Journal: SIAM J. Numerical Analysis

Volume 62, Issue 2

593 -- 621Richard Archibald, Feng Bao 0005, Yanzhao Cao, Hui Sun. Numerical Analysis for Convergence of a Sample-Wise Backpropagation Method for Training Stochastic Neural Networks
622 -- 645Alessandro Coclite, Giuseppe Maria Coclite, Francesco Maddalena, Tiziano Politi. A Numerical Framework for Nonlinear Peridynamics on Two-Dimensional Manifolds Based on Implicit P-(EC)\(^{ {\boldsymbol k}}\) Schemes
646 -- 666Timo Sprekeler. Homogenization of Nondivergence-Form Elliptic Equations with Discontinuous Coefficients and Finite Element Approximation of the Homogenized Problem
667 -- 691Ziang Chen, Jianfeng Lu 0001, Yulong Lu, Xiangxiong Zhang. On the Convergence of Sobolev Gradient Flow for the Gross-Pitaevskii Eigenvalue Problem
692 -- 717Charles Parker, Endre Süli. Stable Lifting of Polynomial Traces on Triangles
718 -- 748Thomas Führer, Norbert Heuer. Robust DPG Test Spaces and Fortin Operators - The \(\boldsymbol{H^1}\) and \({\boldsymbol{H}}\boldsymbol{(\mathrm{div})}\) Cases
749 -- 774Zhe Xiong, Lei Li 0006, Ya-nan Zhu, Xiaoqun Zhang. On the Convergence of Continuous and Discrete Unbalanced Optimal Transport Models for 1-Wasserstein Distance
775 -- 810Shumo Cui, Shengrong Ding, Kailiang Wu. On Optimal Cell Average Decomposition for High-Order Bound-Preserving Schemes of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
811 -- 841Tim De Ryck, Siddhartha Mishra, Roberto Molinaro. wPINNs: Weak Physics Informed Neural Networks for Approximating Entropy Solutions of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

Volume 62, Issue 1

1 -- 24Jiequn Han, Ruimeng Hu, Jihao Long. Learning High-Dimensional McKean-Vlasov Forward-Backward Stochastic Differential Equations with General Distribution Dependence
25 -- 47James Gabbard, Wim M. van Rees. Lattice Green's Functions for High-Order Finite Difference Stencils
48 -- 72Abhijit Biswas, David I. Ketcheson, Benjamin Seibold, David Shirokoff. Algebraic Structure of the Weak Stage Order Conditions for Runge-Kutta Methods
73 -- 92Lukas Einkemmer, Jingwei Hu, Jonas Kusch. Asymptotic-Preserving and Energy Stable Dynamical Low-Rank Approximation
93 -- 118Weizhu Bao, Chushan Wang. Optimal Error Bounds on the Exponential Wave Integrator for the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Low Regularity Potential and Nonlinearity
119 -- 137Li-lian Wang, Jingye Yan, Xiaolong Zhang. Error Analysis of a First-Order IMEX Scheme for the Logarithmic Schrödinger Equation
138 -- 166Yohance A. P. Osborne, Iain Smears. Analysis and Numerical Approximation of Stationary Second-Order Mean Field Game Partial Differential Inclusions
167 -- 198Elisabetta Carlini, Francisco José Silva Alvarez, Ahmad Zorkot. A Lagrange-Galerkin Scheme for First Order Mean Field Game Systems
199 -- 228Sergio Gómez 0001, Lorenzo Mascotto, Andrea Moiola, Ilaria Perugia. Space-Time Virtual Elements for the Heat Equation
229 -- 247Nicolas Chopin, Mathieu Gerber. Higher-Order Monte Carlo through Cubic Stratification
248 -- 272Alan Demlow, Michael Neilan. A Tangential and Penalty-Free Finite Element Method for the Surface Stokes Problem
273 -- 294Zhenning Cai, Bo Lin, Meixia Lin. A Positive and Moment-Preserving Fourier Spectral Method
295 -- 321Fruzsina Julia Agocs, Alex H. Barnett. An Adaptive Spectral Method for Oscillatory Second-Order Linear ODEs with Frequency-Independent Cost
322 -- 352Valeria Banica, Georg Maierhofer, Katharina Schratz. Numerical Integration of Schrödinger Maps via the Hasimoto Transform
353 -- 375Kai Jiang, Shifeng Li, Pingwen Zhang. Numerical Methods and Analysis of Computing Quasiperiodic Systems
376 -- 399José A. Carrillo 0001, Li Wang, Chaozhen Wei. Structure Preserving Primal Dual Methods for Gradient Flows with Nonlinear Mobility Transport Distances
400 -- 421Théophile Chaumont Frelet, Patrick Vega. Frequency-Explicit A Posteriori Error Estimates for Discontinuous Galerkin Discretizations of Maxwell's Equations
422 -- 451Jürgen Dölz, David Ebert. On Uncertainty Quantification of Eigenvalues and Eigenspaces with Higher Multiplicity
452 -- 475Richard Löscher, Olaf Steinbach. Space-Time Finite Element Methods for Distributed Optimal Control of the Wave Equation
476 -- 499Chenglong Bao, Chang Chen, Kai Jiang, Lingyun Qiu. Convergence Analysis for Bregman Iterations in Minimizing a Class of Landau Free Energy Functionals
500 -- 532James M. Foster, Gonçalo Dos Reis, Calum Strange. High Order Splitting Methods for SDEs Satisfying a Commutativity Condition
533 -- 566Takashi Goda, Kosuke Suzuki, Makoto Matsumoto. A Universal Median Quasi-Monte Carlo Integration
567 -- 591Chunyu Chen, Xuehai Huang, Huayi Wei. Virtual Element Methods Without Extrinsic Stabilization