Journal: SIAM J. Numerical Analysis

Volume 60, Issue 6

3001 -- 3028Dmitry S. Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi, Georgi S. Medvedev. Sparse Monte Carlo Method for Nonlocal Diffusion Problems
3029 -- 3051Thomas Izgin, Stefan Kopecz, Andreas Meister 0003. On the Stability of Unconditionally Positive and Linear Invariants Preserving Time Integration Schemes
3052 -- 3077Rubing Han, Shuonan Wu. A Monotone Discretization for Integral Fractional Laplacian on Bounded Lipschitz Domains: Pointwise Error Estimates under Hölder Regularity
3078 -- 3098Yanlai Chen, Bo Dong, Rebecca Pereira. A New Conservative Discontinuous Galerkin Method via Implicit Penalization for the Generalized Korteweg-de Vries Equation
3099 -- 3123Chunyu Chen, Xuehai Huang, Huayi Wei. \({H^m}\)-Conforming Virtual Elements in Arbitrary Dimension
3124 -- 3144Steffen Börm. On Iterated Interpolation
3145 -- 3180Ernesto G. Birgin, José Mario Martínez. Secant Acceleration of Sequential Residual Methods for Solving Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems of Equations
3181 -- 3215Dirk Blömker, Claudia Schillings, Philipp Wacker, Simon Weissmann. Continuous Time Limit of the Stochastic Ensemble Kalman Inversion: Strong Convergence Analysis
3216 -- 3240Lorenzo Pareschi, Thomas Rey. Moment Preserving Fourier-Galerkin Spectral Methods and Application to the Boltzmann Equation

Volume 60, Issue 5

2373 -- 2404Jeffrey M. Connors, Kenneth C. Sockwell. A Multirate Discontinuous-Galerkin-in-Time Framework for Interface-Coupled Problems
2405 -- 2434Ming-Jun Lai, Jinsil Lee. A Multivariate Spline Based Collocation Method for Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
2435 -- 2447Selim Esedoglu, Jiajia Guo. A Monotone, Second Order Accurate Scheme for Curvature Motion
2448 -- 2481Zheng Sun, Yuanzhe Wei, Kailiang Wu. On Energy Laws and Stability of Runge-Kutta Methods for Linear Seminegative Problems
2482 -- 2507Bruno Després, Anouk Nicolopoulos, Bertrand Thierry. Optimized Transmission Conditions in Domain Decomposition Methods with Cross-Points for Helmholtz Equation
2508 -- 2537Benjamin Stamm, Lambert Theisen. A Quasi-Optimal Factorization Preconditioner for Periodic Schrödinger Eigenstates in Anisotropically Expanding Domains
2538 -- 2564Ioannis P. A. Papadopoulos. Numerical Analysis of a Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Borrvall-Petersson Topology Optimization Problem
2565 -- 2591Wei Bian, Xiaojun Chen. Anderson Acceleration for Nonsmooth Fixed Point Problems
2592 -- 2625Xiuchen Yu, Guanghui Hu, Wangtao Lu, Andreas Rathsfeld. PML and High-Accuracy Boundary Integral Equation Solver for Wave Scattering by a Locally Defected Periodic Surface
2626 -- 2656Zhaonan Dong, Alexandre Ern. Hybrid High-Order and Weak Galerkin Methods for the Biharmonic Problem
2657 -- 2680Lubomír Bañas, André Wilke. A Posteriori Estimates for the Stochastic Total Variation Flow
2681 -- 2712Sebastian Noelle, Martin Parisot, Tabea Tscherpel. A Class of Boundary Conditions for Time-Discrete Green-Naghdi Equations with Bathymetry
2713 -- 2730Martin Halla. Radial Complex Scaling for Anisotropic Scalar Resonance Problems
2731 -- 2750Yue Luo, Xiangcheng Zheng, Xiangle Cheng, Lei Zhang. Convergence Analysis of Discrete High-Index Saddle Dynamics
2751 -- 2780Shukai Li, Sanjay Mehrotra. Numerical Methods for Integral Equations of the Second Kind with NonSmooth Solutions of Bounded Variation
2781 -- 2806Yi Qin, Yongshuai Wang, Jian Li. A Variable Time Step Time Filter Algorithm for the Geothermal System
2807 -- 2833Paul Manns, Stefan Ulbrich. A Simplified Newton Method to Generate Snapshots for POD Models of Semilinear Optimal Control Problems
2834 -- 2865Zhengqi Zhang, Zhidong Zhang, Zhi Zhou. Identification of Potential in Diffusion Equations from Terminal Observation: Analysis and Discrete Approximation
2866 -- 2896Run Jiang, Yonglin Li, Haijun Wu, Jun Zou. Finite Element Method for a Nonlinear Perfectly Matched Layer Helmholtz Equation with High Wave Number
2897 -- 2924Constantin Carle, Marlis Hochbruck. Error Analysis of Multirate Leapfrog-Type Methods for Second-Order Semilinear Odes
2925 -- 2944Lei Zhang 0061, Pingwen Zhang, Xiangcheng Zheng. Error Estimates for Euler Discretization of High-Index Saddle Dynamics
2945 -- 2962Martin Rumpf, Stefan Simon, Christoph Smoch. Finite Element Approximation of Large-Scale Isometric Deformations of Parametrized Surfaces
2963 -- 3000François Golse, Olivier Pironneau. Stratified Radiative Transfer in a Fluid and Numerical Applications to Earth Science

Volume 60, Issue 4

1631 -- 1664Kenneth Duru, Siyang Wang 0003, Kenny Wiratama. A Conservative and Energy Stable Discontinuous Spectral Element Method for the Shifted Wave Equation in Second Order Form
1665 -- 1700Tran Thi Khieu, Hoang-Hung Vo. Stability Results for Backward Nonlinear Diffusion Equations with Temporal Coupling Operator of Local and Nonlocal Type
1701 -- 1740Oumaima Bencheikh, Benjamin Jourdain. Convergence in Total Variation of the Euler-Maruyama Scheme Applied to Diffusion Processes with Measurable Drift Coefficient and Additive Noise
1741 -- 1773Jingqi Ai, Yuan Xu, Chi-Wang Shu, Qiang Zhang 0018. L$^2$ Error Estimate to Smooth Solutions of High Order Runge-Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Scalar Nonlinear Conservation Laws with and without Sonic Points
1774 -- 1798Théophile Chaumont Frelet, Patrick Vega. Frequency-Explicit A Posteriori Error Estimates for Finite Element Discretizations of Maxwell's Equations
1799 -- 1823Xu Wang, Weidong Zhao, Tao Zhou. Sinc-$\theta$ Schemes for Backward Stochastic Differential Equations
1824 -- 1852Charlotte Perrin, Khaled Saleh. Numerical Staggered Schemes for the Free-Congested Navier-Stokes Equations
1853 -- 1878Lourenço Beirão da Veiga, Giuseppe Vacca. Sharper Error Estimates for Virtual Elements and a Bubble-Enriched Version
1879 -- 1904Daxin Nie, Jing Sun 0011, Weihua Deng. Strong Convergence Order for the Scheme of Fractional Diffusion Equation Driven by Fractional Gaussian Noise
1905 -- 1931Lili Ju, Xiao Li, Zhonghua Qiao. Generalized SAV-Exponential Integrator Schemes for Allen-Cahn Type Gradient Flows
1932 -- 1961Long Chen 0002, Xuehai Huang. Finite Elements for div- and divdiv-Conforming Symmetric Tensors in Arbitrary Dimension
1962 -- 1984Weizhu Bao, Yongyong Cai, Yue Feng. Improved Uniform Error Bounds on Time-Splitting Methods for Long-Time Dynamics of the Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equation with Weak Nonlinearity
1985 -- 2013Bin Han, Michelle Michelle. Sharp Wavenumber-Explicit Stability Bounds for 2D Helmholtz Equations
2014 -- 2045Qiang Du, Yiqi Gu, Haizhao Yang, Chao Zhou 0010. The Discovery of Dynamics via Linear Multistep Methods and Deep Learning: Error Estimation
2046 -- 2068Qiang Du 0001, Hehu Xie, Xiaobo Yin. On the Convergence to Local Limit of Nonlocal Models with Approximated Interaction Neighborhoods
2069 -- 2098Yimin Lou, Christoph Lehrenfeld. Isoparametric Unfitted BDF-Finite Element Method for PDEs on Evolving Domains
2099 -- 2124Luca Desiderio, Silvia Falletta, Matteo Ferrari, Letizia Scuderi. On the Coupling of the Curved Virtual Element Method with the One-Equation Boundary Element Method for 2D Exterior Helmholtz Problems
2125 -- 2149Abdul-Lateef Haji-Ali, Jonathan Spence, Aretha L. Teckentrup. Adaptive Multilevel Monte Carlo for Probabilities
2150 -- 2181Varun M. Gudibanda, Franziska Weber, Yukun Yue. Convergence Analysis of a Fully Discrete Energy-Stable Numerical Scheme for the Q-Tensor Flow of Liquid Crystals
2182 -- 2202Yang Li, Bangwei She. On Convergence of Numerical Solutions for the Compressible MHD System with Exactly Divergence-Free Magnetic Field
2203 -- 2224Chuwen Ma, Qinghai Zhang, Weiying Zheng. A Fourth-Order Unfitted Characteristic Finite Element Method for Solving the Advection-Diffusion Equation on Time-Varying Domains
2225 -- 2252Junxiong Jia, Peijun Li, Deyu Meng. Stein Variational Gradient Descent on Infinite-Dimensional Space and Applications to Statistical Inverse Problems
2253 -- 2272Zhaoyi Li, Hong-lin Liao. Stability of Variable-Step BDF2 and BDF3 Methods
2273 -- 2292Buyang Li, Shu Ma, Katharina Schratz. A Semi-implicit Exponential Low-Regularity Integrator for the Navier-Stokes Equations
2293 -- 2317Peipei Lu, Andreas Rupp, Guido Kanschat. Analysis of Injection Operators in Geometric Multigrid Solvers for HDG Methods
2318 -- 2344Thirupathi Gudi, Gouranga Mallik, Tamal Pramanick. A Hybrid High-Order Method for Quasilinear Elliptic Problems of Nonmonotone Type
2345 -- 2371Zhenning Cai, Jingwei Hu, Yang Kuang, Bo Lin. An Entropic Method for Discrete Systems with Gibbs Entropy

Volume 60, Issue 3

913 -- 939Duc Quang Bui, Caroline Japhet, Yvon Maday, Pascal Omnes. Coupling Parareal with Optimized Schwarz Waveform Relaxation for Parabolic Problems
940 -- 969José A. Carrillo, Lin Chen, Qi Wang 0007. An Optimal Mass Transport Method for Random Genetic Drift
970 -- 998Qing Cheng, Jie Shen 0001. A New Lagrange Multiplier Approach for Constructing Structure Preserving Schemes, II. Bound Preserving
999 -- 1025Cui Ning, Yifei Wu, Xiaofei Zhao. An Embedded Exponential-Type Low-Regularity Integrator for mKdV Equation
1026 -- 1054Xiaoli Li, Weilong Wang, Jie Shen 0001. Stability and Error Analysis of IMEX SAV Schemes for the Magneto-Hydrodynamic Equations
1055 -- 1082Markus Faustmann, Michael Karkulik, Jens Markus Melenk. Local Convergence of the FEM for the Integral Fractional Laplacian
1083 -- 1110Maurice Hensel, Irwin Yousept. Numerical Analysis for Maxwell Obstacle Problems in Electric Shielding
1111 -- 1135Thomas Führer, Norbert Heuer, Michael Karkulik. MINRES for Second-Order PDEs with Singular Data
1136 -- 1167Junlong Lyu, Zhongjian Wang, Jack Xin, Zhiwen Zhang. A Convergent Interacting Particle Method and Computation of KPP Front Speeds in Chaotic Flows
1168 -- 1192Daan Huybrechs. On the Computation of Gaussian Quadrature Rules for Chebyshev Sets of Linearly Independent Functions
1193 -- 1225Wietse M. Boon, Dennis Gläser, Rainer Helmig, Ivan Yotov. Flux-Mortar Mixed Finite Element Methods on NonMatching Grids
1226 -- 1250Florian Feppon, Habib Ammari. Analysis of a Monte-Carlo Nystrom Method
1251 -- 1280Wen-ming He, Hailong Guo. Optimal Maximum Norm Estimates for Virtual Element Methods
1281 -- 1306Hugh A. Carson, Steven R. Allmaras, Marshall C. Galbraith, David L. Darmofal. Convergence of Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation via Metric Optimization
1307 -- 1330Jun Hu, Yizhou Liang, Rui Ma. Conforming Finite Element DIVDIV Complexes and the Application for the Linearized Einstein-Bianchi System
1331 -- 1362Nek Sharan, Peter T. Brady, Daniel Livescu. Time Stability of Strong Boundary Conditions in Finite-Difference Schemes for Hyperbolic Systems
1363 -- 1384Kateryna Pozharska, Tino Ullrich. A Note on Sampling Recovery of Multivariate Functions in the Uniform Norm
1385 -- 1449Shu Liu, Wuchen Li, Hongyuan Zha, Haomin Zhou 0001. Neural Parametric Fokker-Planck Equation
1450 -- 1471Roland Becker, Michael Innerberger, Dirk Praetorius. Adaptive FEM for Parameter-Errors in Elliptic Linear-Quadratic Parameter Estimation Problems
1472 -- 1493Benjamin Dörich, Marlis Hochbruck. Exponential Integrators for Quasilinear Wave-Type Equations
1494 -- 1515Dieter Armbruster, Michael Herty, Giuseppe Visconti. A Stabilization of a Continuous Limit of the Ensemble Kalman Inversion
1516 -- 1547Lu Zhang, Siyang Wang 0003. A High Order Finite Difference Method for the Elastic Wave Equation in Bounded Domains with Nonconforming Interfaces
1548 -- 1573Daxin Nie, Weihua Deng. A Unified Convergence Analysis for the Fractional Diffusion Equation Driven by Fractional Gaussian Noise with Hurst Index $H\in(0,1)$
1574 -- 1606Mark Ainsworth, Charles Parker. A Mass Conserving Mixed $hp$-FEM Scheme for Stokes Flow. Part III: Implementation and Preconditioning
1607 -- 1629Gregor Gantner, Rob Stevenson 0001. A Well-Posed First Order System Least Squares Formulation of the Instationary Stokes Equations

Volume 60, Issue 2

503 -- 528Buyang Li, Shu Ma. Exponential Convolution Quadrature for Nonlinear Subdiffusion Equations with Nonsmooth Initial Data
529 -- 557Patrick Joly, Maryna Kachanovska. Local Transparent Boundary Conditions for Wave Propagation in Fractal Trees (II). Error and Complexity Analysis
558 -- 584Faker Ben Belgacem, Vivette Girault, Faten Jelassi. Full Discretization of Cauchy's Problem by Lavrentiev-Finite Element Method
585 -- 605Emil Engström, Eskil Hansen. Convergence Analysis of the Nonoverlapping Robin-Robin Method for Nonlinear Elliptic Equations
606 -- 630Ulrik S. Fjordholm, Markus Musch, Nils Henrik Risebro. Well-Posedness and Convergence of a Finite Volume Method for Conservation Laws on Networks
631 -- 658Guosheng Fu, Wenzheng Kuang. A Monolithic Divergence-Conforming HDG Scheme for a Linear Fluid-Structure Interaction Model
659 -- 687Martin Eigel, Oliver G. Ernst, Björn Sprungk, Lorenzo Tamellini. On the Convergence of Adaptive Stochastic Collocation for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations with Affine Diffusion
688 -- 714Sergio Gómez 0001, Andrea Moiola. A Space-Time Trefftz Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Linear Schrödinger Equation
715 -- 750Georgios Grekas, Konstantinos Koumatos, Charalambos G. Makridakis, Phoebus Rosakis. Approximations of Energy Minimization in Cell-Induced Phase Transitions of Fibrous Biomaterials: $\Gamma$-Convergence Analysis
751 -- 780Zhiming Chen, Wenlong Zhang, Jun Zou 0003. Stochastic Convergence of Regularized Solutions and Their Finite Element Approximations to Inverse Source Problems
781 -- 803Chun Liu 0009, Cheng Wang, Yiwei Wang, Steven M. Wise. Convergence Analysis of the Variational Operator Splitting Scheme for a Reaction-Diffusion System with Detailed Balance
804 -- 823Ruming Zhang. Exponential Convergence of Perfectly Matched Layers for Scattering Problems with Periodic Surfaces
824 -- 855Pawel Przybylowicz, Michal Sobieraj, Lukasz T. Stepien. Efficient Approximation of SDEs Driven by Countably Dimensional Wiener Process and Poisson Random Measure
856 -- 887Ricardo H. Nochetto, Michele Ruggeri, Shuo Yang. Gamma-Convergent Projection-Free Finite Element Methods for Nematic Liquid Crystals: The Ericksen Model
888 -- 912María Cabrera Calvo, Katharina Schratz. Uniformly Accurate Low Regularity Integrators for the Klein-Gordon Equation from the Classical to NonRelativistic Limit Regime

Volume 60, Issue 1

1 -- 27Enrique Otárola. Fractional Semilinear Optimal Control: Optimality Conditions, Convergence, and Error Analysis
28 -- 51Denise Aregba-Driollet, Stéphane Brull, Corentin Prigent. A Discrete Velocity Numerical Scheme for the Two-Dimensional Bitemperature Euler System
52 -- 75Son-Young Yi, Sanghyun Lee, Ludmil T. Zikatanov. Locking-Free Enriched Galerkin Method for Linear Elasticity
76 -- 103Antti Hannukainen, Jarmo Malinen, Antti Ojalammi. Distributed Solution of Laplacian Eigenvalue Problems
104 -- 132Ruilian Du, Zhi-zhong Sun, Hong Wang. Temporal Second-Order Finite Difference Schemes for Variable-Order Time-Fractional Wave Equations
133 -- 156Xuefeng Xu, Chen-song Zhang. Convergence Analysis of Inexact Two-Grid Methods: A Theoretical Framework
157 -- 179Julia Brunken, Kathrin Smetana. Stable and Efficient Petrov-Galerkin Methods for a Kinetic Fokker-Planck Equation
180 -- 194Georgios Akrivis, Charalambos G. Makridakis. On Maximal Regularity Estimates for Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Discrete Methods
195 -- 221Kent-André Mardal, Jarle Sogn, Stefan Takacs. Robust Preconditioning and Error Estimates for Optimal Control of the Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Equation with Limited Observation in Isogeometric Analysis
222 -- 243Kaibo Hu, Qian Zhang, Zhimin Zhang 0002. A Family of Finite Element Stokes Complexes in Three Dimensions
244 -- 273Chupeng Ma, Robert Scheichl, Tim J. Dodwell. Novel Design and Analysis of Generalized Finite Element Methods Based on Locally Optimal Spectral Approximations
274 -- 311Waixiang Cao, Lueling Jia, Zhimin Zhang 0002. A $C^1$ Conforming Petrov-Galerkin Method for Convection-Diffusion Equations and Superconvergence Analysis over Rectangular Meshes
312 -- 338Xinping Gui, Buyang Li, Jilu Wang. Convergence of Renormalized Finite Element Methods for Heat Flow of Harmonic Maps
339 -- 363Hao Li, Daniel Appelö, Xiangxiong Zhang. Accuracy of Spectral Element Method for Wave, Parabolic, and Schrödinger Equations
364 -- 395Marcel Braukhoff, Ilaria Perugia, Paul Stocker. An Entropy Structure Preserving Space-Time Formulation for Cross-Diffusion Systems: Analysis and Galerkin Discretization
396 -- 422Matthew J. Colbrook. Computing Semigroups with Error Control
423 -- 449Sigal Gottlieb, Zachary J. Grant, Jingwei Hu, Ruiwen Shu. High Order Strong Stability Preserving MultiDerivative Implicit and IMEX Runge-Kutta Methods with Asymptotic Preserving Properties
450 -- 474Wei Gong, Mariano Mateos, John R. Singler, Yangwen Zhang. Analysis and Approximations of Dirichlet Boundary Control of Stokes Flows in the Energy Space
475 -- 501Silvia Bertoluzza, Erik Burman, Cuiyu He. An A Posteriori Error Estimate of the Outer Normal Derivative Using Dual Weights