Journal: SIGART Bulletin

Volume 1, Issue 3

7 -- 11Rok Sosic, Jun Gu. A Polynomial Time Algorithm for the N-Queens Problem

Volume 1, Issue 2

3 -- 7Dan Fass. Dehumanized People and Humanized Programs: A Natural Language Understanding View of Being There
8 -- 10Salvatore Mamone. An Expert System for Unix Problem Resolution
12 -- 13Edward N. Schhwartz. Using Complete K-Trees to Generate Code in Pascal for an Expert System
14 -- 17Ian H. Witten, Harold W. Thimbleby. The Worm Programs - Early Experience withh a Distributed Intelligence
18 -- 20K. C. Wong. Generalization of the Language Version Determination Problem

Volume 1, Issue 1

3 -- 9Jean E. Tardy. The Monterège Collector
21 -- 42P. H. Wood, D. Holt. Intelligent Tutoring Systems: An Annotated Bibliography