Journal: SIAM J. Numerical Analysis

Volume 61, Issue 6

2559 -- 2579Jiankang Shi, Minghua Chen. High-Order BDF Convolution Quadrature for Subdiffusion Models with a Singular Source Term
2580 -- 2600Astrid Herremans, Daan Huybrechs, Lloyd N. Trefethen. Resolution of Singularities by Rational Functions
2601 -- 2622Markus Faustmann, Carlo Marcati, Jens Markus Melenk, Christoph Schwab. Exponential Convergence of \(hp\)-FEM for the Integral Fractional Laplacian in Polygons
2623 -- 2650Georg Schlüchtermann, Michael Wibmer. Numerical Solution of Free Stochastic Differential Equations
2651 -- 2694Chen Liu 0015, Rami Masri, Beatrice Riviere. Convergence of a Decoupled Splitting Scheme for the Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes System
2695 -- 2717Limin Ma, Zhonghua Qiao. An Energy Stable and Maximum Bound Principle Preserving Scheme for the Dynamic Ginzburg-Landau Equations under the Temporal Gauge
2718 -- 2743Minglei Yang 0005, Guannan Zhang, Diego del-Castillo-Negrete, Yanzhao Cao. A Probabilistic Scheme for Semilinear Nonlocal Diffusion Equations with Volume Constraints
2744 -- 2774Qin Li 0007, Li Wang 0101, Yunan Yang. Monte Carlo Gradient in Optimization Constrained by Radiative Transport Equation
2775 -- 2794Anna Kh. Balci, Lars Diening, Johannes Storn. Relaxed Kačanov Scheme for the \(\boldsymbol{p}\)-Laplacian with Large Exponent
2795 -- 2812Chiu-Yen Kao, Braxton Osting, Édouard Oudet. Harmonic Functions on Finitely Connected Tori
2813 -- 2843Radu Ioan Bot, Dang Khoa Nguyen. Fast Krasnosel'skiĭ-Mann Algorithm with a Convergence Rate of the Fixed Point Iteration of \(\boldsymbol{{ o} \left(\frac{1}{{ k}} \right)}\)
2844 -- 2858Ernst Hairer, Christian Lubich, Yanyan Shi. Leapfrog Methods for Relativistic Charged-Particle Dynamics
2859 -- 2886Erik Burman, Deepika Garg, Johnny Guzmán. Implicit-Explicit Time Discretization for Oseen's Equation at High Reynolds Number with Application to Fractional Step Methods
2887 -- 2916Lucas Bouck, Ricardo H. Nochetto, Shuo Yang. Convergent FEM for a Membrane Model of Liquid Crystal Polymer Networks
2917 -- 2939Ruming Zhang. Higher-Order Convergence of Perfectly Matched Layers in Three-Dimensional Biperiodic Surface Scattering Problems
2940 -- 2966Alexandre Ern, Jean-Luc Guermond. The Discontinuous Galerkin Approximation of the Grad-Div and Curl-Curl Operators in First-Order Form Is Involution-Preserving and Spectrally Correct
2967 -- 2993Harbir Antil, Patrick W. Dondl, Ludwig Striet. Analysis of a sinc-Galerkin Method for the Fractional Laplacian
2994 -- 3013Kota Takeda, Takashi Sakajo. Geometric Ergodicity for Hamiltonian Monte Carlo on Compact Manifolds

Volume 61, Issue 5

2011 -- 2034Dongling Wang, Martin Stynes. Optimal Long-Time Decay Rate of Numerical Solutions for Nonlinear Time-Fractional Evolutionary Equations
2035 -- 2061Changtao Sheng, Bihao Su, Chenglong Xu. Efficient Monte Carlo Method for Integral Fractional Laplacian in Multiple Dimensions
2062 -- 2083Xue-Cheng Tai, Ragnar Winther, Xiaodi Zhang, Weiying Zheng. A Uniform Preconditioner for a Newton Algorithm for Total Variation Minimization and Minimum-Surface Problems
2084 -- 2105Ignacio Muga, Sergio Rojas, Patrick Vega. An Adaptive Superconvergent Mixed Finite Element Method Based on Local Residual Minimization
2106 -- 2132Chaoyu Quan, Xu Wu. \({\boldsymbol{H^1}}\) -Norm Stability and Convergence of an L2-Type Method on Nonuniform Meshes for Subdiffusion Equation
2133 -- 2156Petar Mlinaric, Serkan Gugercin. A Unifying Framework for Interpolatory \({\boldsymbol{\mathcal{L}_2}}\)-Optimal Reduced-Order Modeling
2157 -- 2181Hong-lin Liao, Nan Liu, Pin Lyu. Discrete Gradient Structure of a Second-Order Variable-Step Method for Nonlinear Integro-Differential Models
2182 -- 2208Bowei Wu, Per-Gunnar Martinsson. A Unified Trapezoidal Quadrature Method for Singular and Hypersingular Boundary Integral Operators on Curved Surfaces
2209 -- 2236Jichun Li, Li Zhu. Analysis and Application of Two Novel Finite Element Methods for Solving Ziolkowski's PML Model in the Integro-Differential Form
2237 -- 2260Mingqing Chen, Jianguo Huang, Xuehai Huang. A Robust Lower-Order Mixed Finite Element Method for a Strain Gradient Elastic Model
2261 -- 2284Erchuan Zhang, Lyle Noakes. Convergence Analysis of Leapfrog for Geodesics
2285 -- 2304Jennifer Vaccaro, Konstantin Lipnikov. Applying an Oriented Divergence Theorem to Swept Face Remap
2305 -- 2326Buyang Li, Yanping Lin, Shu Ma, Qiqi Rao. An Exponential Spectral Method Using VP Means for Semilinear Subdiffusion Equations with Rough Data
2327 -- 2351Tomas Lundquist, Arnaud G. Malan, Jan Nordström. A Method-of-Lines Framework for Energy Stable Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Methods
2352 -- 2380Andrea Cangiani, Zhaonan Dong, Emmanuil H. Georgoulis. A Posteriori Error Estimates for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods on Polygonal and Polyhedral Meshes
2381 -- 2407Luu Hoang Duc, Peter Kloeden. Numerical Attractors for Rough Differential Equations
2408 -- 2433Fukeng Huang, Jie Shen. Stability and Error Analysis of a Second-Order Consistent Splitting Scheme for the Navier-Stokes Equations
2434 -- 2459Qiya Hu. Convergence of the Hiptmair-Xu Preconditioner for \(\boldsymbol{H}\textbf{(curl)}\)-Elliptic Problems with Jump Coefficients (ii): Main Results
2460 -- 2484Carsten Carstensen, Rekha Khot, Amiya Kumar Pani. Nonconforming Virtual Elements for the Biharmonic Equation with Morley Degrees of Freedom on Polygonal Meshes
2485 -- 2508Wietse M. Boon, Alessio Fumagalli, Anna Scotti. Mixed and Multipoint Finite Element Methods for Rotation-Based Poroelasticity
2509 -- 2533Francisco Guillén-González, André Luiz Corrêa Vianna Filho. Convergence of a Time Discrete Scheme for a Chemotaxis-Consumption Model
2534 -- 2557Erik Burman, Guillaume Delay, Alexandre Ern. The Unique Continuation Problem for the Heat Equation Discretized with a High-Order Space-Time Nonconforming Method

Volume 61, Issue 4

1613 -- 1640Alex Kaltenbach, Michael Ruzicka. p-Navier-Stokes System, Part I: Convergence Analysis
1641 -- 1663Alex Kaltenbach, Michael Ruzicka. A Local Discontinuous Galerkin Approximation for the \(\boldsymbol{{p}}\) -Navier-Stokes System, Part II: Convergence Rates for the Velocity
1664 -- 1688Marianne Bessemoulin-Chatard, Francis Filbet. On the Convergence of Discontinuous Galerkin/Hermite Spectral Methods for the Vlasov-Poisson System
1716 -- 1736Yoshio Komori, Guoguo Yang, Kevin Burrage. Formulae for Mixed Moments of Wiener Processes and a Stochastic Area Integral
1763 -- 1782Alex Kaltenbach, Michael Ruzicka. A Local Discontinuous Galerkin Approximation for the \(\boldsymbol{p}\) -Navier-Stokes System, Part III: Convergence Rates for the Pressure
1783 -- 1818Théophile Chaumont Frelet, Martin Vohralík. \(p\) -Robust Equilibrated Flux Reconstruction in \(\boldsymbol{H}(\textrm{curl})\) Based on Local Minimizations: Application to a Posteriori Analysis of the Curl-Curl Problem
1835 -- 1857Klaus Deckelnick, Robert Nürnberg. Discrete Hyperbolic Curvature Flow in the Plane
1858 -- 1884Shishun Li, Jing-yuan Wang, Xiao-Chuan Cai. A-Stable High-Order Block Implicit Methods for Parabolic Equations
1885 -- 1917Xiang Zhong, Weifeng Qiu. Spectral Analysis of a Mixed Method for Linear Elasticity
1918 -- 1937Zhaonan Dong, Moritz Hauck, Roland Maier. An Improved High-Order Method for Elliptic Multiscale Problems
1938 -- 1961Natalia Kopteva, Richard Rankin. Pointwise A Posteriori Error Estimates for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Singularly Perturbed Reaction-Diffusion Equations
1962 -- 1988Siyang Wang 0003, Gunilla Kreiss. A Finite Difference-Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Wave Equation in Second Order Form
1989 -- 2010Wei Jiang, Chunmei Su, Ganghui Zhang. A Convexity-Preserving and Perimeter-Decreasing Parametric Finite Element Method for the Area-Preserving Curve Shortening Flow

Volume 61, Issue 3

1139 -- 1171Rubén Aylwin, Carlos Jerez-Hanckes. Finite-Element Domain Approximation for Maxwell Variational Problems on Curved Domains
1172 -- 1194Simone Cacace, Fabio Camilli. Approximation of the Value Function for Optimal Control Problems on Stratified Domains
1195 -- 1217Ruming Zhang. A Spectral Decomposition Method to Approximate Dirichlet-to-Neumann Maps in Complicated Waveguides
1218 -- 1245Wentao Cai, Weiwei Sun 0002, Jilu Wang, Zongze Yang. Optimal \(\boldsymbol{{L^2}}\) Error Estimates of Unconditionally Stable Finite Element Schemes for the Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes System
1246 -- 1277Bin Wang, Xiaofei Zhao. Geometric Two-Scale Integrators for Highly Oscillatory System: Uniform Accuracy and Near Conservations
1278 -- 1292Yu Zhou, Haijun Wu. Dispersion Analysis of CIP-FEM for the Helmholtz Equation
1293 -- 1315Tomoki Ohsawa. Preservation of Quadratic Invariants by Semiexplicit Symplectic Integrators for Nonseparable Hamiltonian Systems
1316 -- 1339Patrick Ciarlet, David Lassounon, Mahran Rihani. An Optimal Control-Based Numerical Method for Scalar Transmission Problems with Sign-Changing Coefficients
1340 -- 1368Bosco García-Archilla, Volker John, Julia Novo. POD-ROMs for Incompressible Flows Including Snapshots of the Temporal Derivative of the Full Order Solution
1369 -- 1385Fernando Casas, Jesús María Sanz Serna, Luke Shaw. A New Optimality Property of Strang's Splitting
1386 -- 1404Meng Chen, Ka-Chun Cheung, Leevan Ling. A Kernel-Based Least-Squares Collocation Method for Surface Diffusion
1405 -- 1425Alexander Ostermann, Fardin Saedpanah, Nasrin Vaisi. Explicit Exponential Runge-Kutta Methods for Semilinear Integro-Differential Equations
1426 -- 1448Yoshihito Kazashi, Yuya Suzuki, Takashi Goda. Suboptimality of Gauss-Hermite Quadrature and Optimality of the Trapezoidal Rule for Functions with Finite Smoothness
1449 -- 1481Bryan Gomez-Vargas, Kent-André Mardal, Ricardo Ruiz-Baier, Vegard Vinje. Twofold Saddle-Point Formulation of Biot Poroelasticity with Stress-Dependent Diffusion
1482 -- 1512Feng Shi, Yizhong Sun, Haibiao Zheng. Ensemble Domain Decomposition Algorithm for the Fully Mixed Random Stokes-Darcy Model with the Beavers-Joseph Interface Conditions
1513 -- 1545Carlo Marcati, Christoph Schwab. Exponential Convergence of Deep Operator Networks for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
1546 -- 1584Chupeng Ma, Christian Alber, Robert Scheichl. Wavenumber Explicit Convergence of a Multiscale Generalized Finite Element Method for Heterogeneous Helmholtz Problems
1585 -- 1608Matthew J. Colbrook. The mpEDMD Algorithm for Data-Driven Computations of Measure-Preserving Dynamical Systems
1609 -- 1612Genming Bai, Buyang Li. Erratum: Convergence of Dziuk's Semidiscrete Finite Element Method for Mean Curvature Flow of Closed Surfaces with High-Order Finite Elements

Volume 61, Issue 2

399 -- 430Zhou Fang, Ankit Gupta 0013, Mustafa Khammash. Convergence of Regularized Particle Filters for Stochastic Reaction Networks
431 -- 456Luca Heltai, Wenyu Lei. Adaptive Finite Element Approximations for Elliptic Problems using Regularized Forcing Data
457 -- 494L. Beirão da Veiga, Claudio Canuto, Ricardo H. Nochetto, Giuseppe Vacca, Marco Verani. Adaptive VEM: Stabilization-Free A Posteriori Error Analysis and Contraction Property
495 -- 514SiFan Liu, Art B. Owen. Preintegration via Active Subspace
515 -- 538Zhijian He, Zhan Zheng, Xiaoqun Wang. On the Error Rate of Importance Sampling with Randomized Quasi-Monte Carlo
539 -- 561Dietmar Gallistl, Vladislav Olkhovskiy. Computational Lower Bounds of the Maxwell Eigenvalues
562 -- 591Daniele Avitabile. Projection Methods for Neural Field Equations
592 -- 616Arnd Scheel. Nonlinear Eigenvalue Methods for Linear Pointwise Stability of Nonlinear Waves
617 -- 641Weizhu Bao, Wei Jiang 0008, Yifei Li. A Symmetrized Parametric Finite Element Method for Anisotropic Surface Diffusion of Closed Curves
642 -- 674Qigang Liang, Xuejun Xu. A Two-Level Preconditioned Helmholtz Subspace Iterative Method for Maxwell Eigenvalue Problems
675 -- 706Manu Jayadharan, Michel Kern, Martin Vohralík, Ivan Yotov. A Space-Time Multiscale Mortar Mixed Finite Element Method for Parabolic Equations
707 -- 732Mustafa Aggul, Alexander E. Labovsky, Eda Onal, Kyle J. Schwiebert. Fluid-Fluid Interaction Problems at High Reynolds Numbers: Reducing the Modeling Error with LES-C
733 -- 754Jan Glaubitz, Jan Nordström, Philipp Öffner. Summation-by-Parts Operators for General Function Spaces
755 -- 783Mario Amrein, Pascal Heid, Thomas P. Wihler. A Numerical Energy Reduction Approach for Semilinear Diffusion-Reaction Boundary Value Problems Based on Steady-State Iterations
784 -- 811Marien-Lorenzo Hanot. An Arbitrary Order and Pointwise Divergence-Free Finite Element Scheme for the Incompressible 3D Navier-Stokes Equations
812 -- 836Carsten Carstensen, Sophie Puttkammer. Direct Guaranteed Lower Eigenvalue Bounds with Optimal a Priori Convergence Rates for the Bi-Laplacian
837 -- 871Jilian Wu, Ning Li, Xinlong Feng. Analysis of a Filtered Time-Stepping Finite Element Method for Natural Convection Problems
872 -- 904Wansheng Wang, Shoufu Li. Efficient Stability-Preserving Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Coercive Problems in Vector Space
905 -- 928Yangrong Li, Shuang Yang, Tomás Caraballo. Optimization and Convergence of Numerical Attractors for Discrete-Time Quasi-Linear Lattice System
929 -- 951Huadong Gao, Weiwei Sun. Optimal Analysis of Non-Uniform Galerkin-Mixed Finite Element Approximations to the Ginzburg-Landau Equations in Superconductivity
952 -- 972Haiyong Wang. Analysis of Error Localization of Chebyshev Spectral Approximations
973 -- 994Alain Bensoussan 0001, Jiayue Han, Sheung Chi Phillip Yam, Xiang Zhou 0001. Value-Gradient Based Formulation of Optimal Control Problem and Machine Learning Algorithm
995 -- 1017Thomas Führer, Norbert Heuer, Antti H. Niemi. A Discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin Method for Reissner-Mindlin Plates
1018 -- 1056Yuhong Zhang, Yao Rong, Haibiao Zheng. A Study of Numerical Pollution of the Decoupled Algorithm for the Convection Model in Superposed Fluid and Porous Layers
1057 -- 1079Owe Axelsson, János Karátson, Frédéric Magoulès. Robust Superlinear Krylov Convergence for Complex Noncoercive Compact-Equivalent Operator Preconditioners
1080 -- 1102Yoshihito Kazashi, Fabio Nobile. Density Estimation in RKHS with Application to Korobov Spaces in High Dimensions
1103 -- 1137Oleg Butkovsky, Konstantinos Dareiotis, Máté Gerencsér. Optimal Rate of Convergence for Approximations of SPDEs with Nonregular Drift

Volume 61, Issue 1

1 -- 25Gonzalo Gonzalez de Diego, Patrick E. Farrell, Ian J. Hewitt. On the Finite Element Approximation of a Semicoercive Stokes Variational Inequality Arising in Glaciology
26 -- 44Di Fang, Albert Tres Vilanova. Observable Error Bounds of the Time-Splitting Scheme for Quantum-Classical Molecular Dynamics
45 -- 82Yiqi Gu, John Harlim, Senwei Liang, Haizhao Yang. Stationary Density Estimation of Itô Diffusions Using Deep Learning
83 -- 109Gang Chen 0025, Daozhi Han, John R. Singler, Yangwen Zhang. On the Superconvergence of a Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation
110 -- 134Sheng Chen, Jie Shen 0001. Log Orthogonal Functions in Semi-Infinite Intervals: Approximation Results and Applications
135 -- 166Alexander D. Gilbert, Frances Y. Kuo, Ian H. Sloan. Analysis of Preintegration Followed by Quasi-Monte Carlo Integration for Distribution Functions and Densities
167 -- 193Xinlong Feng, Xiaoli Lu, Yinnian He. Difference Finite Element Method for the 3D Steady Navier-Stokes Equations
194 -- 222Gianluca Ceruti, Christian Lubich, Dominik Sulz. Rank-Adaptive Time Integration of Tree Tensor Networks
223 -- 249Paola F. Antonietti, Stefano Berrone, Martina Busetto, Marco Verani. Agglomeration-Based Geometric Multigrid Schemes for the Virtual Element Method
250 -- 285Kailiang Wu, Haili Jiang, Chi-Wang Shu. Provably Positive Central Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes via Geometric Quasilinearization for Ideal MHD Equations
286 -- 314Henry von Wahl, Thomas Richter 0003. Error Analysis for a Parabolic PDE Model Problem on a Coupled Moving Domain in a Fully Eulerian Framework
315 -- 342Nian Shao, Wenbin Chen. Convergence Analysis of Newton-Schur Method for Symmetric Elliptic Eigenvalue Problem
343 -- 364Saray Busto, Michael Dumbser. A New Thermodynamically Compatible Finite Volume Scheme for Magnetohydrodynamics
365 -- 397Georgios E. Zouraris. Error Estimation of the Relaxation Finite Difference Scheme for the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation