Journal: SIGART Bulletin

Volume 4, Issue 4

21 -- 33F. A. Mohammed, Khaled Nasser, H. M. Harb. A Knowledge Based Arabic Question Answering System (AQAS)

Volume 4, Issue 3

0 -- 0Jonathan Stillman, Richard Arthur, Andrew Deitsch. Tachyon: A Constraint-Based Temporal Model and its Implementation
17 -- 20Mark S. Boddy. Temporal Reasoning for Planning and Scheduling
21 -- 25Alfonso Gerevini, Lenhart K. Schubert, Stephanie Schaeffer. Temporal Reasoning in Timegraph I-II
26 -- 29Ed Yampratoom, James F. Allen. Performance of Temporal Reasoning Systems
30 -- 49Federico Barber. A Metric Time-Point and Duration-Based Temporal Model