Journal: Stud. Inform. Univ.

Volume 11, Issue 3

1 -- 17Tomasz Orczyk, Piotr Porwik, Bartosz Krawczyk, Michal Wozniak, Joanna Musialik, Barbara Blonska-Fajfrowska. E-medical diagnosis support system for non-invasive liver fibrosis recognition
18 -- 31Maciej Lesniak, Maciej Macura, Jolanta Dajda. Flexible Environment for Integration of Polish Medical Market Data
32 -- 49Afshan Nourizadeh, Frédéric Blanchard, Amine Aït Younes, Brigitte Delemer, Michel Herbin. Exploratory Data Analysis of Insulin Therapy in the Elderly Type 2 Diabetic Patients
50 -- 64 Mirela Danubianu. Combining the Power of Data Mining with Expert System for Efficiently Personalize Speech Therapy
65 -- 79Katarzyna Wegrzyn-Wolska, Lamine Bougueroua, Grzegorz Dziczkowski. Infodemiology by Tweet Mining Methods
80 -- 96Norberto Mondragón, Dan Istrate, Katarzyna Wegrzyn-Wolska, Juan C. Sánchez, Juan C. García, Michel Baer, Anna Ouzgouler. Triage Support Algorithm for Patients Classification at Urgency Care Area in a Hospital
97 -- 108Adrian Staii. Information in the Public Sphere: Social and Political Stakes

Volume 11, Issue 2

1 -- 17Jacques Demongeot. Recent Advances in e-Health and Perspectives
18 -- 29Yannick Fouquet, Anne-Claire Marmilloud, Véronique Chirié. Which technologies for the detection and alert in case of fall?
30 -- 33Nathalie Cislo, Selma Arbaoui, Yasmina Becis-Aubry, D. Aubry, Yannick Parmentier, Pascal Doré, Toufik Guettari, Nacim Ramdani. A System for Monitoring Elderly and Dependent People in Nursing Homes: the E-monitor'age Concept
34 -- 62Maribel Pino, Samuel Benveniste, Hélène Kerhervé, R. Picard, Grégory Legouverneur, Victoria Cristancho-Lacroix, Ya-Huei Wu, Souad Damnée, Jérémy Wrobel, Anne-Sophie Rigaud. Contribution of the Living Lab approach to the development, assessment and provision of assistive technologies for supporting older adults with cognitive disorders
63 -- 68Dimitri Voilmy, Jacques Duchêne. Living Lab ActivAgeing Developing home-based social and healthcare solutions for the elderly using participatory design
69 -- 87V. Dupuis, I. Molina. Accompanying patient in a "domomédecine" experiment: chrono-chemotherapy
88 -- 102Toufik Guettari, Jérôme Boudy, Dan Istrate, Badr-Eddine Benkhelfat, Jean-Louis Baldinger, Pascal Doré. A Multimodal Corpus Recorded in a Health nursing home

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 20Jan Chudzikiewicz, Zbigniew Zielinski. Resources placement in the 4-dimensional fault-tolerant hypercube processors network
21 -- 34Ján Janech, Stefan Toth. Query Based Image Recognition System for the VANET Using Lambda Calculus
35 -- 68Atis Elsts, Leo Selavo. Improving the Usability of Wireless Sensor Network Operating Systems
69 -- 86Juraj Micek, Michal Kochlán. Energy-efficient Communication Systems of Wireless Sensor Networks
87 -- 101Michal Hodon, Michal Chovanec, M. Hyben. Intelligent traffic-safety mirror