Journal: SIGMOD Record

Volume 31, Issue 4

2 -- 0Ling Liu. Editor s Notes
3 -- 4M. Tamer Özsu. Chair s Message
5 -- 9Richard T. Snodgrass. Rights of TODS Readers, Authors and Reviewers
10 -- 11Robert Meersman, Amit P. Sheth. Guest Editor s Introduction
12 -- 17Peter Spyns, Robert Meersman, Mustafa Jarrar. Data Modelling versus Ontology Engineering
18 -- 23York Sure, Steffen Staab, Rudi Studer. Methodology for Development and Employment of Ontology Based Knowledge Management Applications
24 -- 29Christoph Bussler, Dieter Fensel, Alexander Maedche. A Conceptual Architecture for Semantic Web Enabled Web Services
30 -- 35Timothy W. Finin, Anupam Joshi. Agents, Turst, and Information Access on the Semantic Web
36 -- 41E. Michael Maximilien, Munindar P. Singh. Conceptual Model of Web Service Reputation
42 -- 47Kemafor Anyanwu, Amit P. Sheth. The p Operator: Discovering and Ranking Associations on the Semantic Web
48 -- 53Karl Aberer, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, Manfred Hauswirth. A Framework for Semantic Gossiping
54 -- 58William I. Grosky, D. V. Sreenath, Farshad Fotouhi. Emergent Semantics and the Multimedia Semantic Web
59 -- 64David Buttler, Matthew Coleman, Terence Critchlow, Renato Fileto, Wei Han, Ling Liu, Calton Pu, Daniel Rocco, Li Xiong. Querying Multiple Bioinformatics Data Sources: Can Semantic Web Research Help?
65 -- 70Carole A. Goble, David De Roure. The Grid: An Application of the Semantic Web
71 -- 0Karl Aberer. Book Review Column
72 -- 73Antonio Badia. Ontologies: A Silver Bullet for Knowledge Management and Electronic Commerce - Book Review
74 -- 75Jie Wu. Small Worlds: the Dynamics of Networks between Order and Randomness - Book Review
76 -- 85Marianne Winslett. Interview with David Maier
86 -- 96Martin Grohe. Parameterized Complexity for the Database Theorist
97 -- 0Kenneth A. Ross, Alfred V. Aho, Anastassia Ailamaki. Reminiscences on Influential Papers
98 -- 106Amit P. Sheth, Robert Meersman. Amicalola Report: Database and Information System Research Challenges and Opportunities in Semantic Web and Enterprises
107 -- 112Omar Boucelma, Silvana Castano, Carole A. Goble, Vanja Josifovski, Zoé Lacroix, Bertram Ludäscher. Report on the EDBT 02 Panel on Scientific Data Integration
113 -- 120Jim Melton, Andrew Eisenberg. An Early Look at XQuery
121 -- 126Mark Roantree, Alan F. Smeaton. Research in Information Managment at Dublin City University

Volume 31, Issue 3

2 -- 0Ling Liu. Editor s Notes
3 -- 4M. Tamer Özsu. Chair s Message
5 -- 0Joachim Hammer. Treasurer s Message
6 -- 8Richard T. Snodgrass. TODS Perceptions and Misconceptions
9 -- 18Yong Yao, Johannes Gehrke. The Cougar Approach to In-Network Query Processing in Sensor Networks
19 -- 27Maria Halkidi, Yannis Batistakis, Michalis Vazirgiannis. Clustering Validity Checking Methods: Part II
28 -- 33Shi-Ming Huang, Irene S. Y. Kwan, Chih-He Li. A Study on the Management of Semantic Transaction for Efficient Data Retrieval
34 -- 0Karl Aberer. Book Review Column
35 -- 36Bart Kuijpers. Introduction to Constraint Databases - Book Review
37 -- 38Gerhard Weikum. Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing - Book Review
39 -- 46Frank Neven. Automata Theory for XML Researchers
47 -- 54Marianne Winslett. Hector Garcia-Molina Speaks Out
55 -- 61Sam Lightstone, Guy M. Lohman, Daniel C. Zilio. Toward Autonomic Computing with DB2 Universal Database
62 -- 63Kenneth A. Ross, Amr El Abbadi, Theodore Johnson, Richard T. Snodgrass. Reminiscences on Influential Papers
64 -- 67Martin R. Frank, Natalya Fridman Noy, Steffen Staab. Report on the Semantic Web Workshop at WWW 2002
68 -- 71Aya Soffer, Yoëlle S. Maarek, Bay-Wei Chang. Report on the Mobile Search Workshop at WWW 2002
72 -- 76Mark Levene, Alexandra Poulovassilis. Report on the Web Dynamics Workshop at WWW 2002
77 -- 80Fabio Crestani, Mark Girolami. Report on the 24th European Colloquium on Information Retrieval Research
81 -- 89Jim Melton, Jan-Eike Michels, Vanja Josifovski, Krishna G. Kulkarni, Peter M. Schwarz. SQL/MED - A Status Report
90 -- 96Qiong Luo, Zachary G. Ives. Interviewing During a Tight Job Market
97 -- 102Marianne Winslett, Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang, AnHai Doan, Jiawei Han, ChengXiang Zhai, Yuanyuan Zhou. Database Research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
103 -- 108Isabel F. Cruz, Ashfaq A. Khokhar, Bing Liu, A. Prasad Sistla, Ouri Wolfson, Clement T. Yu. Research Activities in Database Management and Information Retrieval at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Volume 31, Issue 2

2 -- 0Ling Liu. Editor s Notes
3 -- 4M. Tamer Özsu. Chair s Message
5 -- 14Giedrius Slivinskas, Christian S. Jensen, Richard T. Snodgrass. Bringing Order to Query Optimization
15 -- 21Ratko Orlandic, Jack Lukaszuk, Craig Swietlik. The Design of a Retrieval Technique for High-Dimensional Data on Tertiary Storage
22 -- 27Elaheh Pourabbas, Maurizio Rafanelli. A Pictorial Query Language for Querying Geographic Databases using Positional and OLAP Operators
28 -- 33Nancy Wiegand. Investigating XQuery for Querying Across Database Object Types
34 -- 39Harald Kosch. MPEG-7 and Multimedia Database Systems
40 -- 45Maria Halkidi, Yannis Batistakis, Michalis Vazirgiannis. Cluster Validity Methods: Part I
46 -- 49Rafael Camps. From Ternary Relationship to Relational Tables: A Case Against Common Beliefs
50 -- 62Marianne Winslett. David DeWitt Speaks Out
63 -- 64Kenneth A. Ross, Mary F. Fernandez, Kyuseok Shim. Reminiscences on Influential Papers
65 -- 0Karl Aberer. Book Review Column
66 -- 68Fernando Berzal Galiano, Nicolás Marín. Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques - Book Review
69 -- 70Aris M. Ouksel. Mining the World Wide Web: An Information Search Approach - Book Review
71 -- 72Frank G. Goethals. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for E-Commerce - Book Review
73 -- 79Birgitta König-Ries, Kia Makki, S. A. M. Makki, Charles E. Perkins, Niki Pissinou, Peter L. Reiher, Peter Scheuermann, Jari Veijalainen, Ouri Wolfson. Report on the NSF Workshop on Building an Infrastructure for Mobile and Wireless Systems
80 -- 83Joachim Hammer. Report on the ACM Fourth International Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP (DOLAP 2001)
84 -- 93Alberto H. F. Laender, Berthier A. Ribeiro-Neto, Altigran Soares da Silva, Juliana S. Teixeira. A Brief Survey of Web Data Extraction Tools
94 -- 100Roger S. Barga, David B. Lomet. Phoenix Project: Fault-Tolerant Applications
101 -- 108Andrew Eisenberg, Jim Melton. SQL/XML is Making Good Progress
109 -- 118Ronald Fagin. Combining Fuzzy Information: an Overview

Volume 31, Issue 1

2 -- 0Ling Liu. Editor s Notes
3 -- 4Asuman Dogac. Guest Editor s Introduction
5 -- 10Feng Tian, David J. DeWitt, Jianjun Chen, Chun Zhang. The Design and Performance Evaluation of Alternative XML Storage Strategies
11 -- 17Ibrahim Cingil. Supporting Global User Profiles Through Trusted Authorities
18 -- 23Rainer A. Sommer, Thomas R. Gulledge, David Bailey. The n-Tier Hub Technology
24 -- 30Mariano Cilia, Alejandro P. Buchmann. An Active Functionality Service for E-Business Applications
31 -- 36Wolfgang Hümmer, Wolfgang Lehner, Hartmut Wedekind. Contracting in the Days of eBusiness
37 -- 42HyoungDo Kim. Conceptual Modeling and Specification Generation for B2B Business Process based on ebXML
43 -- 48Zhan Cui, Dean M. Jones, Paul O Brien. Semantic B2B Integration: Issues in Ontology-based Applications
49 -- 54Christoph Quix, Mareike Schoop, Manfred A. Jeusfeld. Business Data Management for B2B Electronic Commerce
55 -- 60Riza Cenk Erdur, Oguz Dikenelli. A Multi-Agent System Infrastructure for Software Component Market-Place: An Ontological Perspective
61 -- 66Michael O. Ball, Meng Ma, Louiqa Raschid, Zhengying Zhao. Supply Chain Infrastructures: System Integration and Information Sharing
67 -- 72Christoph Bussler. The Role of B2B Engines in B2B Integration Architectures
73 -- 0Karl Aberer. Book Review Column
74 -- 75Alfons Kemper. Databases and Transaction Processing: An Application-Oriented Approach - Book Review
76 -- 77James Geller. Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques - Book Review
78 -- 79Paul W. P. J. Grefen. What Will Be - Book Review
80 -- 88Marianne Winslett. Interview with Avi Silberschatz
89 -- 96Dan Suciu. The XML Typechecking Problem
97 -- 106Michael Stonebraker. Too Much Middleware
107 -- 108Kenneth A. Ross, Flip Korn, Renée J. Miller, Kaladhar Voruganti. Reminiscences on Influential Papers
109 -- 112Carole A. Goble, Brian J. Read. Report on the 18th British National Conference on Databases (BNCOD)
113 -- 117Albertas Caplinskas, Johann Eder, Olegas Vasilecas. Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS)
118 -- 121Richard T. Snodgrass. Why I Like Working in Academia
122 -- 0Nazih Elderini. Letter to SIGMOD Record Editor