine Zurek. A Convergent Structure-Preserving Finite-Volume Scheme for the Shigesada-Kawasaki-Teramoto Population System
2310 -- 2319Haidar Mohamad, Marcel Oliver. Numerical Integration of Functions of a Rapidly Rotating Phase

Volume 59, Issue 3

1167 -- 1194Ulrik S. Fjordholm, Adrian Montgomery Ruf. Second-Order Accurate TVD Numerical Methods for Nonlocal Nonlinear Conservation Laws
1195 -- 1217Dietmar Gallistl, Mira Schedensack. Taylor-Hood Discretization of the Reissner-Mindlin Plate
1218 -- 1244Mark Ainsworth, Charles Parker. Mass Conserving Mixed hp-FEM Approximations to Stokes Flow. Part I: Uniform Stability
1245 -- 1272Mark Ainsworth, Charles Parker. Mass Conserving Mixed hp-FEM Approximations to Stokes Flow. Part II: Optimal Convergence
1273 -- 1298Zhaonan Dong, Lorenzo Mascotto, Oliver J. Sutton. Residual-Based A Posteriori Error Estimates for hp-Discontinuous Galerkin Discretizations of the Biharmonic Problem
1299 -- 1324Jianfang Lu, Yong Liu 0019, Chi-Wang Shu. An Oscillation-free Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Scalar Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
1325 -- 1347Bernhard Beckermann, Alice Cortinovis, Daniel Kressner, Marcel Schweitzer. Low-Rank Updates of Matrix Functions II: Rational Krylov Methods
1348 -- 1373Carsten Carstensen, Tien Tran. Unstabilized Hybrid High-order Method for a Class of Degenerate Convex Minimization Problems
1374 -- 1398Shuhuang Xiang. Convergence Rates on Spectral Orthogonal Projection Approximation for Functions of Algebraic and Logarithmatic Regularities
1399 -- 1432Kristian Bredies, Richard Huber. Convergence Analysis of Pixel-Driven Radon and Fanbeam Transforms
1433 -- 1454Yongke Wu, Yanhong Bai. Error Analysis of Energy-Preserving Mixed Finite Element Methods for the Hodge Wave Equation
1455 -- 1485René Carmona, Mathieu Laurière. Convergence Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for the Numerical Solution of Mean Field Control and Games I: The Ergodic Case
1486 -- 1509Vít Dolejsí, Filip Roskovec, Miloslav Vlasák. A Posteriori Error Estimates for Higher Order Space-Time Galerkin Discretizations of Nonlinear Parabolic Problems
1510 -- 1541Wei Gong, Shengfeng Zhu. On Discrete Shape Gradients of Boundary Type for PDE-constrained Shape Optimization
1542 -- 1565Jesús María Sanz Serna, Konstantinos C. Zygalakis. The Connections Between Lyapunov Functions for Some Optimization Algorithms and Differential Equations
1566 -- 1591Xiaobing Feng 0001, Buyang Li, Shu Ma. High-order Mass- and Energy-conserving SAV-Gauss Collocation Finite Element Methods for the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
1592 -- 1617Buyang Li. Convergence of Dziuk's Semidiscrete Finite Element Method for Mean Curvature Flow of Closed Surfaces with High-order Finite Elements
1618 -- 1638Jay Miles Appleton, Brian T. Helenbrook. A High-Order Lower-Triangular Pseudo-Mass Matrix for Explicit Time Advancement of hp Triangular Finite Element Methods
1639 -- 1662Rong An, Huadong Gao, Weiwei Sun. Optimal Error Analysis of Euler and Crank-Nicolson Projection Finite Difference Schemes for Landau-Lifshitz Equation
1663 -- 1686Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard. Amplitude-based Generalized Plane Waves: New Quasi-Trefftz Functions for Scalar Equations in two dimensions
1687 -- 1734Caroline L. Wormell, Sebastian Reich. Spectral Convergence of Diffusion Maps: Improved Error Bounds and an Alternative Normalization
1735 -- 1768Frédéric Rousset, Katharina Schratz. A General Framework of Low Regularity Integrators
1769 -- 1810Bérangère Delourme, Laurence Halpern. A Complex Homographic Best Approximation Problem. Application to Optimized Robin-Schwarz Algorithms, and Optimal Control Problems
1811 -- 1834Siddhartha Mishra, T. Konstantin Rusch. Enhancing Accuracy of Deep Learning Algorithms by Training with Low-Discrepancy Sequences
1835 -- 1856Huayi Wei, Xuehai Huang, Ao Li. Piecewise Divergence-Free Nonconforming Virtual Elements for Stokes Problem in Any Dimensions

Volume 59, Issue 2

613 -- 633Jingwei Hu, Kunlun Qi, Tong Yang 0001. A New Stability and Convergence Proof of the Fourier-Galerkin Spectral Method for the Spatially Homogeneous Boltzmann Equation
634 -- 659Shaobo Lin, Yuguang Wang 0001, Ding-Xuan Zhou. Distributed Filtered Hyperinterpolation for Noisy Data on the Sphere
660 -- 674Julian Fischer, Dietmar Gallistl, Daniel Peterseim. A Priori Error Analysis of a Numerical Stochastic Homogenization Method
675 -- 695Ulrich Langer, Olaf Steinbach, Fredi Tröltzsch, Huidong Yang. Space-Time Finite Element Discretization of Parabolic Optimal Control Problems with Energy Regularization
696 -- 719Carsten Carstensen, Neela Nataraj. Adaptive Morley FEM for the von Kármán Equations with Optimal Convergence Rates
720 -- 745Gang Chen 0025, Peter B. Monk, Yangwen Zhang. ∞ Norm Error Estimates for HDG Methods Applied to the Poisson Equation with an Application to the Dirichlet Boundary Control Problem
746 -- 768Shi Jin, Lei Li 0006, Jian-Guo Liu 0006. Convergence of the Random Batch Method for Interacting Particles with Disparate Species and Weights
769 -- 796Arnold Reusken, Benjamin Stamm. Analysis of the Schwarz Domain Decomposition Method for the Conductor-like Screening Continuum Model
797 -- 828Ruchi Guo. Solving Parabolic Moving Interface Problems with Dynamical Immersed Spaces on Unfitted Meshes: Fully Discrete Analysis
829 -- 863Alexandre L. Madureira, Marcus Sarkis. Hybrid Localized Spectral Decomposition for Multiscale Problems
864 -- 885Herbert Egger, Bogdan Radu. A Second-Order Finite Element Method with Mass Lumping for Maxwell's Equations on Tetrahedra
886 -- 924Xiaobing Feng 0001, Thomas Lewis. A Narrow-stencil Finite Difference Method for Approximating Viscosity Solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations
925 -- 954Zhichao Peng, Yingda Cheng, Jing-Mei Qiu, Fengyan Li. Stability-enhanced AP IMEX1-LDG Method: Energy-based Stability and Rigorous AP Property
955 -- 982Carsten Carstensen, Rui Ma. Adaptive Mixed Finite Element Methods for Non-self-adjoint Indefinite Second-Order Elliptic PDEs with Optimal Rates
983 -- 997Lennard Kamenski. Sharp Bounds on the Smallest Eigenvalue of Finite Element Equations with Arbitrary Meshes without Regularity Assumptions
998 -- 1039Lucie Baudouin, Maya de Buhan, Sylvain Ervedoza, Axel Osses. Carleman-Based Reconstruction Algorithm for Waves
1040 -- 1066Weizhu Bao, Yongyong Cai, Jia Yin. Uniform Error Bounds of Time-Splitting Methods for the Nonlinear Dirac Equation in the Nonrelativistic Regime without Magnetic Potential
1067 -- 1089Roland Maier. A High-Order Approach to Elliptic Multiscale Problems with General Unstructured Coefficients
1090 -- 1116Michael Neilan, M. Baris Otus. Divergence-free Scott-Vogelius Elements on Curved Domains
1117 -- 1139Ingeborg G. Gjerde, Kundan Kumar 0001, Jan M. Nordbotten. A Mixed Approach to the Poisson Problem with Line Sources
1140 -- 1165Christian Glusa, Enrique Otárola. Error Estimates for the Optimal Control of a Parabolic Fractional PDE

Volume 59, Issue 1

1 -- 31Lina Zhao, Eric T. Chung, Eun-Jae Park, Guanyu Zhou. Staggered DG Method for Coupling of the Stokes and Darcy-Forchheimer Problems
32 -- 59Chuchu Chen, Jialin Hong, Diancong Jin, Liying Sun. Asymptotically-Preserving Large Deviations Principles by Stochastic Symplectic Methods for a Linear Stochastic Oscillator
60 -- 87Julian Fischer, Daniel Matthes. The Waiting Time Phenomenon in Spatially Discretized Porous Medium and Thin Film Equations
88 -- 118Yu Leng, Xiaochuan Tian, Nathaniel Trask, John T. Foster. Asymptotically Compatible Reproducing Kernel Collocation and Meshfree Integration for Nonlocal Diffusion
119 -- 142Bangti Jin, Zhi Zhou 0002. Error Analysis of Finite Element Approximations of Diffusion Coefficient Identification for Elliptic and Parabolic Problems
143 -- 172Youngsoo Ha, Changho Kim, Hyoseon Yang, Jungho Yoon. Improving Accuracy of the Fifth-Order WENO Scheme by Using the Exponential Approximation Space
173 -- 194Emmanuil H. Georgoulis. Hypocoercivity-compatible Finite Element Methods for the Long-time Computation of Kolmogorov's Equation
195 -- 218Martin J. Gander, Julian Hennicker, Roland Masson. Modeling and Analysis of the Coupling in Discrete Fracture Matrix Models
219 -- 248Stefan Metzger. An Efficient and Convergent Finite Element Scheme for Cahn-Hilliard Equations with Dynamic Boundary Conditions
249 -- 264Dietmar Gallistl. A Posteriori Error Analysis of the inf-sup Constant for the Divergence
265 -- 288Georgios Akrivis, Buyang Li, Jilu Wang. Convergence of a Second-order Energy-decaying Method for the Viscous Rotating Shallow Water Equation
289 -- 313Gianluca Ceruti, Christian Lubich, Hanna Walach. Time Integration of Tree Tensor Networks
314 -- 333Yuji Nakatsukasa, Alex Townsend. 1 Polynomial Approximants
334 -- 369Julia Novo, Samuele Rubino. Error Analysis of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Stabilized Methods for Incompressible Flows
370 -- 400Pengwen Chen, Chung-Kuan Cheng, Xinyuan Wang. Arnoldi Algorithms with Structured Orthogonalization
401 -- 428Nan Jiang 0003, Ying Li, Huanhuan Yang. An Artificial Compressibility Crank-Nicolson Leap-Frog Method for the Stokes-Darcy Model and Application in Ensemble Simulations
429 -- 455Rachael T. Keller, Qiang Du 0001. Discovery of Dynamics Using Linear Multistep Methods
456 -- 476Youngjoon Hong, David P. Nicholls. A Rigorous Numerical Analysis of the Transformed Field Expansion Method for Diffraction by Periodic, Layered Structures
477 -- 502Maya Briani, Lucia Caramellino, Giulia Terenzi. Convergence Rate of Markov Chains and Hybrid Numerical Schemes to Jump-Diffusion with Application to the Bates Model
503 -- 524Philip L. Lederer. A Hellan-Herrmann-Johnson-like Method for the Stream Function Formulation of the Stokes Equations in Two and Three Space Dimensions
525 -- 557Côme Huré, Huyên Pham, Achref Bachouch, Nicolas Langrené. Deep Neural Networks Algorithms for Stochastic Control Problems on Finite Horizon: Convergence Analysis
558 -- 582Miroslav Kuchta, Federica Laurino, Kent-André Mardal, Paolo Zunino. Analysis and Approximation of Mixed-Dimensional PDEs on 3D-1D Domains Coupled with Lagrange Multipliers
583 -- 612Elyes Ahmed, Alessio Fumagalli, Ana Budisa, Eirik Keilegavlen, Jan M. Nordbotten, Florin A. Radu. Robust Linear Domain Decomposition Schemes for Reduced Nonlinear Fracture Flow Models